Friday, 10 January 2014

Suffering and Snickering

Yesterday started off so well, although I got up a wee bit early, Hague sorted me out a stonking dinner...

It might have been Thursday, but I fancied a roast and it was delicious. I felt extremely tired though, despite having a reasonable sleep - something that should have rung alarm bells - but I did my best to quash the weariness with a couple of gingerbread coffee's instead. When Hague headed off to kickboxing I decided to go for a nap, still feeling okay, just tired, but I got into bed and literally within minutes I'd been flattened by a migraine. I've never had one hit so fast before in my life, normally I get very light sensitive, and feel sick, but I had none of the warnings, and just about had time to get a sumatriptan down me and text work before I took to my bed. Not good. Luckily, the tablets worked their magic and after a few hours of resting up I felt a bit better. Better enough to have my work lunch to eat anyway.

An omelette inside a BFree wrap, with a yogurt, HiFi and brown sauce, I didn't eat the fruit in the end. I washed it down with a hot chocolate and then settled back down for some more rest. Much as the triptans work quickly, they still leave me feeling sick and tired and so more sleep was definitely needed...not the most exciting of days eh?

Food diary

Free Food
Quorn roast
mushy peas
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - BFree gluten free wrap
B - HiFi bar

tbsp mint sauce                       1
Liberte honey yogurt               1½
Hot chocolate                         2
tbsp brown sauce                   1

Syns                                      5½

Onto today then, and I woke up feeling a tad worn out, but much, much better thank goodness. In fact we were both awake by 10 when the postman came with the first of today's Good Things, a watch I've been waiting for for over a month, it just looks like a blank watch face, but you press it and the time appears - little things please little minds.... :o)

Anyway, we got ourselves up and not long after got ourselves fed too.

Lovely start to the day, in an eclectic twist, Hague had noodles with his plate of the same foods. He's an odd boy. We then decided to get ourselves out and about, as I'd not been at work last night, I figured if I was in tonight, I'd just have a quick nap later, but I was hoping we wouldn't be in at all, and so I threw caution to the wind and we headed out. We went a little bit here, there and everywhere, but we had a rather nice time, the fresh air helping to clear the last fogs of my migraine away and we picked up much awesome stuff, including this...

and this....

...which by some form of witchcraft Hague managed to convince me was worth picking up as I'd fancied trying it for a while and it was only a fiver...I have the feeling it may kill me. At the very least I'm hoping it'll tone me up so that the size 12 skirt I picked up, and which fits, just fits that little bit better! The last stop, to Asda to pick up the shopping, was the disappointing bit, with the various substitutions scattered throughout the  bags so we had to keep opening up each bag to lob out the unsuitable ones, and the translation of 2kg of bananas ordered to being given 3 bananas....and no they weren't enormous ones that weighed close to a kg each. Ah well, Aldi it is to pick up more bananas tomorrow. 

Once we were back indoors we were both a tad peckish, and so whilst Hague sorted himself out a curry, I went for carrot and coriander soup. Cue much snickering and giggling from  both of us when I pulled out this impressive specimen.

Seriously. I could not stop giggling. In fact, I'm now chuckling to myself looking at the picture again. Yes, I really am that childish, and long may it last! Anyway, I Bobbitted the carrot and sorted my lunch.

The soup ended up super thick, and so super filling. The rolls are small wholemeal ones from Asda, which came in at 60g for two, perfect HeB choice there!  We then hit panic mode for a while, as my migraine had levelled out to a background headache, pretty normal state of affairs for me, and as such, wearing my glasses is a good idea when on the computer. The only time I ever need to wear my glasses is when I'm on the computer, and so my glasses live on my side table, next to where I sit. Except today, when I needed them, when they appear to have sprouted legs. Cue much searching of every-bloody-where to find the sodding things, with no luck, and in the end I had to settle for my second choice pair, which we also couldn't find for a fair old while. Such fun we had....

These ones might be lovely and purple, but they dig into my nose a smidge, still better than a raging headache though! The rest of the afternoon was spent succumbing to sofa glue, sharing the joy of my carrot with the world and socially networking/arsing about on Facebook whilst drinking a lot of toffee flavoured coffee and rejoicing in the knowledge that I wasn't needed at work tonight. Until we were hungry again that is, and Hague decided that crap food was the order of the day.

Cheesey chips with salsa. Perfect picky food whilst we watched 80's films on Netflix. The salsa was homemade, all I did was fry off some garlic and onion, then add in chilli, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and some coriander and let it cook off. Hague added more chilli's to his though as he's a boy, and I'm a wuss. Dessert was quick and simple.

Frozen fruits, which were almost defrosted, topped with fat free Greek yogurt, agave nectar and a Nutri-Grain biscuit. One day I shall get the hang of how long the fruit needs to defrost properly! I always forget and then chew on a freezing cold lump of blackberry, not good for the old toothypegs! 

As it's now getting late (so says my new watch)

I shall bid you all a goodnight, whilst I head upstairs for a long soak accompanied by a Hague and a hot chocolate. Perfect way to spend a Friday night, all the sweeter for not being at work :o)

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
low fat Quorn sausages
chopped tomatoes 
carrots (including phallic ones)
red lentils
veggie stock
frozen forest fruits
fat free Greek yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - 4 Laughing Cow Emmenthal light triangles

Gingerbread latte sachet                    4½
tbsp agave nectar                              1½
Nutri-Grain breakfast biscuit              3
Galaxy bubbles hot chocolate            2

Total syns                                          11

I see today as a bit of a bonus day really. Before I was prescribed the sumatriptans a migraine would floor me for at least 24 hours, normally more like 48, but really I was only suffering for around 6 hours this time, such a huge improvement, and it meant that we could actually do stuff today. I may have glossed over it slightly earlier, but I was super chuffed about getting into the sz12 skirt, okay so it's a jersey type skirt, so has a bit of stretch, and it really doesn't look too great over the old tummy, but it fits, and I'm not flattering myself to say that. It still feels odd that I have clothes in my wardrobe that are 12's and 14's that fit me, especially as I'm still feeling like I'm carrying around Christmas with me! Lots of little things have added up to make today rather a good one, and so a note will make it into my little memory jar for 2014 so I can remember how smiley today made me. Except for the Amazing Houdini Glasses.


  1. tehe at the manly veggie and that watch is seriously cool!

  2. The coffe syrup looks lush - don't keep us in suspense, where did you get it? x