Sunday, 5 January 2014

Murdering Animals and Missing Hague

First, to clarify, I haven't actually murdered any animals today, but each of my beloved pets has come close today as they all seem to be on a mission to wind me up. Flumpy is determined to sit her arse on my laptop and bring up all sorts of menus and chat windows and help sections, Jadey seems determined to sit on me in the most absurd positions possible, including on my neck and arms and Boo is either following me and getting under my feet or whinging.....It's a miracle they're all still breathing. For now.

It really has been a day of annoyances. I woke up at 5.30 needing the loo, legacy of a week of early shifts there, and then at around 9ish our next door neighbour, well the landlord of the house started sanding the walls with rocks again. Not the best start to the day, and despite trying my best to get more sleep it just wasn't happening, so up I got, and sorted myself out a rather delicious breakfast.

Very nommy indeed, and it set me up nicely for the football....unfortunately West Ham weren't set up nicely for the football and at 2-0 down I decided that I'd rather head out to town than subject myself to any more of the match. Fresh air was much preferable to the game, especially as the notifications kept going on my phone....3-0, 4-0......5 chuffing 0. I definitely made the right choice to go shopping methinks! 

When I was in town yesterday I spotted a rather lovely little cardigan, and I did have a little ponder about buying it. I'd been looking for a new cardie, and I already have these rather lovely shoes....

So I felt it was a case of having to purchase said cardigan, as it looks like this...

More daisies! I can now be beautifully co-ordinated, even more so if I cave in and buy the matching dress too, although that may be overkill! Anyway, with my cardie bought, and my empty lip balm swapped I just had myself a quick cup of tea in Starbucks and headed back home again. I was straight into my pyjamas to get on with ploughing through more Come Dine With Me whilst trying to stop myself killing The Menagerie. After an episode or two I decided that lunch was needed and had a bit of a create with my leftover soup, frying off some courgette and adding in some gnocchi. In fact I just threw the gnocchi in the soup whilst I microwaved it and it seemed to work. A topping of Stilton and a side order of WW crisps and I was good to go.

I found the crisps in Poundland yesterday, and rather enjoyed them, just 3.5 syns for the bag, and as they were big and wavy I could dunk them quite nicely in the soup. I whiled away the afternoon chatting to various peoples, and watching other, more insane people cook things on the tellybox. Apart from the annoying animals it's been rather nice day. My mind soon turned to dinner though, and despite TOK almost wavering me from my original plans with her talk of a huge, delicious, SW friendly roast, I stuck with my Greek beans.

Nice and easy too, onion, garlic, carrots and celery softened off, then tinned tomatoes, butter beans some stock, tomato puree, paprika, sweetener, dill and parsley lobbed in and in the oven for 40 minutes. I topped it with some Feta and more herbs once it was done. Plenty left for work tomorrow too. Dessert was seeemples. Fruit and yogurt with a single Nutri-Grain biscuit crumbled over the top.

The rest of the evening passed in much the same vein, with the addition of a Hague on the chatting front as he's up in Barnsley, until I started feeling peckish again....despite having eaten three meals already. Whoops. I had a pint of squash, but after twenty minutes I was still hungry and so threw together a very quick meal.

Hardly gourmet, but it hit the spot, and despite me being on nights tomorrow, and it not even being that late, I might have to call it a night soon - I do find these Come Dine With Me marathons really seem to take it out of me! 

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn rashers
Quorn sausages
chopped tomatoes
left over green soup (peas, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, leeks, sprouts, onion & garlic)
frozen forest fruits
Quorn Swedish meatballs

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 45g Feta
B - 30g Stilton
B - (split) - 1 Kellogs Nutri-Grain biscuit & 1 Benefit bar

2 Quorn sausages                         2
10ml Monin gingerbread syrup     2
100g gnocchi                               2
WW crisps                                  3½
½tbsp American mustard             ½
Galaxy bubbles hot chocolate      2

Total syns                                    12

Well it's nearly midnight, all the animals are still alive (just) and soon I'll be heading up to bed. It's been a long day, and I've really missed Hague. He left for Barnsley on Saturday morning, before I got home from work, so it seems like forever since I've seen him. Soppy I know! He's back tomorrow though, and we'll get a wee bit of time together before my long stretch of night shifts starts! It's been a hungry day too, and I'm wondering how much of that is boredom, despite me being convinced that I'm genuinely hungry....something to ponder there I think. Still, that is the good thing about Slimming World, I was hungry, and I could eat :o) Just a nice hot chocolate and maybe a soak now stand between me and sleep. Night night!

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