Sunday, 19 January 2014

Efforts At Sleeping

It's been one of those weekends when sleep has just eluded me. After Friday's night shift I got about 3½ hours sleep, as for some reason I decided to stay up after dropping Hague off at the station at midday, that meant I spent all day feeling shattered and went up to bed at 9, well, I went up at 9 and then for some reason decided to tidy and sort out my dressing table for an hour - yes, my dressing table had that much crap piled on it - so it was more like 10 before I got settled.

I then woke up at midnight, and again at 3am, and after that, sleep just wasn't happening and so it was at the stupidly early time of about 6am that I got myself breakfast. A weird breakfast for a stupid time.

Boiled eggs, with sweet chilli noodles, which had mushrooms and spinach stirred in. Bit odd, but it's what I fancied as I planned a day lazing on the sofa. I followed it up with coffee and a banana.

By 10am I was fading fast, and so decided to head back up to bed. It was gone midday before I actually nodded off, but actually got some sleep in, and got myself back up at 5.30. Odd sleep patterns are par for the course when you work shifts, and as I'm on nights yet again next week it won't hurt that I'll be staying up late today. I got settled into more Come Dine With Me whilst I decided what to have for dinner, and in the end plumped for a nice roast.

Just a stock pot for the gravy, so syn free. Dessert was a HiFi bar and my last gingerbread coffee as the syrup is now gone. The hunt now starts for a sugar free one, as the only ones I can find online seem to always be out of stock! I've had a rather pleasant afternoon whittling down the Come Dine With Me episodes on the Sky box and chatting to one of my SW group's new members who lost a phenomenal 15lbs in her first week, it will be wonderful to see her reach her target, she seems to be fully in the zone, and it was nice to chat, I'll be searching her out next week for a natter at group :o) 

With an evening of more CDWM, and chatting to TOK and Hague drawing to a close, I rustled up a quick dinner, and will soon be heading up for a nice long soak. 

The rest of the Quorn roast in rolls with a tbsp of mayo, some spinach and cheese and a dessert of defrosted frozen fruits topped with a Liberte yogurt and a breakfast biscuit.

I'm going to be on local radio tomorrow (squee!) and apparently photos will be taken too, so I need to look human, so a bath, hair wash and general de-scrud after spending most of the weekend in my pyjamas is desperately needed! I'm on at 11.30am here if you want to listen, and if anyone knows how to record it, that would be amazing, as Hague will be in Barnsley and I'll be there, so won't be able to hear it! 

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn roast
summer fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - HiFi bar
B - 60g wholemeal bread

2 tbsp Asda chosen by you sweet chilli sauce          1
10ml Monin gingerbread syrup                                2
20g wholemeal bread                                              2
tbsp Hellmann's extra light mayo                              ½
Liberte yogurt                                                        1½
Kellogs nutri-grain breakfast biscuit                        2½
Galaxy bubbles hot chocolate                                 2

Total syns                                                               11½

A bit of a nothing day really, the highlight was selling more bits and bobs on eBay, so more spends coming my way which is always good! For now, I'm concentrating on tomorrow, on what to wear, and to how to stop myself swearing on live radio! 

But first, a long soak, in a lovely hot bath to wind down, and hopefully get some sleep before yet another week of nights! 

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  1. Hello Karen i stumbled across your blog whilst searching for sw recipes an thought I'd just say hello i am a newbie an too have had an amazing first week loss of 15 1/2 pounds I love the way you explain things an tell it like it is you have had an incredible journey an are a inspiration to all its been a pleasure to read Ty an take care Louis from cardiff