Sunday, 22 December 2013

Saying No and Sparkly Nails!

I wasn't too impressed this morning. I woke up just after 6am, and no matter what I tried I couldn't get myself back off to sleep. I was also rather full of snot, and had a sore throat. I laid awake for about 3 hours before I finally drifted off again, and then woke up once more just after midday. I'd not really made huge plans for the day, the only firm appointment was going to see The Parentals. I did have a ponder about whether to get some green glitter for my nails, to just Christmas then up a wee bit more, but my first concern was breakfast. I didn't want anything too heavy and so went for fruit and yogurt.

A crunched up nutrigrain breakfast biscuit, well two of them, on top there, With a couple of coffees to wash it down with I decided that I would pop into town to see if I could find some nail varnish on the way to The Parentals, for some reason, I also decided to give heels a go, for the first time in many a month! These pretties have been perched, safely in their box on the wardrobe for months now, so I thought I'd give them an outing.

It wasn't as bad as I thought - but I do wish I could make walking in heels look effortless, it does seem to be a feminine skill I utterly lack!  I really do have to concentrate, and so I was rather pleased to pick up some nail varnish for the grand sum of one pound and then head off to The Parentals.

It was lovely to have a bit of family time, as my youngest Niece, Carys was there, as well as my Brother in Law (and The Parentals - obviously!)

She does love a pose does our Carys ;) She is now a Princess after attending a Princess party yesterday where she got this real tiara ;) I was a good girl whilst I was out, politely refusing french bread with butter, and then a takeaway, Mum made me a Pasta n Sauce instead :)

So with presents discreetly delivered, and much discussion over how much weight I still have to lose, I got myself homewards, still feeling rather snotty, planning on getting myself fed, bathed and in bed. I got dinner sorted as soon as I got in.

Leftover risotto, stuffed into a halved pepper and topped with Stilton, which I then just put in the oven whilst the chips cooked, and carefully dumped onto a yellow stickered special salad :) Rather lovely it was too! With that eaten I got myself into a lovely hot bath with some snackage and some Christmas viewing.

The last bit of nommage from my last Graze box, some popcorn, and the first of my syns for today! As I'm already feeling weary, I think once my blog is finished I'll get myself up to bed, it's another early start for me tomorrow as it's the final weigh in before Christmas and I've offered to help out. Should be good to see everyone from the morning groups anyway, and then Hague is home, after what sounds like a rather fabulous weekend with his boys! 

Food Diary 

Free Food
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt
mushroom and garlic Pasta n Sauce

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Kellogs nutri-grain breakfast biscuits (fruit and fibre)
B - 30g Stilton

Graze slightly sweet popcorn                     6
Hot chocolate                                           2

Total syns                                                 8

So...last weigh in before Christmas tomorrow. My first Christmas wish was achieved a couple of weeks ago, and so now I'd rather like my new and improved one of dropping into the 13st's tomorrow. I only need 1lb, I really think the 5lbs I need for my next award is out of my reach, but it'll be something to aim for after all the Christmas excess is done with. Tomorrow will be another on plan day though, no point in going mad just yet!

Oh, and the green glitter did make it onto the nails as well! How festive?? :)

It's not mould, or parsley. Honest!

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