Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pretties and Prime?

My life isn't very exciting when I'm on late shifts. As you all know by now, I don't like getting up early, and so where normal people get up in the morning, and have a bit of a day before work when they start at 2, I have to drag myself out of bed at about 11, sort out breakfast and lunch, then pretty much get ready for work! Of course, then I get in at 10.30, eat and after a bath it's time for bed. Riveting stuff....

Hence this won't be the most intriguing of blogs, although I do have some very beautiful new pretties, which I got very excited about, which definitely helped the day go past nice and quickly.

So...I actually got out of bed even later than normal yesterday, just before midday, as my sleep was still craptacular and so breakfast really did have to be quick! On our foraging mission last week when we found Farm Foods, I picked up a big bag of frozen rhubarb, which I remembered yesterday morning, and so had that for breakfast, with my HeB of muesli and some yogurt.

 Not the most exciting shot there...but it tasted utterly gorgeous, and actually kept me nicely full for a fair old while. I got to work and the only exciting thing that happened was Hague informing me that my much anticipated parcel had arrived, oh, and this lot of food.

Hugely restrained work food there for me, I just really wasn't as hungry as I normally am, which was a rather nice feeling if I'm honest, as I'm starting to ponder whether my portions are the reason my weight is yoyo-ing all over the place. My lunch was lovely, the Ainsley Harriot morrocan couscous with added salad and Feta, the rest I'm sure is quite self explanatory. At just before 10 I was finally free, and couldn't wait to get home and try on my beautiful new pretties :o)

Aren't they gorgeous? My previous corsets, which I grew massively out of, and then shrunk back into and out of again, were a 36" waist, my new ones are a 28" waist. I'm so proud of myself and they make my waist absolutely teeny!

With all the excitement over with, it was time for dinner, followed by a nice soak and a hot chocolate before heading to bed. At 2am. Stupid damn shift.

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli (40g)
B - 60g wholemeal bread

200g cooked rhubarb                                    1
milk in coffee (1)                                            ½
Ainsley morrocan couscous                           1½
20g wholemeal bread                                    2
2 Asda meat free burgers                              1
tbsp mustard                                                 1
tbsp ketchup                                                 1
Activia creamy yogurt                                    2½
Hot chocolate                                               2

Total syns                                                      12½

I didn't have the best night, although I did manage to get up a bit earlier, although it was still nearly 11 by the time I stirred, and so I opted for the same breakfast as yesterday, as it's quick, easy, filling and delicious.

I then had a brief flurry of excitement as the postman came, bringing with him one of my Graze boxes - a Christmassy one!

I shall make the robin at the weekend methinks :o) That was pretty much the only excitement of the day, as I then had to get myself to work, where I spent most of the shift tracking parcels that didn't show up, whilst eating like this...

Not too much food again, rhubarb and muesli is obviously the way forward for a filling breakfast. The little Graze punnet was only 2½ syns too, a very low on for a change.

On the parcel front, the culprits were Amazon and Tesco, and the difference in the customer service was immense. Amazon's live chat peeps were polite and apologetic and my Amazon Prime trial has been extended by 2 months as an apology, with an assurance the parcel would definitely be there the next day. Tesco...well, not impressed, for 4 hours I tried to get onto their live chat service, to get a busy message, asking me to try again later. I emailed when I got home from work, an email I've still had no response to. Top marks go to Amazon then, whilst Tesco are not impressing right now.

Parcels aside, it was marvellous to get home, and Hague had sorted me dinner, a HUGE omelette, with plenty of veggies, cheese, chips and beans. 

I then started on this very blog - but was distracted by a Hague asking if I wanted to have a bath, and so that won out ;o) Of course, my bath wasn't only accompanied by Hague, there was snackage too.

After a nice soak, it was off to bed, as Wednesday weigh in is an early one, and Hague fancied a walk into town, so we needed to try and get some sleep.

Food Diary (Tuesday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
cherry tomatoes
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
A - 6 LC extra light triangles
B - 40g simply fruity muesli
B - 5 Scan Bran

300g cooked rhubarb                          1½
honey Liberte yogurt                            1½
milk in coffee (1)                                  ½
Graze salsa sombreros                         2½
tbsp brown sauce                                 1
Galaxy hot chocolate                            2
Alpen light                                           3

Total syns                                             12

In a startling turn of events, I actually did stay awake when my alarm went off! Obviously with weigh in first thing, it was just a case of getting dressed - in my sz14 clingy dress - and heading out. A walk into town, where I then went to get weighed and Hague diverted towards the market to get a nice new bed for Bayleigh Boo. After my disappointing weigh in last week, I really, REALLY wanted the 2lbs I needed to get my next award. I got my 10½st award on the 29th October, and despite being on plan the whole time, the 11st has so far eluded me....

Until today :o)

Six weeks to lose 7lbs, but lost them I now have, and my Xmas wish is complete! Such a relief, and as always, it was nice to visit the Wednesday group and see some old friends and new faces. Obviously I was rather happy when I left weigh in, and as I was walking home decided to treat need to pull a look of horror, nothing naughty, this hedonistic slimmer bought herself a reduced fruit salad from Marks'. I know, outrageous behaviour! I put it to good use when I got in, mixing it in with the toasted cous cous I'd left soaking and some blueberries, along with a raspberry Danio. It made a HUGE bowlful!

It certainly filled me up, and has hints of a Success Express meal about it don't you think? With breakfast eaten, it was pretty much time to head to work, but not quite, and so I did a bit of loitering whilst accosting Hague for many hugs to kill the time until I had to leave...alas, I don't work well when I loiter and I got about 10 minutes into my journey before I realised I'd forgotten my lunch and so had to turn round to get it.  I think the correct phrase here is Doh! So I was late getting into work, I hate being late :o( At least I'm still training, so no-one had to stay late until I arrived. 

My training seems to be going quite well, although today was a bit of a challenge, with lots of things to keep me busy and then me spending the second half of my shift alone, which did mean I could log onto the computer and send a few emails - unfortunately Hague's were more tales of woe about Tesco and the Annoyingly Missing Order! It's being delivered up to his boy's directly, so it's inconveniencing someone else, which makes it even worse, and so far, no response to my email and no response to Hague's phone call earlier - total pain in the arse, and still we're no nearer to knowing when it'll be delivered! Anyhoo, fascinating as my delivery woes are, that's not what you're here for is it, so here are today's work noms, which were actually rather fabulous today, as I have invented a new nommage.

As I mentioned, Hague made the world's biggest omelette last night, and so I only had half of it for my dinner, the other half I figured I'd have with a salad at work - however, I was struck by inspiration before work, and wrapped the omelette quarters in a half of one of the BFree wraps, and stuck a cheese slice in there too - then I put them in a toastabag and toasted them. They were amazing! They tasted really naughty actually, but not a syn to be seen :) My last break didn't arrive until gone 9pm, and so I didn't bother with any of my other snacks, just waiting until freedom beckoned at 10. There was a slight detour to Tesco for a steak stop for Hague, but then it was home to a lush dinner waiting for me.

One of my faves, cheesey pasta, once again with lots and lots of veggies. I think today could almost be a Success Express one eh?  Even dessert had tons of superfree in the shape of figs, topped with a liberte yogurt and one of my Graze punnets.

Today is definitely looking good on the old superfree eh? As I got my Christmas wish, I now have a new and improved wish, to lose 3lbs in the two remaining weeks before Christmas, that will drop me down into the 13st bracket, something I never thought I'd ever see, and can't remember blazing through on the way up! 

Food Diary (Wednesday)

Free Food
toasted cous cous
leftover omelette (eggs, courgettes, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers)

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda reduced fat cheese slices
A - 60g LowLow
B - 60g LowLow
B - BFree wrap

Danio raspberry yogurt                      2½
Danio blueberry yogurt                      3
Liberte honey yogurt                          1½
Graze poached pear punnet               6

Total syns                                          13    

It's rather nice to finally have this blog done and dusted, it's been a work in progress since Monday! It's also bloody marvellous to have got another award before Christmas, even if I didn't get my sticker - that's the one thing about having an amazing Consultant, even when you've lost 11st, you're not the first of her members to do it! ;o) 

I really was starting to think I wouldn't hit this milestone before the end of the year, I know that last year my Christmas wish was to lose 5st, which I also managed, so I've lost 6st in just under a year, not bad going at all really, and I need to remember that when I'm whinging about my gains and my body's annoying habit of playing the yoyo. I should really sit down and work out how much I've lost altogether, including all those pesky gains, bet it's an eye opener! I do have to have a think about what to treat myself to though - I desperately want some New Rock boots, but don't have the funds just yet, but I shall have a ponder and get myself something pretty to celebrate the shedding of 154lbs for good!

I shall leave it there for tonight though, and hopefully by this time tomorrow I shall have the joyful news that a television has been safely delivered ready for Christmas, Tesco and Hermes it's over to you.....

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