Sunday, 29 December 2013

On The Bus - Or Else!

It flies by doesn't it, Christmas? Seems like a few days ago I was bouncing with excitement about finishing work and enjoying the festivities and now here I am, feeling rather grumptastic at the prospect of getting up at 4.30am to head back to work. Not good at all. Just New Year's Day off for me next week, AND I'm working Saturday :o( 

Anyway, before I get to full on grump mode I shall regale you with tales of my exciting day. Which wasn't overly exciting at all...

Hague was up bright and early, ready to go and beat up some more people, and much as I could have got up as well the bed somehow managed to keep hold of me, until our neighbour started doing, well, something that sounded like sanding the walls with a rock. Funnily enough, that roused me from my slumbers and so I got myself up and sorted out some breakfast.

Oh yes, I'm back on plan alright, superfree, superspeed, you name it, it's on there! It fortified me nicely to head out and get lots and lots of leaflets pushed through doors in the name of promotion. It's the time of year again when you are rather likely to get a Slimming World leaflet popped through your door - and if you've been pondering rejoining...just do it already! ;o) Anyway, a couple of hours of leafleting, 4½ miles walked and I got home rather chilly and rather peckish, rather pleased too as the headphone hat Hague had bought me for Christmas was perfect for discreetly listening to music as I walked.

I decided on soup, the perfect quick lunch, and I just fried off some onion and garlic then lobbed in a small chopped spud, the rest of the cabbage, leek and sprout medley bag from Tesco, some extra sprouts for luck, some frozen broccoli, peas and stock and just let it do its thing before blitzing.

When it got liberally sprinkled with 30g of Stilton. It was gorgeous, I do have a smidgey left which will do if I want a home-made cuppa soup tomorrow after work! With lunch eaten, and me back in my onesie for the day me and Hague just had a bit of a sofa afternoon, watching Star Wars and whiling away time on t'interwebz, bemoaning the fact that I'll have to be tucked up in bed stupidly early. A discussion on Facebook regarding Herbalife, and one of it's promoters telling one of my SW group members - Helena, Woman of The Year, Miss Slinky and nigh on 11st lighter - that SW wasn't healthy, wasn't giving her the nutrition she needed and that she'd only lost muscle and water.....prompted me to have one of my favourite Slimming World dinners, to virtually stick two fingers up to Mr Herbalife, whoever he may have been. Let him keep his supplements and liquid meals, and I'll enjoy being 11½ stone lighter and eating dinners like this....

Fry up for breakfast, huge bowl of soup topped with cheese for lunch, then burgers and chips for dinner. I think I'll stick with this "diet" thank you very much ;o) I shall leave my soap box now, for the safety of a nice warm bath, accompanied by this little lot of munchies - well some of these munchies as the yogurt has gone and I've started on the hot chocolate - before heading for bed and the joy of being woken at stupid o'clock to go to work.

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
veggie stock

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 30g Stilton
B - 60g wholemeal bread

20ml Monin gingerbread syrup                        4
3 Quorn sausages                                           3
2 Asda meat free burgers                                1
2 tbsp Asda salsa                                            ½
20g wholemeal bread                                     2
Liberte honey yogurt                                      1½
Options hot chocolate                                    2

Total syns                                                       14

It's been rather nice to have another day on plan, and with just New Year's Eve looming before life goes back to normal, I can get comfy on the bus again. Hague demonstrated last night what shall happen if I let go of the bus....

Looks like I'll definitely be hitting target in 2014 then eh? :o)


  1. Which burgers do you use or are they homemade? x

    1. I use Asda's frozen meat free burgers which are ½syn each, and really nice :)

  2. Hi Karen. How come you have 2 a and 2 b healthy extras? My book says one of each. Well done on your amazing journey!

    1. Hi Tom, as I'm a veggie I follow Green days so I get two of each HE choice :)

  3. Hey, Love reading your blogs so I've nominated you for a liebster award :)