Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nights Out, Decs Up!

Oh the excitement is building now! The week is drawing to a close - we're nearly at Yule, and today, the Christmas decorations are finally up! Yay!

Anyway, as I didn't blog yesterday, the excitement of fairy lights must wait for now whilst I get you all caught up (for a change)! 

Wednesday wasn't just another work day, it was the day of my team's night out. Now, those of you that pay attention will know that usually this week is my week off, and for the rest of my team it is, however, I have to work one of my week's off every year, and this week is mine, so the rest of my team (bar one, who is also in this week) are off, enjoying a fortnight of festivities and fun, whilst I have been at work :o( Much as I would have loved to have an afternoon off plan - booze wise - the fact that I had driven into work, and needed to be back at work for 5.45am meant that I would be just going along to enjoy their company, rather than the generosity of my employer!

That was at 3pm though, and first there were 8 hours of work to get through. The lines have been behaving impeccably this week, and as such, we've managed to squeeze in many breaks, with the main hazard being boredom! Food wise it was a pretty standard day up until lunchtime...

As I was heading straight into Norwich, I also had a tin of the Smart Price vegetable curry at around 12.30, along with an apple, to make sure I didn't get picky whilst I was out. Then at 2, I was free and got myself changed and out into Norwich. First stop wasn't the pub though, it was to Build a Bear, where through a combination of Hague's and Build a Bear's generosity I got myself a rather beautiful unicorn for the princely sum of just £5 :o)

Isn't she gorgeous? Anyway, with her in tow I then headed to meet my colleagues, only around half of which turned up, and proceeded to have the p*ss ripped out of me (in a nice way) by all of them for my Christmas jumper, and it was rather amusing to see my work mates degenerate into drunkeness slowly but surely! I did partake in a single drink, rude not to when work are paying right?

A honey Jack Daniels, which I strongly suspect may have been a double! After a few, very enjoyable hours, I had to head back to work, and so walked my little legs off once more to get the car from work and then get myself home, fed and into bed! Hague had very kindly got dinner sorted for me all ready for when I got in.

(Just image a picture of some cheesey vegetable pasta right about here as for some reason the photo has disappeared....)

Dessert was a Danio before I got myself into bed! Another day gone by with no decorations up! Where does the time go?

Food Diary (Wednesday)

Free Food
forest fruits
fat free yogurt
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 6 LC extra light triangles
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 2 Alpen Lights
B - 40g simply fruity muesli

Asda Smart Price vegetable curry                   1
Honey Jack Daniels                                        8?
1 LC extra light triangle                                  1
Danio blueberry                                             3

Total syns                                                      13

I was rather tired when I woke up this morning, not surprising really as I went to bed at the very late time (for an early shift) of 10 o'clock, as I had to wait and see if West Ham beat the TottScum in the cup - which we did - Yay - anyway, slight digression there, so, I was weary when I headed out to work, and as the week continued in it's usual vein, I was desperate for coffee, and lots of it, as well as snackage for most of the shift!

I really will have to consider stock piling the xmas pudding HiFi bars, they just taste so good! My muesli this morning was combined with an apple and a plum for something a bit different. I was rather relieved to get out of work, much as it's highly amusing giving your boss abuse for being a tad drunk the night before, it's much nicer to be free at 2 in the afternoon! 

As I'd managed to forget to get any Christmas cards, I figured I'd head into town to get those, as I didn't want to face the shops on the Saturday before Christmas! My intention was just to buy the cards. I ended up getting some Christmas pudding pyjamas (for Christmas Day morning of course), a tin of biscuits, mostly due to the gorgeous vintage style tin, and some reindeer fairy lights :o) I never knowingly undershop! Of course, my final stop was rather familiar....

I then got myself back home, and got myself a rather lovely lunch sorted out.

Ah, diet food, how I love thee! Quorn sausages, mash, broccoli and onion gravy from a Knorr gravy pot for 2½ syns. Not sure the gravy was worth it, but it was nice to try it - I think less water next time. Obviously that filled me up rather well, but I had to get myself busy and productive as, at last, it was decoration time! Yay! I'm not one for getting the decorations up halfway through November. Much as I adore Christmas and get very over excited about it all, I like it to be special, a couple of weeks of having a festive, fairy lit house is perfect. Not enough time to get bored or grouchy about the decorations, but long enough to enjoy them. Perfect.

Hague wasn't too keen on having tons of fairy lights, but he seemed to forget that slightly as I merrily lobbed them up everywhere I could :o) It took quite a while, and so we didn't have too much time before Hague was going out for his kick boxing, so I took him to class and popped to Tesco to see what I could spend my £10 gift card on.

I ended up getting lots of posh breads for over Christmas, plus some reduced baubles and beads. Of course, after perusing for a while, and then chatting away to SW people's I bumped into, it was 8pm before I left there, and so there was barely time to get some dinner down me before I had to go and get me a Hague once more. I'd put MitchyStrone soup in the slow cooker whilst my lunch was cooking though, and so at least dinner was ready.

Then it was out to get Hague, and back home to type up these very words, accompanied by a hot chocolate as time is very much getting away from me again!

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
fat free yogurt
chopped tomatoes
baked beans
Asda frozen casserole mix
tomato puree

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 mini babybel light
B - HiFi bar
B - 40g simply fruity muesli

Costa gingerbread latte (6 syns taken off for the milk)            2½
3 Quorn sausages                                                                 3
Knorr gravy pot                                                                   2½
100ml semi-skimmed milk                                                    2½
Galaxy bubbles hot chocolate                                               2

Total syns                                                                             12½

So another day closer to Christmas, and just one more working day left until I'm all done and dusted! I can't wait! It definitely feels far more festive now the house is festooned with fairy lights, and I just need to get through those 8 hours before full on over-excited Christmas mode can begin! Well, I need to get the Aldi shopping done first, I have a feeling that might not be quite what you can call fun tomorrow! Best get myself to bed though, or (just for a change) I'll be yawing and whinging my way through another early shift!

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