Thursday, 5 December 2013

Just A Day!

Yes, for the first time in weeks, you have before you a blog covering just one day - well, due to my shifts, it covers around 15 hours to be exact :o) The joys of nights!

After a not very pleasant night with rather nasty stomach cramps I finally got some proper sleep in and woke up just before 4pm, not too bad really. As it was still quite early I figured that for once I'd actually have breakfast, Hague was busy clearing out the back yard and so I got myself a nice bowl of blueberries and yogurt topped with a couple of the Kelloggs breakfast nutrigrain biscuits, along with yesterday's uneaten persimmon and settled on the sofa with Masterchef and a cuppa.

When Hague was done, he joined me on the sofa, briefly, before heading off to do more jobs, whilst I got to work on another catch up blog and sneakily watched another episode of Masterchef. As it was getting later, I was all snuggly and cosy on the sofa and I realised I was in fact just being an incredibly lazy moog and so I got myself unglued and headed upstairs to have a 30 minute session on the cross trainer. I was of course accompanied by more Masterchef in the form of the iPad, it really is rather fabulous the way it fits perfectly onto the cross trainer's display :o)

With some exercise done - I have to, I'm signed up with the GymPact app, and I have to pay if I don't do 4 lots of 30 minutes a day - I needed a soak, and so had a rather nice relax whilst the ever fabulous Hague sorted out my dinner.

A couple of sticky Quorn fillets, with an egg, chips and a lovely big pile of mushrooms. I sorted out the Buttons all by myself ;o) With dinner eaten it was unfortunately time to get myself ready for work. Work itself was much of a muchness, except for the rather good news that I will indeed be getting my bonus before Christmas, with the line finishing up for the week, so I got to make copious notes on how to deal with that, whilst eating this sort of food...

I really need to delay my Graze boxes, as I have tons of the little snack boxes lying about now! This one was a punnet of little oat bakes and an onion chutney. Delicious. Lunch was leftover pasta, saladified with tomato, celery, beetroot, spinach and cottage cheese added in. I finished off my breaks with an apple and cinnamon tea, a plum and my last Alpen light of the day.

With cleaning still to be done when we left, I was rather relieved to be heading home, and doubly relieved to make it to Asda before the last wisps of fumes of petrol ran out. So here I am, back indoors, with severe flood warnings in my inbox, text message inbox and on my voicemail. Always a slight concern, especially as this warning does actually involve the coast practically on my doorstep. I am right between the sea and river - not the best place to be when there are flood warnings in place! Hopefully the house will still be here, and by dry when I get home tomorrow. Why is it always something in the MitchyHague household?? Ah well, at least my hoarding of the sandbags from the last time we had severe flood warnings might prove prudent eh?

Food Diary

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
Quorn sticky fillets
spring onion
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Kelloggs nutri-grain breakfast biscuits
B - 2 Alpen lights

Cadbury Buttons treat bag                       4
Graze bonnie wee oatbakes                     5½
Danio cherry yogurt                                 1½

Total syns                                               11

Off to bed for me now - not for long though as I have the joys of a 12 hour shift later - hence me getting this blog done and dusted now before the days ran away from me once more. Night night x

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