Sunday, 29 December 2013

On The Bus - Or Else!

It flies by doesn't it, Christmas? Seems like a few days ago I was bouncing with excitement about finishing work and enjoying the festivities and now here I am, feeling rather grumptastic at the prospect of getting up at 4.30am to head back to work. Not good at all. Just New Year's Day off for me next week, AND I'm working Saturday :o( 

Anyway, before I get to full on grump mode I shall regale you with tales of my exciting day. Which wasn't overly exciting at all...

Hague was up bright and early, ready to go and beat up some more people, and much as I could have got up as well the bed somehow managed to keep hold of me, until our neighbour started doing, well, something that sounded like sanding the walls with a rock. Funnily enough, that roused me from my slumbers and so I got myself up and sorted out some breakfast.

Oh yes, I'm back on plan alright, superfree, superspeed, you name it, it's on there! It fortified me nicely to head out and get lots and lots of leaflets pushed through doors in the name of promotion. It's the time of year again when you are rather likely to get a Slimming World leaflet popped through your door - and if you've been pondering rejoining...just do it already! ;o) Anyway, a couple of hours of leafleting, 4½ miles walked and I got home rather chilly and rather peckish, rather pleased too as the headphone hat Hague had bought me for Christmas was perfect for discreetly listening to music as I walked.

I decided on soup, the perfect quick lunch, and I just fried off some onion and garlic then lobbed in a small chopped spud, the rest of the cabbage, leek and sprout medley bag from Tesco, some extra sprouts for luck, some frozen broccoli, peas and stock and just let it do its thing before blitzing.

When it got liberally sprinkled with 30g of Stilton. It was gorgeous, I do have a smidgey left which will do if I want a home-made cuppa soup tomorrow after work! With lunch eaten, and me back in my onesie for the day me and Hague just had a bit of a sofa afternoon, watching Star Wars and whiling away time on t'interwebz, bemoaning the fact that I'll have to be tucked up in bed stupidly early. A discussion on Facebook regarding Herbalife, and one of it's promoters telling one of my SW group members - Helena, Woman of The Year, Miss Slinky and nigh on 11st lighter - that SW wasn't healthy, wasn't giving her the nutrition she needed and that she'd only lost muscle and water.....prompted me to have one of my favourite Slimming World dinners, to virtually stick two fingers up to Mr Herbalife, whoever he may have been. Let him keep his supplements and liquid meals, and I'll enjoy being 11½ stone lighter and eating dinners like this....

Fry up for breakfast, huge bowl of soup topped with cheese for lunch, then burgers and chips for dinner. I think I'll stick with this "diet" thank you very much ;o) I shall leave my soap box now, for the safety of a nice warm bath, accompanied by this little lot of munchies - well some of these munchies as the yogurt has gone and I've started on the hot chocolate - before heading for bed and the joy of being woken at stupid o'clock to go to work.

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
veggie stock

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 30g Stilton
B - 60g wholemeal bread

20ml Monin gingerbread syrup                        4
3 Quorn sausages                                           3
2 Asda meat free burgers                                1
2 tbsp Asda salsa                                            ½
20g wholemeal bread                                     2
Liberte honey yogurt                                      1½
Options hot chocolate                                    2

Total syns                                                       14

It's been rather nice to have another day on plan, and with just New Year's Eve looming before life goes back to normal, I can get comfy on the bus again. Hague demonstrated last night what shall happen if I let go of the bus....

Looks like I'll definitely be hitting target in 2014 then eh? :o)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Very Merry Christmas!

Here I am, back on the bus, and back to blogging, a wee bit later than planned, but after a truly wonderful Christmas! It may have just been a few days away from the norm, but we both enjoyed every moment. So many highlights, so many lovely moments. Just fantastic! So here are a few little snapshots of our Christmas!

A Starbucks egg nog latte, which was divine, even more so with a sneaky snifter of honey JD in it!

Christmas Eve, with Christmas jammies and fairy lights and candles. Plus Hague's version of a Christmas jumper, finally tasting roasted chestnuts whilst watching It's A Wonderful Life and enjoying yet another flavour of Jack Daniels...

Of course, Christmas films are essential to ease you into Christmas Day! Which of course brought many presents! I'm such a lucky girl!

Christmas day was full of socks, and fizz, and fresh air and good food!

Even Boo got a treat, being allowed to get up on the chair! It was a lovely day, and Boxing Day was just as good as we headed out to Norwich to get to work on spending our Christmas money and vouchers!

Healthy breakfast there of a very milky, creamy gingerbread latte along with plenty of syns worth of Stollen bites, after much shopping, which somehow had me finding the dress I've been looking for in Primark for ages, in the colour and size I wanted at less than half price in the sale. We also stopped off for a rather delicious pub lunch.

Such a lovely few hours being out and about and the evening was spent relaxing with more good food and more drink, including several Christmas beers in the bath.

With our wonderful Christmas drawing to a close we both went to bed, full to bursting of festive food (I'd even forced down a mince pie with brandy cream just because I hadn't had one) determined to get back onto the Slimming World bus in the morning, as we'd decided....

It all started off so well....

Textbook Slimming World food there, fine Food Optimising eh? However, all morning a little voice was nattering away in my head, reminding me constantly that there was a good lump of white bloomer bread in the kitchen, and there was butter, and cheese, and it would taste oh so good, and it was still Christmas and nothing would silence that pesky little voice. Nothing. Until I made these.

Eeep! No grazes were sustained in this rather huge fall from the bus, but I didn't enjoy the huge sarnies as much as I'd anticipated, so at least the annoying little voice was struck dumb at last! The rest of the day continued on plan, so should I just call that a flexi lunch?

Note to self, clementines do not cancel out doorstop cheese sarnies. Bad Karen. 

So, after one failed attempt at getting back on plan, I was determined to get myself back on the bus today. No excuses. I'd planned on starting today with a nice big breakfast, but the lying in bed too long issue reared it's head once more, and then I got very distracted by sorting out my wardrobe (again) and getting rid of all the clothes that were too big (again), and by the arrival of my beautiful new bag of gorgeousness purchased for me by the fabulous Hague... by the time we had to leave the house to get Hague to kickboxing I'd only got a cup of coffee inside me. Now, Great Yarmouth is a dangerous place for a dieter, the market place is full of chip stalls and the rest of the town is well blessed with such establishments as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King....despite being hungry I avoided all of those and got myself some mushy peas from the pie and pea stall (as featured on Heston Blumenthal's new TV show no less). I felt slightly ripped off at paying 90p for a few peas, but at least it was on plan and it sustained me whilst I got myself a few more sale bargains, including lip glosses and a beautiful charity shop dress. I then went and met Hague and we quickly popped back home to refuel before heading out to get the shopping.

We managed to get Aldi essentials for just a few pence over £27, a necessity after the Christmas Day decision to go out and buy two more bottles of fizz ;o), and our visit also heralded the return of the Benefit bars to the shelves! Yay!

Another quick return home to get the shopping put away and it was to The Parentals we went, just a flying visit, but it was nice to catch up on how Christmas had  been for the rest of the family, and of course see my Nan :o) We got ourselves home (via Tesco) and set to getting dinner sorted, as I was rather blooming hungry after going without much food today!

Very much a convenience meal, as the jacket potatoes were ready meal ones from Tesco, at 2 syns each and a pack of sprouts, leeks and cabbage that were also reduced. I just fried those off with some asparagus and garlic and very nice it was too! I was still hungry after dinner though, and so did myself an odd green concoction of mushy peas, and the green veggies I'd had for dinner.

It tasted nice. Honest! After chilling out watching Kath and Kim for a while I was peckish again and went for my new favourite Healthy Extra.

225g of cooked apple with a tbsp of mincemeat, with added mincemeat and custard. Delish. As it's now 10.30pm, and I'm still full, that'll do me for food today, and I think you'll find that means I've managed a whole day on plan! The first one since last Sunday! Yay! Go me! 

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
mushy peas

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - HiFi bar
B - 225g cooked apple & tbsp mincemeat

10ml Monin coffee syrup                                                           2
2 Tesco lighter choices cheese and chive jacket potatoes           4
2 tbsp mincmeat                                                                        4
80g Ambrosia custard                                                               4

Total syns                                                                                 14

I am rather pleased with myself for staying on plan today. When we were driving home from The Parentals I could feel my willpower buckling, and I tried to justify coming off plan again to myself, after all, I'll be eating some more of our leftover food on New Year's Eve, so why not just eat some now, it's not like I'll be buying any more crap food after Christmas, so there is only a finite amount I could eat....however, I stayed strong and we came home and ate on plan. Ate a lot maybe, but it was all on plan. I'm rather pleased with that, although I'm still dreading what the damage will be on Monday, despite enjoying every single mouthful of chocolate, bread, cheese, mince pie and booze I've indulged in over the last few days. I know it'll shift again, and as I've seen on Facebook several times over the last few days....

I truly hope you've had an amazing Christmas! Whatever you've gained, you'll lose again, but the memories of a fabulous Christmas will last forever!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Pride Before A Fall (Off The Wagon)

What a day! It's been almost a surreal kind of day really, with some massively unexpected things happening, something normally lacking in the cosy, humdrum world I normally meander my way through!

It started too early though. My alarm went off at 8am, as I'd promised to help at my Slimming World group from 9, and so I was up and out bright and early, wrapped up nice and warm - for about 10 minutes as it was decidedly warm for December and so hat, gloves and scarf were cast aside as I walked into town. I was first to weigh in, benefit of helping out and I think we can safely say I was gobsmacked at the verdict from the scales.....

Remember yesterday's blog? With me hoping for a solitary lb to drop me into the 13 stone bracket? Well somehow, I shifted FIVE, and got this award, an award I had secretly hoped to get before Christmas, but really didn't expect to actually get it. I was SO chuffed :o)

I also wanted an up to date picture with my Consultant Claire, a year ago, at the Christmas weigh in I'd taken a picture with her, with the sole intention of seeing how far I could go in a year. Apparently, quite far :o)

Still too bottom heavy for my liking, but I think even I can see the difference this time! I also had the pleasure of meeting another of Claire's fabulous big losers, Stephen, who has lost 4 more lbs than me.

When I add in the fact that our Consultant also has the amazing Helena as one of her members, who has now lost 10st 10lbs, I think we can safely say that she is rather fabulous at her job of supporting and encouraging those of us who walk through the doors and join her group! 

Whilst at group, I ate a banana and a persimmon before heading home, weighed down with Slimmer of the Week goodies and some leaflets to drop off on Sunday. I then had to head right back out to pick me up a Hague at the station, and get to Asda to pick up the Christmas goodies. Luckily, despite a few substitutions the shopping was fine and it was before 2pm when we were safely back indoors, both of us to blame for the decision to fall off the wagon immediately!

Lunch was a tad naughty, consisting of some burgers that Mum had given me yesterday in an effort to clear out her freezer, along with chips and peppers (see, still getting superfree in).

The burgers were a ridiculous 12 syns each, not sure how as the first ingredient was mushrooms! Ah well, best to get rid of them sharpish. After a while I then succumbed to Christmas temptation by opening the biscuits....oh dear....

Accompanied by a gingerbread latte. Still clinging onto plan there with some clementines....yeah right....that little lot was followed up with more biscuits and more lattes before a nice soak with some honey JD and a bit of festive Blackadder.

Dinner then followed, which I could kid myself was on plan if I hadn't been eating biscuits and boozing all evening!

And if it wasn't for the 10 syn yogurt....I'm clearing the house ready for the 27th, thinking ahead and all that! So, after an off plan day, a day earlier than planned, I shall leave you with the positives of this rather wonderful day.

  • I dropped into the 13st bracket
  • I got my 11½ stone award
  • It's Christmas Eve Eve
  • Margaret Whittaker commented on my FB photo of my award (squeeee!)
  • My stepping stones to target board is looking rather spiffing

Although it will need extending as I've now officially changed my target to 11st! Eeek! As a food diary would be a tad futile I shall leave you a photo of a rather festive - thank you honey JD - Hague and me :)

Merry Christmas! 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Saying No and Sparkly Nails!

I wasn't too impressed this morning. I woke up just after 6am, and no matter what I tried I couldn't get myself back off to sleep. I was also rather full of snot, and had a sore throat. I laid awake for about 3 hours before I finally drifted off again, and then woke up once more just after midday. I'd not really made huge plans for the day, the only firm appointment was going to see The Parentals. I did have a ponder about whether to get some green glitter for my nails, to just Christmas then up a wee bit more, but my first concern was breakfast. I didn't want anything too heavy and so went for fruit and yogurt.

A crunched up nutrigrain breakfast biscuit, well two of them, on top there, With a couple of coffees to wash it down with I decided that I would pop into town to see if I could find some nail varnish on the way to The Parentals, for some reason, I also decided to give heels a go, for the first time in many a month! These pretties have been perched, safely in their box on the wardrobe for months now, so I thought I'd give them an outing.

It wasn't as bad as I thought - but I do wish I could make walking in heels look effortless, it does seem to be a feminine skill I utterly lack!  I really do have to concentrate, and so I was rather pleased to pick up some nail varnish for the grand sum of one pound and then head off to The Parentals.

It was lovely to have a bit of family time, as my youngest Niece, Carys was there, as well as my Brother in Law (and The Parentals - obviously!)

She does love a pose does our Carys ;) She is now a Princess after attending a Princess party yesterday where she got this real tiara ;) I was a good girl whilst I was out, politely refusing french bread with butter, and then a takeaway, Mum made me a Pasta n Sauce instead :)

So with presents discreetly delivered, and much discussion over how much weight I still have to lose, I got myself homewards, still feeling rather snotty, planning on getting myself fed, bathed and in bed. I got dinner sorted as soon as I got in.

Leftover risotto, stuffed into a halved pepper and topped with Stilton, which I then just put in the oven whilst the chips cooked, and carefully dumped onto a yellow stickered special salad :) Rather lovely it was too! With that eaten I got myself into a lovely hot bath with some snackage and some Christmas viewing.

The last bit of nommage from my last Graze box, some popcorn, and the first of my syns for today! As I'm already feeling weary, I think once my blog is finished I'll get myself up to bed, it's another early start for me tomorrow as it's the final weigh in before Christmas and I've offered to help out. Should be good to see everyone from the morning groups anyway, and then Hague is home, after what sounds like a rather fabulous weekend with his boys! 

Food Diary 

Free Food
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt
mushroom and garlic Pasta n Sauce

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Kellogs nutri-grain breakfast biscuits (fruit and fibre)
B - 30g Stilton

Graze slightly sweet popcorn                     6
Hot chocolate                                           2

Total syns                                                 8

So...last weigh in before Christmas tomorrow. My first Christmas wish was achieved a couple of weeks ago, and so now I'd rather like my new and improved one of dropping into the 13st's tomorrow. I only need 1lb, I really think the 5lbs I need for my next award is out of my reach, but it'll be something to aim for after all the Christmas excess is done with. Tomorrow will be another on plan day though, no point in going mad just yet!

Oh, and the green glitter did make it onto the nails as well! How festive?? :)

It's not mould, or parsley. Honest!