Saturday, 30 November 2013

Very Bad Blogger

Once again I have to start with an apology - no blog since Monday, and it's Saturday, so very slack, and I am sorry!

I always struggle on earlies, and this week has been both a bit crap and a bit busy, and the combination hasn't really worked in my favour.

I'll whizz through the week to get you up to date, and hopefully that won't take me too long as it's 10pm and I've esconced in a hotel room so I could wake up with the ever delicious Hague on his birthday in the morning.

My food is rather samey at work on earlies, as I'm sure you all know by now, so I'll skip through most of the week, just picking out some highlights.

So....Tuesday. An early start at work, and weigh in day. Can't really call anything that happened a highlight as somehow I gained 2½lbs despite an on plan week. I know it's happened before, several times before in fact, it doesn't make it any easier for me to handle though, and as such I was totally narked off about it. Hague had dinner waiting though.

An early night for the grumpy me after that. 

Highlight of Wednesday was my food, and the fact that I think I inadvertently had a Success Express day with this bunch of meals and my rice pudding with a ton of fruit breakfast.

The salad was the rather delicious mix of a peppery salad bag, goats cheese and figs. I'll admit to my version of a tweak here, soft goats cheese is only a HeB on a green day, only hard goats cheese is a HeA, but in an act of outright rebellion I classed my 60g of soft goats cheese as a HeA and a HeB. I also got some rather spiffing new jammies.

Thursday was a 12 hour shift, and as such, not a great day. Breakfast at work was muesli as my rice pudding was gone :o(  I also seem to have lost the photos of my food .... bit of a worry that. I was on plan though, as always and lunch at work was the Asda tinned vegetable chilli with rice, so syn free. Dinner was this delicious plate full.

 After a 12 hour shift, it was an early night for me. Onto Friday then, which was non bloody stop! Work was normal, with the same old noms, when I was done we had to head into town for an appointment with Lloyds to try and transfer back from TSB - as our branch of the all new "local" bank is in poxy Norwich, 25 miles away - not exactly local. They annoyingly couldn't do it though and so we consoled our annoyance with a wander around the Christmas market.

Although I am refusing to acknowledge Christmassyness until it's actually December....although I will continue to indulge in my habit of the white stuff.

In fact I had two. By then it was getting on time wise and I had to drop Hague off at Boxing and then Boo off at my Mum's before getting myself fed and to bed and so I picked up the laziest of dinners, microwave rice mixed with baked beans, Quorn peppered steaks and tomatoes. Eclectic indeed, but it did the job before I had another early night due to my stupid week of earlies lasting six days.

At least I was only at work for just over 3 hours, and so only had time at work for a snack.

The Graze box was dried cranberries, figs and apple, and 5 syns worth, along with my HiFi bar and a persimmon. I was home just before 10 and so headed  back to bed, I had planned on just a couple of hours, but didn't wake up until 1 o'clock. Then I had to get fed, get presents wrapped, get myself bathed and then get us out of the house ready to head Ooop North. Once again a very quick meal, rice, smart price curry and added veggies.

We eventually reached our northern destination just after 8pm, got checked in and then headed to Asda for some on plan munchies. A salad box with Quorn chicken fillets and the Asda beetroot salad followed by a Chobani yogurt, Alpen light and some cheese. A bit later I followed it up with some mango and I'm about to dig into a persimmon before relaxing for the evening... which I think, brings me bang up to date. At last!

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
boiled rice
cherry tomatoes
salad box
Asda beetroot salad
Quorn fillet slices

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 30g Cheddar cheese
B - HiFi bar
B - (split) Alpen Light & 15g Cheddar

Graze box                                        5
milk in tea (2)                                   1
Asda Smart Price veggie curry          1
5g Cheddar                                      1
Chobani blueberry yogurt                 1½

Total syns                                         9½

Tomorrow will also be busy, even though I haven't quite worked out what I'll be doing. I know I'm dropping Hague off in the morning, and then I've found myself somewhere for a run - I even brought my running gear especially - but after that, South Yorkshire is my oyster, I might even be meeting up with a Purple Bus passenger and fellow Slimming Worlder if time allows. I shall endeavour to blog when I finally arrive home (after whatever the day may bring, plus driving home, picking up Boo and then getting my feet up), but I can't promise....what a very bad blogger I am! O.o



  1. your meals look lovely! so annoying having a gain even through you've bee good! hopefully yur see he results the week after! xx

  2. Them graze boxes look good how much are they ?

    1. They cost £3.79, but if you go to and use this code KARENM8JP you'll get one free, and you can cancel at any time x