Thursday, 14 November 2013

Updating Once More

I received a lovely email this morning, from someone who I have inspired to try Slimming World again. The email really made me smile, a hard thing to do at 4.30am, and it also made me realise that being a very lazy moog and sitting on the sofa covered in cats rather than blogging does not inspire people quite as much as getting a bloody blog up once a day…..sorry...and so once again we are catching up as once again weariness has ground me down and left me blogless! I gave you all a quick update on Monday, but Monday was pretty much spent in bed feeling utterly crap – not good. I didn’t make it into work and pretty much slept for most of the day. Total write off…

Of course that meant my body clock was all over the place and although I knew I needed to be up early for my Nan’s funeral, I didn’t anticipate being up just after 4am! I made the most of the extra hours by having a long soak in the bath, accompanied by some snacks and Paul Hollywood – well not the actual Paul Hollywood, but his pure food porn show, Pies and Puds :o) 

By the time I was out of the bath it was almost time to stir Hague and get ourselves out. The funeral was where I used to live, East London/Essex and so we had a 2½ hour drive ahead of us. One that was extended before we’d even got 10 miles as we hit traffic and had to detour around the middle of nowhere – being late was not something I would be doing!

We arrived in time, after not a bad drive, which did involve some SW friendly snacks, but for obvious reasons I don’t have pictures! I still wasn’t feeling spectacular though. At the church several members of my family didn’t recognise me at all, including my Mum, who had in fact seen me on Saturday when she lent me the coat I was wearing….a slight worry there Mother! ;o)

The service was lovely, a mix of Greek and English as my Nan was from Cyprus. The Priest had known my Nan’s extended family too and so his words felt from the heart, the Eulogy, delivered by my Cousin was short, but perfect, with enough memories to bring a smile on a very sad day. From there it was a short walk to the cemetery where we said our final goodbyes, although the Priest was very emphatic that my Nan was just sleeping, this fact was underlined by the Greek tradition of pouring oil, water and wheat into the grave – sources of life. With a break of a plate, to signify the separation of body and soul it was goodbye.

At the wake, I got some huge apologies from my Aunt and Uncle for not recognising me and caught up with most of my cousins and extended family who I hadn’t seen in far too many years. I just had salad and 8 olives, allowing a HeB for the olive oil on both, so on plan despite everything, and many diet cokes whilst reminiscing and catching up with my family. As I was starting to feel incredibly rough we set out home at about 3pm, arriving home just in time to head out once more to weigh in. It was Miss Slinky, and I had been nominated, I had hoped that being able to enjoy my group and the fun of the awards would lift me after a sad day, but I just felt too bad to stay and so just jumped on the scales and then we headed home. My Nan would have been pleased that I got another loss on the board, another ½lb gone for good. It was then home, eat, bed. Dinner being more out of necessity than any kind of appetite. 

 And so onto Wednesday, where I very nearly called in sick once more as I was feeling awful. Thing is, it’s nothing specific, I just feel generally run down, lethargic, achey and nauseous. Almost as if I have a constant, mild, migraine. Not fun. However, I decided it’s better to go to work and have to come home than not even bother, funnily enough I woke up before my alarm and even though it was only 10 minutes before, I felt so much better for it – oddness indeed. Work wasn’t too taxing, even feeling like rubbish. Only one line was running and I had someone helping me out for most of the day. Food wise, work shaped up like this, mostly just fuelling myself as I wasn’t feeling hungry and when I did eat I felt sick :o( 

I really am enjoying the Persimmon fruits at the moment, they taste unlike any other fruit I've tried and I love them! You got a picture of the Fruit Shoot as it has half a to remember these things lol!
I couldn’t wait to get home, so after a quick detour to the shop to get fizzies and stock pots I got myself home, deciding to meet Hague at work on the way. My lovely boyfriend had also bought me a little present – a Christmassy penguin to go with the other cute little guy he bought me on Monday to cheer me up. So sweet! It certainly made me smile, although my mood only really carried me to the sofa, where I sat, covered in cats, whilst Hague mostly got dinner sorted.  

It was just what I fancied, and took me up to a rather whopping 14 syns for the day! I then got into my onesie, got under a duvet on the sofa and was promptly covered in cats. I really am the bed of choices for FlumpyCat and JadeyPuss! I then just stayed there, not doing much until Hague decided he was going to put some clothes away, so I followed him upstairs and promptly got under the duvet on the bed. So active….I was feeling shattered and so managed to stay awake until about 7 when I did myself a mug of warm milk and gave up the ghost…I truly am a terrible girlfriend at the moment!

Today then, and I woke up feeling not so awful today, a wonderful change! Work wasn't too bad either, for most of the day there were two of us running one machine, which always makes things a bit easier. I also found out that I have an interview for another job at work, just a secondment, but something a bit different. With just 4 days to plan I do need to get my arse in gear though as I need to do a presentation. Eek! Work food was nothing out of the ordinary I'm afraid...

Yet another Persimmon, and breakfast was toasted cous cous today, changed up a bit by adding in a coconut yogurt and mango. Once work was done I was planning to get home and get out for a run. However, by the time I got home I was feeling rather hungry and so thought I'd do myself a quick lunch first.

A rather bargain-a-liscious 17p bag of stir fry veggies, with some added mushrooms, egg and 2 tbsp of Asda sweet chilli sauce. It did the job, although then the sofa glue seemed to set in...the CBA's were descending, but I made myself get up and out for a run. Damn it was COLD on the seafront, the wind was utterly biting, but I managed 5K and rewarded myself with a bath, once again accompanied by snacks and Paul Hollywood's puds, until Hague came in from work and joined me.

We're almost up to date now, as I'm tapping away on my blog, pondering whether to have anything else to eat, or just treat myself to a nice milky hot chocolate before I head up to bed...I think hot chocolate might just win. Minimal effort :)

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
toasted couscous
stir fry veg

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - Hifi bar
B - 28 pistachios

Fruit Shoot                                        ½
Coconut yogurt                                 2½
Crispy fries                                       3½
2 tbsp Asda sweet chilli sauce           1
Danio blueberry yogurt                      3
Galaxy hot chocolate                         2

Total syns                                         12½

No picture of the hot chocolate and Danio yogurt as I shall be having them in a mo once I'm done with my blog :) It's good to be back up to date anyway, I don't like leaving my blog all neglected. Not good!

After a chat with my Consultant, Claire, I'm hoping that I might still be on track for my Platinum Body Magic award. The online thingum didn't light up as I only did my exercise over 4 days rather than 5 - however Claire seems to think it'll be just fine. So just 4 more weeks to complete and I'm at Platinum, something I still can't quite get my head around. 

Just one more shift left and it's my week off as well - bliss. 

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