Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stuffed Spuds and Stepping Stones

Back to normality today - after a late night putting the world to rights with Hague, I stayed in bed nice and late to prepare for my night shift, I woke up quite a lot though, and eventually got myself up at about 4.30. I was pretty hungry and so got straight to the task of sorting out my dinner/breakfast. I'd been having a ponder whilst I was in bed and so was all ready to create....

I baked a sweet potato, and whilst it was in the oven I fried off some leeks and mushrooms. Then I scooped out the potato, mixed everything together with some Blue Moo's (blue cheese Laughing Cow light triangles) and put the mix back into the potato shells. I had it with some roasted tomatoes, asparagus and a tbsp of hollandaise sauce. I surprised myself with how nice it was actually! I followed that up with general natterage on FB and text and a couple of coffee's whilst just glued to the sofa with Hague. As I was up and fed so early, I got peckish again before I had to head to work and so tried out an idea doing the rounds on our little Purple Bus, heating up the Muller desserts to use as a dip/sauce. I had a mug shot first as I was a wee bit peckish too.

So with another meal eaten it was time to get myself ready for work, and so off I went, work was long. Although Hague kept me company for a long old time as he actually has a couple of days off this week. Food wise, it shaped up like this...

Plenty to keep me going, and I'm still pondering whether I'm hungry before I ate anything, but I really was having a hungry day and so everything I took with me, bar a solitary clementine, got eaten. Although I was rather tired after work I made the effort to get myself to the swimming pool for a swim. I was really undecided but Hague reminded me how much better I feel after I've been for a swim and so off I went.

I had only planned to swim for half an hour, but after half an hour I'd done 36 lengths, so decided to keep going until I'd done 40, which is a kilometre. Then, five women all got out of the pool - there are only 4 showers and I didn't fancy waiting around in the cold so I got 10 more lengths under my belt before getting my very tired self showered and home. A hot chocolate, and a quick catch up on FB and it was bed time for me at last!

Food Diary

Free Food
sweet potato
minestrone Mug Shot
Greek chickpeas
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Blue Moo's
A - 45g Feta
B - Xmas pudding HiFi
B - 28 pistachios

tbsp Hollandaise sauce              4
milk in coffee (3)                       1½
Muller fudge dessert                 4½
Indulgence hot chocolate          3

Total syns                                 13

Not too bad a day, although work was rather boring, it was nice to get a bit of extra time with Hague. Before work today it's weigh in time. I'm not sure how I feel how weigh in this week. I've had great losses in the last couple of weeks, but with star week upon me who knows what the scales will say? I'm hoping for nice scales this week lol!

As somehow I'm now getting scarily close to target - just 2st 9lbs to go to my original 12st target - I know that it might get harder to get the losses I need. I've decided to set myself lots of little stepping stones to help me get there, I really do like having small goals in mind, they really help to keep me motivated, along with all my lovely stickies of course!

So what little milestones am I aiming for? Well, in just 2lbs time, I shall be at 14 ½ stone. A weight unheard of for me.
After that it's just 4½lbs to my next sticky at 14st 2½lbs. Of course after that the biggie is dropping down into the 13st bracket O.O
After dipping into that, I'll be 4lbs from my 11½st award, and from there, depending on what he's weighing in at I'm just a few lbs away from weighing less than Hague. I've NEVER weighed less than a partner, an exciting day for both of us that will be!
Next stop from there is 13st 3lbs, that's the day I become merely overweight, obesity behind me for good, just ½lb more and it's 12st loss (OMG).
Just 3 more lbs and I'm down into the 12st's, and less than a stone from my original target, being just lb's from target rather than stones will be a bit insane! Then it's my 12½st award at 12st 9½lbs, soon to be followed, after 2 more lbs by me weighing less than I've lost....

After that it's lickety split down to my 13st award at 12st 2½lbs, and just 2½lbs from TARGET!

So there you have it, my pathway to target, unless I change it to 11st, where I'll be at a BMI of 24.9.....I'll get the stepping stones done first though, and then see how I feel :o)

Looks so easy doesn't it....?

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  1. I like your stepping stone goals. I do similar ones because the awards come too slowly! I'm 3.5lbs from the 5 stone award currently at 14s 10.5lbs; then I have 10 weekly Facebook weight updates so they're 'goal' weeks; going down a stone bracket on the scales, and bmi chart sections are also milestones. If I get to target (10s altogether) I'll weigh less than I've lost whichI realised aafter reading your blog. I love reading your journey, you're keeping me going!