Wednesday, 6 November 2013

No Sleep and Gnome Guards

So…Tuesday…what delights did it hold for me? Well it didn’t start off too well with me taking ages to get to sleep and then waking up several times before giving up the ghost way too early at around 4 o’clock and getting up. It was just one of those days when everything disturbed me, I was too hot, then too cold, then Hague got a phone call, then he got up and went out, then he came home, then he got another phone call, then my ears were hurting so I had to take my ear plugs out, then he came and excitedly showed me his new tattoo….none of which are conducive to a nice, restful sleep. Ah well.

And so it was Zombie Karen who got up, guzzled down a coffee and sat on the sofa barely conscious until it was time to get ready for weigh in. I wasn’t expecting much, hoping that there was an outside chance that I might get 2lbs to drop me down to 14½ stone, but the scales were once again rather lovely and showed a rather stonking loss of 3lbs! So that’s 3 weeks on the trot with a loss now, a pattern I’d quite like to stay around for a while! That loss now puts me at just 3½lbs from my next award. The award I wanted for Christmas, which is still 7 weeks away, so I might just be re-evaluating that Christmas wish, but we shall see. Group was interesting, with lots of jacket potato filling ideas as we passed around a “hot potato” We also had the District Manager there who was there to tell us all about being a Consultant. It is something I do think about, I must admit. I adore the Slimming World plan, the food, the support and the way it drives you to improve your life and become fit and healthy, focusing on every aspect of your journey to help you get to where you want to be. Right now though, with me working shifts, there is no way I could fit it around my work, and the franchise fee might as well be a million quid for how reachable it is for me to save up.  Who knows what the future holds though eh?

I left group very hungry and very tired, and my wonderful, newly inked boyfriend had prepared me a lovely dinner, all ready and waiting for when I got in. Good old cheesey pasta!

I enjoyed every mouthful of that, and then had another couple of cups of coffee in a desperate attempt to wake myself up before work.  It really was a task and a half peeling myself off the sofa and getting ready that’s for sure, but ready I did get and off to work I did go.  I was greeted with the news that the machine I’d be running wasn’t behaving itself and true to form it was a pain in the backside. The shift dragged SO much - I was working on my own, the machine was playing up and it seemed like I was there forever. Not so great when you're absolutely shattered. Food wise, nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for maybe the appearance of a Quorn cottage pie for lunch, which had been lurking in the freezer forever.

I was utterly relieved to escape just before 6am, and was feeling so tired that I was pondering heading straight to bed rather than having my soak. Whilst thinking on the drive home I decided to enjoy the mini pack of Buttons I'd taken into work. They might only be treat size bag, but they lasted me nearly 20 minutes, not bad for 4 syns :o) I got in and decided to have a quick bath, complete with a hot chocolate before heading to bed for a much, much needed sleep.

Food Diary

Free Food
butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 60g LowLow
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 28 pistachios

milk in coffee (3)                                  1½
Quorn cottage pie                                3½
treat size Buttons (7g)                          4
Indulgence hot chocolate                      3

Total syns                                            12

Not a bad day at all really, I just wish I'd have been a bit more awake to enjoy it! I felt supremely lazy not getting any exercise done after work, but I was just beyond tired. I did want to share with you another of my little motivational tools though. I've seen quite a few people with their own version of beads/pebbles/buttons/pompoms in jars to keep track of their losses, so this is my rather shoddy, budget version...complete with light up gnome guards (of course).

I have a pebble for each ½lb - all liberated from the beach. It's a rather great visual reminder of how far you've come, just 68 pebbles left for me :)

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blogs, I rejoined SW after a small break but am having problems getting back on plan dont know why but my head just isnt in to it yet I slowly piling on the pounds every week and am no 2 dress sizes bigger than I was this time last yr. I gave up smoking and tried to followed the plan but keep getting side tracked by naughty stuff......
    I like the idea of the pebble jars.