Monday, 4 November 2013

My Nan - and My Food

Obviously Friday was a very sad day. No matter how old, or how poorly someone is, it's still a shock to hear that they've passed away. My Nan was 90, and had suffered from dementia for quite a few years, as well as emphysema - it shouldn't have been a shock that she was finally at peace, but it was. 

RIP Nan xxxx

I woke up for work as normal, and when I finally checked my phone and saw that I had a missed call from my Dad (at 4.30am) I knew the news wouldn't be good. I let my poor manager know that I wouldn't be in, and Hague got me a cuppa and spent the next few hours comforting me before he headed to work. Breakfast was low effort, the couscous I'd planned to have for work topped with a Tesco fruit pot - plums, blackberries and figs.

I didn't feel myself all day, very teary, very emotional and shell shocked (understandable I know) and so my meals were mainly low effort. I got hungry again before Hague got home from work (he was only working for a few hours) and so threw together mushroom and pearl barley soup, comforting and filling. Perfect.

Followed up with a yogurt. When Hague got in from work, we figured we'd get the shopping out of the way. Then I wouldn't have to go on my own over the weekend. So to Aldi and Asda we headed, coming in under budget for once. I then sorted myself out a reasonably quick dinner and followed it up with yet another yogurt - a very expensive one at 8 syns!

There's a butternut squash hiding under all of that macaroni cheese, which also contained courgettes and peppers, along with a whole tub of LowLow. The yogurt was a freebie from BzzAgent, and they contain whipped cream as well as yogurt, hence the high synnage, but they are rather lush! Hague then put in a sterling effort of trying to cheer me up, with many cuddles and the purchase of these beautiful shoesies.

With dinner eaten, and me feeling utterly worn out, it was to bed I headed, fully intending to get myself to work in the morning.

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
toasted cous cous
fat free yogurt
pearl barley
butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 60g LowLow
B - 60g LowLow
B - 60g wholemeal bread

20g wholemeal bread                              2
Liberte yogurt                                         1
Tesco Finest yogurt                                 8
Hot chocolate                                         2

Total syns                                               13

I set my alarm and settled down, I didn't have a great night. Rather restless and when I woke up I didn't feel to great at all, emotional, weary and just not right, so I didn't make it into work. After another couple of hours sleep the reason for me feeling not right became clear as the all too familiar nausea and headache emerged that heralds a migraine. Luckily a couple of triptans and a few hours sleep later I was feeling much better, although still upset. Unfortunately, in the time between taking the triptans and heading back to bed I had to take Hague to the station as he was seeing the boys. So once the tablets had worked their magic and I felt almost human again I rustled up breakfast AKA ate the breakfast I'd sorted out for work.

Much sitting then ensued as I plonked in front of the TV, which of course made me hungry and so I sorted out a quick lunch of gnocchi and veg.

I had planned on doing a whole lot of nothing during the day, but that just emphasised how down I was feeling and so I made the decision to get myself out of the house. Just a walk into town, but it was something. I got my eyes tested whilst I was out, and bought some rather cute mugs for myself and Hague as well as treating myself to some bath melts. It was quite late by the time I got myself back in, although it always feels later at this time of the year when it gets dark so early. I decided that I needed to warm up, and that was as good an excuse as I needed to get into a hot bath and try out one of the bath melts...raspberry and chocolate.

If I can't eat it, I might as well bath in it! Although I had the obligatory bath snacks.

It was a lovely bath, the melt was full of cocoa butter and so I was all soft and relaxed by the time I glued myself back onto the sofa with dinner.

Once again it was burgers. To be fair I had picked up two packs of the Quorn red onion burgers reduced, so they were always going to feature this week. The coleslaw mix was reduced too! I watched several episodes of The Bake Off Masterclasses too, as TOK informed me that they were rather fabulous food porn, and so that was how I spent my Saturday evening....with a few more munches on the sofa.

I was in bed with a hot chocolate by 11.30 too. Rock and roll all the way for me!

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
toasted couscous
Activia vanilla yogurt
frozen summer fruits
coleslaw mix
Quorn beef style and red onion burgers

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - Xmas pudding HiFi

200g gnocchi                                  4
2 tbsp extra light mayo                    1
tbsp ketchup                                   1
tbsp mustard                                   1
15g wholemeal bread                      1½
Indulgence hot chocolate                 3

Total syns                                       11½

So onto today, Sunday. I got a better night, but woke up several times, taking a while to get back to sleep. I finally pulled myself out of bed much later than I had hoped to and got myself fed. I fancied something a bit different and so tried one of the new HeB wraps. They're gluten free ones, and I got mine from Asda. I thought I'd go with a breakfast wrap type thingum - eat your heart out McDonalds!

There are a couple of rosemary and red onion sausages in there, along with a very thin omelette, cheese slices, brown sauce and some mushrooms. It was gorgeous! I just about had time to follow it up with some mango and yogurt before I had to get myself sorted to head out to The Parentals. It had been a while since we'd had a catch up and so Dad was a bit taken aback my how much weight I'd lost. We talked about my Nan, and some of the funeral plans, it was nice to hear some memories of her and nice to have a chat in general too. Funny how you take the changes in yourself for granted sometimes, and to hear how proud my parents are of me was rather lovely. After several coffees, I had to zoom off, as Hague had managed to wangle his way onto an earlier train and so my visit was cut short as I headed to the station to pick him up.

It was lovely to have him home, and him being early meant that I could fit in some exercise. I did ask Facebook for it's or swim...but Hague being more localised decided on a run, as I'd be back quicker. Before I headed out I got myself some Greek beans on the go...well, I say beans, but I'd managed to forget to pick up any beans when I went shopping and so I prepared Greek chickpeas instead....with those bunged in the oven off I went for a run. I'd finally sorted myself out a running playlist, with songs that had a good running rhythm and was quite keen to give it a go. I kept up a good, steady pace and managed to complete 5K in 35 minutes. Not too bad at all! Dinner was obviously pretty much waiting for me when  I got in as well. 

It wasn't as nice with the chickpeas, but only by a smidgen! After dinner it was definitely bath time though, and I caught up with all Hague's news of the weekend as we had a lovely long soak. Afterwards it was time for much snuggling on the sofa, under a duvet whilst Hague watched The Fast and The Furious. With my interest in boy films of that ilk not at a very high level I took the opportunity to type up this very blog whilst cars drove around quite fast on the box for quite a long while....Hague then made the much better decision to put Ghostbusters on whilst I sorted myself out something else to eat. 

Perhaps more suited to breakfast, but never mind. Toasted cous cous with a banana, Muller fudge dessert and my HeB of chocolate crunch. Not a bad accompaniment to Ghostbusters, and almost enough to keep me awake! Need to get into night mode ready for next week!

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages
veggie stock pot
toasted couscous

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
A - 45g Feta
B - BFree Wrap
B - 30g All Bran chocolate crunch

tbsp brown sauce                              1
Activia coconut yogurt                       2½
milk in coffee/tea (4)                          2
tsp olive oil                                        2 
Muller fudge dessert                          4½

Total syns                                         12

Very odd day today food wise really - no snacks at all, just 3 meals. Very unlike me! I guess the fact that I was out of the house for several hours helped there eh? Hopfully next week will be a bit more blog friendly for me, as I do much prefer to give you daily updates, much easier on my fingers and your eyes :o)

Besides, I want to tell you all about my plan for getting myself to target, and I think a ramble like that needs a much smaller diary blog ahead of it ;o)

So thank you for sticking with me this long - and thank you for all the kind wishes and condolences sent my way since Friday, each and every one was appreciated so very much xx

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