Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Latte's and Lazies

Sunday started ridiculously early. I woke up at 7am and just couldn't get back to sleep. On a Sunday. Just so very wrong. I tried my best to nod off again, but ended up just staying comfy in bed whilst I caught up with the online world. I dragged myself out of bed at around 10, leaving Hague asleep and got myself some breakfast sorted.

Just scrambled eggs, mushrooms and Hello Kitty spaghetti on toast, not long after it was eaten Hague got himself up. We had planned on heading out for a walk, but he wasn't in a mood to do much and so I went out on my own. I was only going to walk up to Tesco, but ended up on a bit of a trek around most of Yarmouth!

Yes, that is 11km. Some of that was in shops though, as I treated myself to a few new bits and bobs, including a new hat and something I'd been craving for a while now...

Christmas Costa! Eek! A gingerbread latte, I minimised the synnage by having it with skimmed milk, and going for a medium/medio - what is it with the silly names of coffee sizes? - for a total of 8½ syns, 6 of which I classed as my HeA for the milk. It was absolutely gorgeous! I visited lots of shops on my trek, including B&M where I stocked up on cheapy Alpen Lights (5 for £1), as the Mystery of The Disappearing Benefit Bars is still unresolved, even by Aldi's Facebook page. I also picked up some Mayflower curry sauce and a 4 pack of Crunchy Curls for just 69p whilst I was in there before going onwards to Tesco for buttery and BBQ fry light. Phew. I was rather sore and achey when I got in, mostly due to lugging most of that lot around and so I got myself into a nice hot bath, along with the 23p figs I'd also grabbed at Tesco.

After my bath (which was hijacked once more by a much cheerier Hague), I was still peckish and so had some left over couscous with tomatoes and pepper to tide me over until dinner.

Much sitting then ensued whilst Hague sorted out dinner.

What better on a cold Sunday than a lovely roast dinner? It hit the spot perfectly, although it wasn't too much longer before the hungries hit once more and so I got myself a nice dessert.

I'd been up so early, that I faded fast, I gave up the ghost and headed to bed before 10pm, I was just shattered, and so went to bed hoping for a decent nights sleep.

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
pasta shapes
Great Scot fruit & spices couscous
Quorn roast

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 60g LowLow
B - 60g LowLow
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Costa gingerbread latte                         2½ (6 syns allocated to a HeA choice)
Crunchy Curls                                      3½
Danio raspberry yogurt                         2½

Total syns                                            8½

It was rather lovely to wake up nice and refreshed after a long sleep. I only stirred as Hague had a phone call, and it was 11am by then! Oops! I knew I had things to do though, including trying to prepare for tomorrow's interview and so wasn't in a fabulous mood despite my nice sleep. Hague pretty much headed straight out to work, and I got myself breakfast and then got comfy on the sofa watching Paul Hollywood create delicious naughtiness and trying to think of examples of when I've inspired others to go above or beyond, or when I've been pro-active about improving myself.....brain bleed....who thinks of these questions?? Gah.

Breakfast was much easier on the old grey matter :o) The sausages are nestled in the M&S mini wholemeal subs which TOK has been championing, I figured I'd give them a go, it's lovely to be able to have two for your HeB! I really wasn't getting anywhere with the questions, and was getting frustrated with myself, and so headed out to meet Hague from work, wearing my rather gorgeous new hat in an effort to cheer myself up.

 We then had a wander into town, I'm sure it won't take you too many guesses to work out where we ended up...

Another gingerbread latte safely inside of me there :o) Hague was hungry after work, and it was getting cold, so we didn't do too much in the way of wanderings before we headed home. Once again the worms had struck and I was hungry again, I really don't know where I'm putting all this food at the moment.

Nice and simple, just spaghetti with some spinach, tomatoes roasted with some thyme topped with Feta and a tsp of olive oil. Just what I fancied, although it had to be followed up with some fruit.

I then tried to get my head around the interview questions again, but seemed to spend more time talking to TOK and watching Halloween H2O instead. I wonder if procrastination is looked on favourably as a personal skill in interviews? With another Hague choice on the box, A Few Good Men, which I have seen multiple times and I still have no idea if there was a murder or what, my mind turned away from examples of coaching and inspiration and back to my tummy. 

I know, it's rather an odd mixture, the syn free Quorn burgers topped with cheese accompanied by Tinkerbell pasta and mushrooms, but it did for dinner :o) I then decided that a soak might help my brain think of interview answers and so headed up to have a nice bath. With snackage of course!

The snackage wasn't upside down obviously....I managed to make those buttons last for an espisode and a half of Masterchef too, I'm getting quite good at hanging out those bad boys now! I had planned to go through those pesky questions in the bath, but instead watched Masterchef and chatted away to TOK and Sam instead...another oops methinks, so now, I'm all nice and cosy in bed, finishing up my blog before spending some quality time with these...


Food Diary (Monday) 

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
Tinkerbell pasta shapes
Quorn beef and red onion style burgers

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 45g Feta
B - 2 M&S mini wholemeal sub rolls

2 Quorn sausages                                 2
tbsp ketchup                                        3
gingerbread latte                                   2½
tsp olive oil                                           2
mini bag of buttons                               4

Total syns                                             13½

Two days with a lot of food there, and a lot of walking. Although today I've barely managed to cover a couple of miles. I am now getting ready for bed, feeling woefully underprepared for tomorrow, but wondering why that's worrying me so much. It's only an interview, with the interviewers being people I've worked with for ages, so I should really just chill out, easier said than done though.

I shall leave you all with a newly discovered skinny girl problem. I like a a nice hot bath, and normally the bath can be filled right to the top and I still have hot water to spare, however, recently I've been noticing that it's not been as hot as normal, and today I realised why....lots less of me means there's a lot more bath to fill...which means there just isn't enough hot water in our tank to do that. You really don't think of these things when you start your weight loss journey do you?? 

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