Sunday, 17 November 2013

Just, Because...

Sometimes you don't need a reason to do something, to head out, to dress up, whatever. I find myself, more and more, doing things, just because. I like it :o) I no longer care about conforming  as much as I used to, and so tend to do things that make me happy, rather than do things that should be done. 

Today has certainly been in this vein, and quite enjoyable it's been too. I woke up at 9, too late for ParkRun, unless I teleported there, but alas, I am yet to invent teleportation and so no run for me this morning. I had deliberately not set the alarm as I've been feeling rather crap, and figured I'd let my body decide when it wanted to wake up - didn't expect the pesky thing to be just too late to head out though. Oh well. It meant that me and Hague could have a lazy morning, putting the world to rights whilst we lingered in bed, never a  bad thing. All too soon though hunger drove us to get up and create breakfast.

Isn't that just a textbook Slimming World plate? A nice third of superfree, plus a Healthy Extra choice in there. It certainly set me up nicely for the day, and after a couple of cuppas we got ourselves up and dressed for a wander into town. As I say, just because has become quite a valid reason for me recently, and I fancied dressing up a bit, and so my outfit to just mosey around town with Hague was this....

Finally, an outing for my Hell Bunny dress - complete with stripy tights and my teddy shoes. I think I need new tights those as these could quite easily have gone up as high as the polo neck top....not the sexiest underwear look in the world!!

Our wanderings were productive, with me trying on, and fitting into sz16 coats in the various charity shops we visited, an Advent calendar, without chocolate, and not costing the earth, purchased for me and Hague treating himself to a game. 

I also saw many things I MUST have including a hat in Claire's that is beyond gorgeous, strangely, Hague also likes it and so I shall be treating myself on payday :o) Boo also got a treat, an enormous bone, and so suitably laden down we headed to Costa for our now traditional coffee. Both of us resisting the gorgeous sounding Christmassy drinks for an Americano each with sugar free syrup.

I do think I might just crack and have me a salted caramel latte, or a gingerbread and cream latte before the year is out though, syns allowing of course! ;o)

After coffee, and people watching we headed home, I sorted out a quick soup for lunch and then got comfy on the settee.

It was the broccoli and spinach soup, which is so quick. Just throw frozen broccoli, spinach and onion in a pan with some vegetable stock and a teeny bit of garlic. Once it's all cooked blitz with 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles. Done! I followed it up with mango and coconut yogurt and then settled into a book whilst Hague played his new game.

I spent most of the early evening living vicariously through TOK, enjoying her shopping updates and all the pictures she was sending me. I have decided that I definitely need a shopping spree, although that will mean me saving up some money, something I am really quite shockingly bad at. I even managed to have TOK spending money for me today, as she has spotted a mug that was just perfect and so I had to have it....I then spent far too much time finding more things I must have on Ebay. No wonder I'm always skint!

Soon, it was time for dinner though, and I decided to have a go at hasselback potatoes, I've always liked the look of them, but have never attempted them and so today was the day I finally gave them a go. They took approximately forever. Or an hour that seemed like forever...

They were lush though, totally worth the wait, although I do need to realise I can't eat what I used to - I really would have been satisfied with half of that meal. The peppers were stuffed with a little find from Asda, Great Scot fruit and spices couscous, which we found a solitary packet of, reduced to 35p. Utter bargain, as I only used a quarter of the pack to stuff the peppers, there's some Feta stirred in there too. So after dinner, I was feeling rather stuffed when Hague suggested that we go upstairs for some, not that....some exercise in our home gym. Now, sofa glue had well and truly set in by now, and all my talk whilst we were out of doing some exercise had faded in the warmth and cosiness of jammies on the sofa. I managed to delay him with my stuffed-ness, and then the boxing, which I watched whilst nomming on a persimmon.

His itchy, exercise feet wouldn't be calmed though, and eventually I was dragged upstairs. However, this is as close as I got to actually doing anything...

So lazy! I did make a hot chocolate to bring up though, that must have burnt off some calories, and I've been productively typing up this very blog whilst he rows, lifts weights and cross trains...

I'm sure lifting a mug of hot chocolate must count as some kind of exercise. Maybe. I have to do something tomorrow anyway, as I have downloaded an app called GymPact where you pledge to do so much exercise in a week, if you skip a workout you have to pay $5. I am WAY too tight to pay, and so will be making sure I get that workout done! 

Food Diary

Free Food
low fat Quorn sausages
vegetable stock
Quorn lamb grills
Great Scot fruit and spices couscous

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 45g Feta
B - 4 LC blue cheese light triangles
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Activia coconut yogurt                       2½
2 tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo      1
Galaxy hot chocolate                         2

Total syns                                          5½

For some reason I feel incredibly lazy today. I have no idea why, after all we walked into town and back, so that's a good couple of miles at least. I think it's because I missed ParkRun and then said I'd do something when I got in, and then didn't. I think tomorrow I'll get myself up and exercised first, before breakfast, before sofa glue gets its sticky little fingers on my bottom. Naughty sofa glue. 

Lazy feelings aside, today has been a good day. Nothing special occurring, a pretty normal Saturday, but spending time outside, getting some fresh air, time with Hague and enjoying TOK's shopping has all added up to a rather lovely Saturday. I really do need to be more productive over the next few days though. I have exercise to do, hats and gloves to find and most pressingly, an interview to prepare for on Tuesday, and so far I've not even managed to think about it today. Oops.


  1. That Hell Bunny dress is divine and you looked great in it!

    1. Hehe, thank you, opinions are obviously split though! Xx

  2. Sorry Hun that dress makes you look enormous and the tights eeeeeek! Bad idea

    Bin them get slinky not frumpy!


    Lisa. Xxxxxx