Monday, 25 November 2013

Good Meals, Bad Coffee

Monday of earlies, how I hate thee. I hate thee even more when you are a 12 hour shift. I worry about my own sanity when I get to work and I'm NOT on a 12 hour shift, as I had managed to copy out my roster wrong. I like news like that at 6am that's for sure. When I got into work it was to the news that I would be training once more as well. This time it seems like my training will actually be completed as they have got cover for me and everything! Wow!

So brain had to engage today, as I made lots of notes on how to get a filler ready to fill up bottles of squash at the start of the week. I wasn't massively hungry at work, and so only ate on two of my breaks.

The red bowl had an apple and a persimmon in, but I only ate the apple. Mainly as I ran out of break time attempting to get a coffee without random floaty bits in it out of the machine. I'm guessing the claggy little lumps are dried milk, but they look supremely unappetising in my coffee and so I was getting about 4 cups out of the machine in the hope one will be okay. The hope was futile, hence the Pepsi Max during my breakfast break! Mixed in with my first breakfast serving of rice pudding this week are some black forest fruits and cranberries. Lovely and filling - so filling it kept me going for the rest of the shift.

When I was finally free I had a quick visit to the shop in search of more apple and cinnamon  teabags, but alas, there were none, and so I bought about 4 other flavours to try out instead. When I got home I was hungry, and I had planned to have my leftover roast dinner which I'd taken into work for my non-existent 12 on top of a can of beans, but when I opened the cupboard I was inspired by the other tins lurking in there and so had this random, but rather delicious creation.

Macaroni cheese topped with a roast dinner. It was awesome hehe! I followed it up with my earlier persimmon and the other half of my HeB.

Somehow just a few hours later, I was hungry again and I got my thinking hat on once more. I wanted burgers, but not chips, and my macaroni cheese had not sated my cheesey cravings...

I've got Quorn turk'y burgers in those rolls, and that lake of cheese is a sauce made of my HeA of 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles blitzed with some hot water! Hiding under there is some butternut squash and spinach. It made an insane amount of sauce, and I think I've found a rather fabulous base for a pasta bake or a lasagne topping! As I had another HeA left I topped the cheese sauce with more cheese :o) Dessert was just a Danio yogurt (3 for £1 at Tesco at the mo!)

I'm now sitting here feeling rather stuffed, and worrying about weigh in tomorrow. I guess a nice soak is in order before I ponder on it all too much eh?

Food Diary

Free Food
black forest fruits
Quorn roast
Quorn turk'y burgers
butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 2 Alpen lights
B - 60g wholemeal bread

Macaroni cheese (Asda smartprice)                 3
rice pudding                                                  2½
tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo                      1
20g wholemeal bread                                     2
Danio raspberry yogurt                                  2½

Total syns                                                    11

So there we have Monday, a day of some rather eclectic meals, even for me. I wish I knew why I was so worried about weigh in tomorrow, but even after nearly 18 months I still feel nervous before stepping on those scales. I think I get more nervous when I'm close to an award, and a loss of 1½lbs will get me that next award, but right now, I'm feeling more like I'll have a gain. Perhaps it's just the combination of a lot of hungry days and knowing that earlies are always a bit dodgy for me. We shall see. Wish me luck!

Oh, and a jar of coffee is safely stashed in my work bag for the morning, some things are essential when you start work at stupid o'clock, and I shall not be at the mercy of the damn coffee machine any more!


  1. Think I'm going to pop down to Asda tomorrow to see if I can get some of that macaroni cheese to try. I really miss cheesy things!!

  2. Now I need til or if you lost or not lol