Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Busy Girl and Bento Grrrr's

Why do some days seem to last forever? I really do feel like today has lasted at least two actual days. My feet didn't seem to touch the ground until around 9.30 tonight! I have crammed a lot in to be fair, so no wonder I felt rather weary - although here I am at gone midnight, still up! 

The day started rather early as Hague was heading to work, and rather than nodding back off the pressing issue of interview preparation stirred me into action...into watching some Masterchef anyway, although I did have yet another browse through my questions and finished off my presentation. It was only as a last resort that I finally dragged myself out of the warm, cosy bed and got myself ready. My interview was at 1pm, but I wanted to get there in plenty of time, and of course I had to get some breakfast inside myself too.

Nothing too heavy, as well as everything else going on today, it is weigh in day after all ;o) With me fed, and dressed up rather smartly - Converse vetoed by both Hague and TOK - I headed into work for my interview. As I said, I wanted to get there early, and I did - I was then left waiting around for over half an hour. One good thing about that is that my annoyance at just sitting around dismissed the nerves quite nicely. It also meant I got to chat about the job and who had applied for it with another one of the candidates before he headed back to work. 

The interview itself (when it started 35 minutes late) seemed to go okay. I'm not fond of them though, and so we shall see how I did sooner rather than later as we are being told by the end of the week, so at least I don't have to wait too long. Presentations and interview questions really are a torture all of their own aren't they? After such a tortuous afternoon, some retail therapy was needed, and I had planned to walk into Norwich from work, however, it was absolutely bloody freezing and I had no hat, scarf or gloves and only a light jacket, and so I had to drive instead. I flitted around a few shops, including Primark, where I saw a dress that I must have at some point, but much as I'm losing weight, a sz 8 is, and always will be, beyond me. So I'll have to keep checking!

So gorgeous. I ended up with just some gloves for £1 before treating myself in Lush. I then had a mosey into JD Sports as I'm still trying to spend my vouchers and found a pair of denim shorts for a mere £5. I know it's not shorts weather, but I'm also not a sz12, and that's the size they were. Seeing as the SW progress chart has me at target next summer, I'll be needing shorts won't I? Hopefully they'll do the job perfectly :o) With a brief stop at Yo! Sushi to grab a bento box I headed home as it really was freezing cold, you can certainly feel the snow in the air that we're being threatened with! 

I just about got myself home when it was time to head out once more. This time to Slimming World for my weigh in. As this time I was suitably equipped with hat, gloves and (eventually - thanks 99p Stores) a scarf I happily walked myself in, anything to get those final few ounces gone eh? It also meant I could stop off at Costa to feed my feelthy addiction....

I was quite happy with the result, 1½lbs off, although I think Sophie, our stand in Consultant was a tad disappointed as she had brought along an 11st certificate especially :o) Next week Sophie! At least I hope's pesky earlies again! I'll certainly be doing my best, and have decided that I'll be making a special effort to up my superfree and might even give Success Express ago to get that certificate in 7 days time. After a very enjoyable group I headed home, rather sharpish so I didn't freeze to death, and thanks to the lovely Hague bunging me in a spud before he headed off to get his head kicked in, dinner was pretty much waiting for me.

I just put the tomatoes and peppers in the oven and boiled up some eggs, so it didn't take long at all. I made up the egg "mayo" with just yogurt, lemon juice and seasoning to save on syns , splashed out two Healthy Extras on cheese though :o)

Not long after dinner was eaten (and some more Masterchef watched) I headed out once more to pick up Hague from the gym. Once he was fed it was time for a nice soak, and what seemed like the first moment to relax all day! Suitably relaxed, and the world put to rights we came back down and I was all ready for more snackage, this time my bento box...which has utterly thwarted my attempts to find out the syns it contains. The SW website does have an article about Yo! Sushi, with some syn values on it, but not all of the ones in my box, and rather unhelpfully the nutritional info on the Yo! website is lacking in the information required to use the syns calculator - not the best combination! The bits I could find were 1 and 1½ syns per serving - and the servings in the restaurant are bigger than in the  box, so I'm pretty confident that I'm still within my syns for the day, but until SW get some syn values up I can only hope I'm right!

It doesn't exactly qualify as weigh in night black hole food though I'm sure. With that eaten, and plenty of cups of apple and cinnamon tea drunk it's now looking very much like bedtime. I have absolutely nothing to get up for tomorrow, and I can't wait. Methinks the day may hold much Masterchef, and maybe, just maybe some of the jobs I keep putting off. It'll definitely contain swimming though as Hague has informed me that he will be dragging me there if I don't go!!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
endame beans (bento box)
cucumber maiki (bento box)

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk (in Costa latte)
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 2 Alpen lights

Danio yogurt                                   3
Costa latte                                      2½
Inari mini (bento box)                      1 (per serving - not a full serving in the box though)
Vegetable futomaki                         1½ (again, per serving, and not a full serving in the box)
Mystery sushi objects                     ?

Total (known) syns                         8 - which leaves 7 for the USO (unidentified sushi objects)

It was rather frustrating to not be able to find the sushi syns - I don't like not knowing how many syns I've had. I know there is a rather large percentage of people out there who don't even count syns on weigh in night, but I made the decision way back when I joined that I wouldn't be doing that, and so far I haven't - not sure you can really class tonight as sushi is one of the lowest synned restaurant foods, with supermarket boxes being around 2 syns for a veggie box. I guess it's the control freak side of me coming out, I NEED to know! If I don't get that 1½lbs next week I'll know what to blame won't I? ;o)

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  1. Best of luck with your diet. I used to run a class and I had loads of great losses. I'm thinking of joining a class myself!