Monday, 11 November 2013

Bullet Points

I'm not quite sure where the last few days have gone to be honest. I seemed to have no time after work to blog and now here we are, Monday evening and I've gone 5 days without one!

Never fear, I have been fully on plan, just not had time to share my journey with you. Busyness from last week and then yesterday and today spent in bed feeling as rough as old boots, with a delightful combo of a stinking cold and migraine flooring me, or bedding me...

So I'll just give you a few edited highlights until I'm up to a full blog...

  • I tried the Lazy Girl emergency standby of a tin of Asda Vegetable Chilli (no syns). Not too shabby!

  • I also had the Weight Watchers Petit Pains, a HeB choice. White, crusty bread as a HeB choice. Nom.

  • Me and Hague actually had the same dinner, although he had cow steak and I had Quorn steak.

  • I tried yet another new fruit, a Persimmon/Sharon fruit, and bloody gorgeous it was too, plus it's in the Aldi super 6 this week.

  • Yet another new HeB tried, this one are the Kellogs Nutri-Grain breakfast biscuits, two are a HeB choice and I had the Oats and Honey (be warned, the chocolate ones AREN'T a HeB).

  • I beat my ParkRun personal best once more on Saturday morning, by 56 seconds no less, so my official time to beat is now 35.53 for 5K

So there we have a whirlwind tour of the last few days, well, the days between Thursday and Saturday before I took to my bed with much bleaurghness. I have been on plan though, with plenty of superfree foods, syns kept (just) under 15 and all Healthy Extras accounted for.

Tomorrow brings my Nan's funeral, and the complete contrast of the Miss Slinky competition at Slimming World. It's going to be a long, odd day that's for sure.

Sorry to have deserted you for so long x

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  1. Take care I do wed group so don't meet you but follow all your inspirational posts xx xxx