Friday, 22 November 2013

A Few Good Days

It's Hague's fault that I didn't blog yesterday, I was just about to open up the laptop and get started when he asked if I wanted to head upstairs and watch something in bed...who am I to refuse cosiness? Yesterday wasn't hugely exciting anyway, mainly as it was quite short as I didn't get my lazy self out of bed until nearly 1pm. I do love that about my week's off. Just sleeping until I wake up, such a simple pleasure.

Hague was doing dinner covers at work, so he wasn't in when I woke up, so I decided to do a minimal effort breakfast whilst I caught up on some more Masterchef: The Professionals. Magic pancakes are a faff, putting the mix into muffin cases and then into the oven is much less of a faff, and so that's what I had.

 I did bake some blueberries into the muffins, so there are 1½ syns in there for the 50g of cooked blueberries, but apart from that - syn free, and very delicious :) They certainly filled me up nicely for my not very busy day. By the time I'd eaten, it was getting close to Hague's finishing time and so I walked up to the museum to meet him and then we had a very quick wander into town, and pretty much wandered back again as it was rather chilly. Hague quickly got some food inside him and then I walked him up to his latest Martial Arts class, yesterday's was BJJ/Grappling and whilst I left him to do that I popped into Matalan to return some jeans that were too small for him and then got myself home sharpish. Steps for the day done and dusted. Before going to pick him up I got myself some lunch on the go. I was inspired by one of our lovely Purple Bus passengers, Aakeela, to give the Italian Bean Stew for the All In One cookbook a go and so I got it all ready, meaning it only had to be heated up once Hague was safely back in the house.

 Easy and filling, what more do you want from a recipe? It made plenty too, and so I had leftovers for another day, never a bad thing. Dessert followed swiftly afterwards...

 We then decided to have ourselves a nice long soak, watching all of Pyscho II whilst we were in there, and by the time we were out we were both hungry and so despite it being rather late, dinner was rustled up and served.

Two of the mini M&S sub rolls, with Quorn sausages, mushrooms, onion and chips. Lush! For some reason I really fancied thousand island dressing on my chips and luckily we had some of the Kraft lighter one in the cupboard. By the time dinner had gone down it was very much time to sleep, so with a hot chocolate made with the last of my milk I headed up to bed.

Food Diary (Wednesday)

Free Food
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt
cannellini beans
chopped tomatoes
tomato puree

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 35g porridge oats
B - 2 M&S mini wholemeal subs

50g cooked blueberries                       1½
coconut creamy Activia                       2½
2 Quorn sausages                                2
tbsp American mustard                        1
tbsp ketchup                                       1
tbsp Kraft lighter dressing                    ½
Galaxy hot chocolate                          2

Total syns                                           10½

Onto today then, or technically yesterday I guess as it's slipped past midnight whilst I've been typing - Thursday anyway. I managed to wake up a bit earlier, before 10, and got myself up quite promptly for a change. Despite eating quite late last night, breakfast was already on my mind and so I made myself a rather odd, but filling mix. Whilst it was soaking, I got a phone call telling me I hadn't got the job I interviewed for on Tuesday, so much for all that swotting eh? ;o)

I normally use the toasted cous cous instead of cereal, but today I added in my HeB of muesli, along with a banana and a couple of plums, all mixed with some fat free natural yogurt. We then did some sitting before getting ourselves up and out, heading into town once more. We actually had some jobs to do today, picking up a parcel for Hague, hunting down some new Turk'y (I have no idea what the apostrophe is about in them...) Quorn burgers, which are syn free, and seeing about getting ourselves transferred back from TSB, as for all their talk of Local Banking, to me, a branch over 20 miles away in Norwich is not quite local enough for me. I also embarked on my futile search for a cheap coat for the winter. We trawled around all the charity shops, and most were lacking in coats, I did see one in the British Heart Foundation shop, but it was £16 - I can't be alone in thinking that is quite highly priced for a donated, second hand coat? It wasn't a designer coat, just a high street one, and I found myself getting more and more frustrated. I really didn't want to spend lots of money on a coat I will wear for a few months, but can't keep walking around in a thing, short jacket. I put out a hopeful plea on my SW group page and the lovely LeighAnn came to the rescue with an offer of a coat. Thank you so much hun! xx Of course, as soon as a coat had been offered, we wandered into the last charity shop in town and I found myself another coat. This time for £6, slightly better than £16. So now I have a glut of coats. The charity shop one, which is a nicely smart one, but not overly warm. Perfect for now. The one from LeighAnn, which is a lovely padded one, perfect for when it gets a lot colder, and my Mum has said I can keep the ultra smart (and quite long) coat she lent me for my Nan's funeral. Thank goodness for generosity! In the same spirit, I have offered up my current coat, which is now too big for me, a red sz22 Dorothy Perkins coat, to anyone local that can make use of me if you want it, I'm not going to posts it, but I'm happy for anyone local to come and get it :)

Got slightly diverted there....with our many jobs done, some more successfully than others....we headed to our now familiar haunt...

Isn't Hague looking damn fine?? Yet another gingerbread latte down the old gullet and after that, homeward bound. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that Turk'y burgers were on the menu.

Hague had picked up the 1 syn duck skewers in Iceland, and so he had those with the spuds and coleslaw, whilst I had this little lot. I enjoyed the burgers, but they had rather a subtle taste, and so it was slightly overpowered by the cheese. I'll definitely have them again though, just as a change, especially as they're syn free.

With Hague playing on the PS3, I managed to catch up with a bit more Masterchef before I took him to yet another evening of boy stuff, kickboxing tonight, and then I decided to pop to Tesco - perhaps my spidey senses were tingling as when I got there a whole pile of fruit and veg was being merrily covered with yellow stickers, a truly wonderful site for those budgeters amongst us, I picked up this little lot, a good couple of carrier bags full of fresh staples for us, how much do you think it set me back?

In the pile there are;

2kg organic potatoes
2 bunches of spring onions
3pk of courgettes
5 red peppers
2 packs of tomatoes
2 bags of carrots
2 packs of figs
4pk of apples
pack of mango chunks and 3 Danio yogurts which are on offer at 3 for £1....

So what was the damage?? Including the yogurts, I spent £2.19. How's that for bargain-a-liscious?? I've never had such a good yellow sticker shop and I was rather proud of myself, should save us some pennies when we go shopping tomorrow anyway eh?

As I have been the laziest of lazy girls this week I planned to go for a run whilst Hague was getting kicked in the face, but as I got indoors the heavens totally opened, it was utterly lobbing it down and so I decided on 30 minutes on the cross trainer instead. What can I say? I'm a wuss! As the display panel of the cross trainer holds my iPad perfectly I watched Masterchef whilst I exercised away. I struggled to keep going for 30 minutes, but I did it - rather pleased about that, and pretty much as soon as I was done it was out once more to pick up Hague!

With us both all sweaty and exercised, I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to hear that it was bath time. I had some snackage today too, although I didn't eat the Alpen Light bar in the end - still working on that eating out of habit, or out of hunger thing.

I'm loving my figs at the moment, especially when they cost 11p :o) After a lovely relaxing bath it was time for yet more food, and as I really couldn't be bothered to mess about too much I decided to rework the stew  from yesterday.

I just microwaved it, then made up some stock and mixed the two together. With a HeB still to have, and a spare cheese slice to have from my lunch, I decided on cheese on toast to accompany my soup. Dessert was fruit (for a change).

The reduced mango chunks (13p), with a persimmon and blueberries, pretty much clearing out the fridge of fruit! I topped it with a lemon creamy Activia and rather gorgeous it was too. It's now closing in on 1am, and as we want to be up and out by 11am tomorrow, I'd best think about calling it a night, after what has seemed to be rather a busy day now I've typed it all out! 

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
toasted couscous
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn turk'y burgers
coleslaw mix
leftover bean stew

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Costa gingerbread latte                                 2½
Nak'd raisins                                                3½
cheese slice                                                  2
tbsp American mustard                                 1
lemon creamy Activia                                    2½

Total syns                                                     11½

Today has been fabulous. In fact I was feeling so thankful and happy as I was typing up this blog that I had actually forgotten my phone call of much rejection before breakfast - some things just aren't important. Much as it would have been nice to try something new, being happy and content in my life is far more meaningful to me than a career I'm afraid :o)

It has just been a genuinely nice day - fitting into many sz16 coats has certainly helped my mood anyway, as has the kindness and generosity of friends. I also wore some jeans that were a tad tight last time I wore them, but are now loose, and they're a sz18, with my tree-trunk legs, my trousers/jeans are always seemingly much bigger than my tops, but here I am, slimming out of sz18 jeans, how can I be unhappy on a day when that happens? 


  1. Love yellow sticker bargains :)
    I've had a box of the turk'y (stupid apostrophe) burgers in for few weeks now, where did you find out they were syn free? Thanks :) x

    1. I just put them through the online calculator :o)

  2. I always forget about the calculator! Thanks, will dig them out of the freezer some point over the weekend :) x