Saturday, 19 October 2013

Winding Down and Winning Days

I have abandoned you once more - but mostly this was down to tiredness, and in the case of Thursday, having pretty much bugger all to report! Thursday started with me getting up in just enough time to eat before I had to get to work!

I'm trying out a few things after my gain on Wednesday, trying to up my superfree and ensuring I'm eating from hunger not habit. So superfree made it onto my simple breakfast in the shape of some roasted cherry tomatoes....that should have been roasted for longer, but hey ho! With that eaten I headed to work, which was majorly uneventful, and tasted like this...

A bit of a difference from normal I think, nothing to eat on my last break as I knew I was coming home to a big jacket spud. The soup was the last of my mushroom and pearl barley, so I'll be making more of that this week! I've also discovered a new tea that is absolutely divine, and delivers in taste when so many others don't.

I can get them in my work shop, but they taste like apple pie in a mug - just divine!! I may need to stock up though as Hague has taken a fancy to them, so 20 tea-bags won't last long. I have been feeling extremely lazy this week and so headed out for a run after work, with strict instructions to stay to well lit areas. It was good to get out, although I struggled a bit after leaving it so long between runs, but as I'm planning to do Park Run this weekend, I needed to get out there! 

Dinner was a jacket spud, stuffed with cottage cheese, topped with my HeA's and accompanied by gherkins. I have a real craving for them at the moment for some reason!

After my dessert of blueberries and yogurt it was up for a nice hot bath before bed - with yet another apple and cinnamon tea accompanied by a mini bag of Buttons for a bargain 4 syns!

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
mushroom and pearl barley soup
cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - (both) -40g reduced fat Cheddar cheese
B - Xmas Pud HiFi
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Crispy Fries                        3½
Activia Creamy yogurt        2½
Mini bag of Buttons            4

Total syns                          10

So onto Friday, and this week the socks made it onto my feet :o)

So would Friday be fabulous? I was hoping so. When I left work on Thursday it was looking good for us getting away early and so I'd pencilled in plans for a swim after work, if I was early. I had a decent night's kip anyway, which is always good, and got up in time to do myself a rather large breakfast.

Plenty of super free again! I got out early enough to head to my work shop to stock up on more tea-bags and headed into work for a briefing before it was time to see how long we'd be in work for...alas, there had been a power surge over night. Our machines do not like power surges, and so 5 hours were lost overnight meaning that I'd be there for the duration, so swimming went for a burton, as did the plan to shop after work, meaning I missed out on exercise and using a £3.48 Asda price guarantee voucher. Bum.

Anyway, work was pretty much cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, interspersed with food.

With my lunch, I looked at my minestrone soup and banana and wanted I went to the dreaded vending machine which is full of, to be quite frank, crap. Even the crisps are the huge grab bags, so there isn't much that's SW friendly. I spotted the mini cheddar and could see there were 130 cals in 25g, which equates to 6½ syns. I did think the bag probably wasn't 25g, but I bought it anyway and being the SW weirdo that I am, when I saw it was a 50g bag, I counted the cheddars and put half back into the bag. Even I'm sickened by my willpower sometimes. I really enjoyed them too, I've not had mini cheddars in an age! The delightful pair of plums were for my last break and I skipped out of work in a rather happy mood as I wouldn't be back for 9 days. I LOVE my weeks off!

I got home to a rather huge surprise too. I'd been talking to Hague on email for most of the day, and on FB messenger but he had neglected to mention the rather huge parcel that had been delivered for me!!

I'm not rich enough to splash out huge amounts of money on gorgeous Le Creuset cookware, much as I, like many others, drool over it constantly - but I had won a Quorn competition, the #makeonechange competition they had been running on Facebook and Twitter! The email I'd received sounded rather dodgy, and despite assurances from Quorn, I was entirely sure I'd receive my prize, but here it is! I may have to bake many things in in very soon!

With such excitement over, I had to get dinner inside me rather quickly as I wanted an early night.

Roasted courgette, mushrooms, butternut squash and onion, along with asian spices, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and my HeB of peanuts. Something a bit different, but again, enjoyed muchly. Dessert? Not so different, good old mango topped with a coconut yogurt.

Then it was bath and bed, as it was an early start for us both in the morning!

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
minestrone soup
butternut squash 

Healthy Extras
A - none, really, no cheese passed my lips O.O I may be ill or something...
B - Xmas Pud HiFi
B - 15 peanuts

2 Quorn sausages                              2
25g mini cheddars                             6½
tbsp sweet chilli sauce                       1½
Activia creamy yogurt                       2½

Total syns                                         12½

Are you still with me? It's been a long'un! Today started bright and early, in fact I was up at very stupid o'clock as I woke up to have a wee and figured there wasn't much point in going back to sleep for 45 minutes and so got myself some pre-breakfast in bed to fuel me for my Park Run.

Perfect to keep me going for 5K! It really was a lovely morning to go out running...

Cool, but quite bright, and once again I managed to run the whole way - and I knocked 22 seconds off of my last time, so a new PB in my second run! Yay! With my run done, it was home to a nice hot bath, for once, accompanied only by a cuppa and no snackage, although afterwards it was time for proper breakfast :o)

Toasted cous cous, with blueberries and lemon yogurt. My early start and full belly then caught up with me and I went for a rather large nap, rather than the planned activities of the day of visiting Hague at Time and Tide and then heading into town. Oops. I obviously needed it though as I slept like a log for about 3½ hours! Waking up just in time for Hague to come home and to watch West Ham lose to Man City - very flattering result on City that's for sure.

Dinner was somthing minimal effort whilst we watching the footy, and so jacket spud it was (again).

Egg mayonnaise inside this one, and some superfree on the side! With West Ham beaten and food eaten we headed off to get the shopping. I must admit, that heading there at 7.45pm on a Saturday was genius, there was no-one in Aldi so we were in and out like lightning (complete with the new chocolate fudge Benefit bars) and even Asda was quiet, we also got some bargains, including 5p pineapple "lollies" which are just slices of fresh pineapple and a pack of Warburtons thins for 8p. Nice. Saturday night shopping, I like you. I also treated myself to a new bra and knicker set. There is something rather lovely about having matching underkecks, and matching underkecks with a 36" back?? Now that's something I've not had in a long, long time! 

After everything was put away it was time to squeeze in another meal. I didn't want anything too heavy though, but really fancied the Quorn burgers I'd picked up (the syn free red onion ones).

Quite a restrained meal there for me!! Although I did then follow it up with some of the cheapy pineapple and a Benefit bar.

It looks a lot, but there are only 3 slices of pineapple inside all of that plastic ;o) With dinner eaten, the main focus of the evening has been film watching and chilling out with Hague. Something that I have missed in the last few weeks with us both working like busy little bees! We may squeeze another film in tonight, having already watched Commando, and I shall be treating myself to a rather lovely indulgence Options before bed. Not quite sure what tomorrow holds yet beyond a 21st birthday party, but I'm driving, so that's all good!

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
toasted couscous
Quorn beef and red onion style burgers

Healthy Extras
A - (both) - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - wholemeal roll (60g)

Activia creamy yogurt                          2½
2 tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo        1
Asda lighter cheese slice                      2
½ tbsp ketchup                                   ½
½ tbsp mustard                                   ½
Indulgence Options                             3
splash of milk                                     ½

Total syns                                           10

What a catch up! I really need to get myself blogging more regularly don't I? I'm now just 45 minutes of exercise away from my Gold Body Magic award, so I shall be getting my bum down to the swimming pool tomorrow. I'm hoping that getting there as soon as it opens for the evening session will mean that it's quieter, but I'm not holding out much hope, but hey, I'll be wearing my new sz16 swimsuit, so perhaps I DO want everyone there to see me? Hehe! With the small swimsuit and small bra, you'd think that I'd be all out of NSV's for these few days wouldn't you? Nope. I made a mind blowing discovery yesterday...when I started at Slimming World I took my starting measurements...they do not make for pleasant reading...

Starting Measurements (June 14th 2012)
  • Neck               15"
  • Left arm          20"
  • Right arm        22.5"
  • Underbust      46"
  • Waist              50"
  • Hips                 60"
  • Left thigh        35"
  • Right thigh      37"
  • Left ankle        11.5"
  • Right ankle      11.5"

Notice the size of my thighs there? I measured my waist this week, it now measures 34", now that's a huge loss of 16" from when I started, but it also means that my waist is now smaller than my thighs were....Oh.My.God.

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  1. You will defo enjoy your le Creuset set - in fact you will LOVE it! I have 2 gorgeous cast iron pans, but mine are the cheaper versions from Sainsbugs - still in the burnt orange colour and still absolutely amazing nonetheless. Stews, roasts and casseroles definitely taste better cooked in cast iron. Although we had to get a different oven shelf, as the large pan proved too heavy for it! Congrats!