Wednesday, 16 October 2013

This Bunny? Not Happy :o(

Not a happy bunny at all :o( I weighed in today, a day late due to my shifts, and despite my Hen Night on Saturday I was still hoping for a loss, maybe not a huge one, but just to get closer to those 14st's would have been awesome. Everyone was lovely, it's been a while since I've been at the Wednesday morning group and I got lots of compliments, happiness was quickly dashed by the bloody scales though. 2 poxy lbs on! How? All week I was on plan, on Saturday I had 4 or 5 shots (Sours etc) and a margarita along with a handful of onion ring/chipstick type crisps, plus 6 measured drinks that were within my syns. That's it....somehow that has displayed on the scales as a big ol' gain. I wish I knew why this happened. I've had lots of helpful suggestions and people looking through last weeks blog to try and help, but I think the biggest help may have come from Image Therapy. Claire asked a few people if they were eating through hunger or habit...that struck a bit of a chord with me, as I normally take lots of food into work and eat on most of my breaks. It may me wonder if it was indeed hunger, or habit that was driving me, and it's definitely something I shall be considering before I eat, especially at work.

Apart from that, I'll be looking at the usual things, I know my food diary is accurate as I take pictures of everything, but maybe I ate bigger portions last week, or had more bread - or, it's just once again one of those things. Strange how they happen when you seem to be hovering around a significant number. I'm now under a 10 stone loss for the second time, and I still haven't broken through my lowest adult weight....

Nothing I can do about it now though, that +2 is in my book, my weight has gone back up to 15st 3lbs and I just have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

Getting on with it mainly involved seeing Hague, which was a rather nice surprise, and then coming home for breakfast. In the spirit of upping superfree and mixing up my HE's breakfast was toasted cous cous with fruit, All Bran chocolate crunch, strawberries and yogurt.

After eating that, I really didn't have much time to spare as I had to get to the Post Office and then get into work early enough to get to the shop, no rest for the wicked eh? I got my parcel posted off, and got to work in time to shop, although I got soaked walking from the car park...Wednesday, not good, really!

Work was the usual, but more annoying that normal, mostly as I'm pretty sure I have a cold coming on too. I really am a barrel of laughs today aren't I? Sorry!

Food wise, I didn't have as many snacks as normal, mindful of Claire's advice at group today. In fact I didn't take as much as normal and still came home with a yogurt.

I had the new magazine to peruse during my breaks, and think I might have to try the butternut squash lasagne one day soon. Nice pair of plums too eh? Things went rather tits up at the end of the shift, so I didn't get away too early, that, combined with 2 sets of roadworks with traffic lights and a very slow lorry on the way home and I was SO happy to be home. Hague even had dinner waiting :o)

I had asked for burgers, chips and roasted peppers, tomatoes and onion...somehow I got mushrooms, carrots and parsnips too, not a bad thing really. Besides, it's been ages since I had a parsnip and they were lovely! Might have to grab some more when we go shopping, I'm pretty sure they're still in the Aldi Super Six this week. Dessert was more of the strawberries I'd picked up whilst walking to Slimming World this morning. I kindly shared the squishy ones with Boo. As I'm rather shattered, this evening shall be short and sweet, with nothing ahead once my blog is done other than a lovely milky hot chocolate and bed. With a new duvet and new bedding. At least the day has ended well eh?

Food Diary 

Free Food
toasted cous cous
Activia 0% vanilla yogurt
minestrone soup

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 30g All Bran chocolate crunch
B - HiFi Xmas Pudding bar

Crispy Fries                                 3½
½ tbsp American mustard            ½
½ tbsp ketchup                            ½
2 Asda meat free burgers             2
Options indulgence                      3

Total syns                                    9½

Onwards and downwards is the only way to go from here. We got our Christmas Wish cards today in group. I'm going to wait to fill mine in until the weekend. Last year my wish was to get my 5 stone award, and I managed it. This year I'm unsure whether to go for my 11 stone award, which is now 14½lbs away, or to push the boat out and aim for my 11½ stone award, which (obviously) is 20½lbs away. I would need over 2lbs a week to get the 11½, so it's something I shall have a thing about - although who knows what my body will do between now and Chrismas! Your guess is probably as good as mine!

My mantra for today is to remember the nice comments I got today at group, the truly wonderful, caring messages people have left for me today on hearing about my gain and grumps and to focus on how far I have come since June 2012. What's 2lbs when you've lost 139½, can run 5K and buy sz16 clothes eh?


  1. Could it be possible that you were dehydrated from the alcohol, and it caused fluid retention? That happened to me one week.

  2. I know how disappointing a gain can be, especially when you have stuck to plan. Truly there are so many reasons this could have happened & probably 90% of them are totally out of your control. Hold on to how far you have come, you are doing such a great job and are such an inspiration to many. and my new 'mantra' Just Keep Going! ;) xxx

  3. You really don't deserve this set back! Please don't let it set you back, you have done so well and made a huge difference both to your life and mine! Ps I wish I looked as good in a tartan pencil skirt as you do.

  4. You are an inspiration,I am glad I found your blog. Saved in my favourites x

  5. Sorry but just reading through and seen you have two healthy as and bs in one day but it's meant to be one of each? Maybe that may help you towards your goal x

    1. I do Green days, so I get two of each HE each day :)