Monday, 21 October 2013


I've been really looking forward to today. Both myself and Hague were off work and so the whole day was ours to do with as we pleased, something that has been lacking for a while! The day was never going to start early and true to form we stirred around 11am, then had a nice relaxed start to the day with no rushing around, no pressure at all, just getting up and decided what to have for breakfast whilst enjoying a nice cuppa. I decided to get rid of another of my Graze porridge boxes. Much as I like porridge, the Graze ones are really quite high in syns for what they are, 7½ so it's not something I'll be getting again I don't think, nice though they are. 

Plenty of superfree added in the shape of lots of blueberries, as well as a teaspoon of honey. It was quite a nice filling breakfast though to be fair, just a bit syn heavy. With us both breakfasted we debated how we were going to get into town. Hague has got himself another nasty cold, so we pondered driving, but in the end we walked in, me in some of my new, sale purchases...all of which are a sz16!! Still not quite sure I believe that I'm in that size though!

I must remember moments like this when I'm getting all grumpy about losing weight slowly - I'm making a huge change to myself, to my life and to my body, I need to be realistic and proud of my journey. I WILL get to target, but it might take a wee bit longer than I hoped. 

We had a nice wander around town, picking up some rather exciting bits in one of our many charity shops. Do you remember my famous purple top? Well, Hague made me get rid of it, as to be fair, it was a sz22, and a big one at that, and it was more like a dress when I put it on recently. Well, browsing in a charity shop, there it was, with the tags still on, in a sz14. I couldn't resist, I had to have it! I also picked up a rather gorgeous new jacket in a sz16, both for the grand total of £10.80. I was rather pleased with those purchases! We finished our afternoon with a visit to our new Costa, which is rather wonderful for people watching as it has enormous floor to ceiling windows, I could have happily stayed there all day, in fact I might just do that later on this week when Hague is working! As it was, we just enjoyed our enormous black coffees before heading back home.

We then headed out again, this time in the car to visit Pets at Home for various pet supplies and onto Tesco to get some free cheese and yogurts courtesy of BzzAgent. I'm not sure the yogurts will be making much of an appearance in the blog though as they were up to 11 syns each...for a yogurt!! The cheeses will certainly be used though! I was starving by the time we came home, and so plans to make a mac n cheese or homity pie were dashed by the fact that I wanted food quickly! So I threw my old standby soup in a pan and 20 minutes later it was ready.

Broccoli, spinach and blue cheese soup, so easy, fry off onions and garlic, throw in frozen broccoli and spinach and top up with stock. Before you blend it throw in 4 blue cheese laughing cow triangles. That's it :) It certainly did the trick and filled me up nicely, although as we'd had quite a slow meander around town, but the time it was eaten it was nearly time for me to head out again and go swimming. I really missed swimming last week due to my stupid shift and couldn't wait to get back into the pool. I got a banana down me as a quick energy boost first.

I really enjoyed my swim, in yet another piece of sz16 clothing, my new swimsuit, and I surpassed my previous best for an hours swim by completing 72 lengths. I'm hoping it won't be long before I can cover 80 lengths in that time which is 2km. Of course, after swimming, I was hugely peckish and as soon as I got in I got started on dinner. That wasn't quick enough for me though and so I had the remainder of my soup as a starter whilst my dinner cooked!

As I'd picked up some vintage Finest Cheddar I had to try some and so it was cheese toasties for dinner. I was going to have chips too, but figured roasted veggies would be quicker. The cheese was just beyond delicious, so full of flavour and exactly what I look for in a really strong Cheddar, I'm glad I picked up two lots! Time is now getting slightly away from me, and after my epic swim I'm in need of a soak in a nice hot bath! I already have snackage ready and waiting for me to enjoy whilst I relax.

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 4 Laughing Cow light blue cheese triangles
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - 30g Cheddar

Graze porridge                         7½
teaspoon of honey                    1

Total syns                                8½

After hitting the grumps yesterday, today has been much better. I'm over the moon with getting into so many sz16 clothes and the comments on the picture on Facebook have been so kind. It's things like that that bring me back down to earth when I'm getting all grumpy tart on you all! I've come a long way. I need to remember that. I also need to remember that I'm not giving up until I get to target regardless of how long it takes so what's the point in whinging eh? There is no point! Whatever tomorrow's weigh in brings, whatever the rest of the year's weigh ins bring, I will keep on my Slimming World journey until I reach 12 stone - or 11 stone, I'm not sure which just yet ;)

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  1. You are a inspiration Karen, I have loved reading your blogs!! I too have a lot of weight to lose and at the start of my slimming world journey, well, a month in, and you write true to your heart going through every emotion a slimmer has. Had to drop you a line to say you look fab in your photo well done you xxx