Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I Give Up!

Okay, I give up. I shall stop trying to work out what the hell my body is playing at. I shall follow Slimming World, I shall go to weigh in and I will accept whatever insanity the scales bestow on me that week. I think that'll be far better for my health, and definitely better for my stress levels!! 

Anyway, before we get to the all important weigh in result, I shall zip back to this morning and fill you in on my day. We both had a terrible night last night. I've decided it was a combination of Hague's cold and having a huge coffee for the first time in ages, I literally just couldn't get settled and was still awake at gone 4am, not great when Hague's alarm went off at just gone 8 :o( At least I had the luxury of going back to sleep. Eventually. The world was very noisy this morning! I probably got another hour or so in before I figured that I really should get up and sort the animals out and get a light breakfast down myself.

Just blueberries and yogurt, washed down with some herbal tea, which is supposed to wake you up. Hague's reaction when he came home for his lunch, telling me to go and have a nap, would suggest that the tea doesn't work all that well.....

Rather than lazing about all day I volunteered to help out Claire in the setting up of my SW group today and so got myself out nice and early, I decided to treat myself to a Costa on the way and spent a while just watching the world go by - a decision I was to regret slightly later. 

With group all set up I got onto the scales, desperately hoping to get my gain of the previous week gone, and maybe, just maybe get the 3½lb loss I needed to drop into those near mythical 14st's....I got 7, yes you read that right, 7lbs gone! I couldn't believe it, genuinely couldn't believe it. As that put me at a loss of 10st 6½lbs, Kerri on the scales told me to try it again, which I did. Same result. Claire (my consultant) then told me to go for a wee and try again. Still the same result. After three attempts on the scales, with the little sods flickering between a weight of 14.9½ and 14.10 before sticking on 14.10 we gave it up as a bad job and I quite happily accepted the 7lbs. Damn you large cup of coffee *shakes fist* I really wasn't disappointed in the slightest, and it hadn't even crossed my mind to try for the extra ½lb.  With such excitement, I settled down to a new job, helping out at weigh in before yet more squee moments when I got this sparkly little beauty.

Here's hoping for another award next week! I had been all sensible and took some snacks into group as well, mainly to stop my stomach disturbing Image Therapy as it normally does.

As I'd walked to group, I also had to walk home, so that was a good 30 minutes of Body Magic under my belt. Might as well get started on Platinum right away eh? I then had a light meal as for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to run to meet Hague when he finished kick boxing rather than sit on the sofa and watch the final of the Great British Bake Off. Again, I shall give up trying to understand myself ;o)

About half an hour or so after I'd eaten (I've made the mistake of running straight after eating before, it's not clever), I headed out, armed with yet another app - this one is called AudioFuel and the music has certain BPM's to get your running at certain speeds. The GPS started out a bit dodgy, but I kept up the running for 30 minutes, and despite the app saying I did 3.12 miles, on further inspection...I didn't. I'll keep going though until I do get under that magical 30 minute mark :o)

With us both weary after our workouts we headed home to dinner. 

Asda meat free burger with some mushrooms, onions and gherkins. After all it wasn't that long since I'd had my cous cous. I put together a quick plate of snackage for dessert, although the peach was manky and so Bayleigh got to enjoy that instead!

The plan was to get our achey bodies into a nice hot bath before bed, but as Hague has found a programme about a lady who has lost 150lbs, has been left with excess skin and has had surgeries, methinks that might be delayed whilst we watch that! 

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
spring onion

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - (both) - 60g wholemeal roll

Activia creamy yogurt                          2½
splash of milk in coffee                         ½
Benefit bar                                          3
Ainsley Harriott Moroccan cous cous  1½
Asda meat free burgers                        2
½ tbsp ketchup                                   ½
½ tbsp mustard                                   ½
Danio blueberry yogurt                       3

Total syns                                           13½

What a mad day. I really can't believe that I had such a huge loss this week. I have had less snacks, and more superfree, so perhaps that's key, or perhaps my body is just insane. My vote is for insanity! I am desperate to get that ½lb next week, and that is all I'm aiming for as I'm out for a lunch with my Mum tomorrow, and I'm not planning to be on plan for that one meal. Hopefully I'll do enough for the rest of the week to get that loss!! 


  1. 7 lbs off is fantastic! Because I've been so naughty lately I came out of the 14's and back into the 15's... I really can't wait to get back there so I'm using you as inspiration. It would have been so easy to say what the hell with an undeserved gain but you didn't and look at the reward you got! Slimming World works in mysterious ways I think!

  2. Hi, Karen, so you were still metabolising that alcohol last week! You certainly look great in your new clothes. Next time you have an alcohol-fuelled event, you could maybe try extra water to drink over the next couple of days, and see whether that makes a difference. I usually have a milk-thistle based herbal tea, (lots around) too, as it is meant to support the liver. They usually have "detox" in the name somewhere. Cheers, Mal

  3. Congratulations on the 7lb loss :) I also returned to the 14st bracket yesterday (only by half a pound tho) but I definitely share your triumph. What was the show Hague found please?

    1. It was on TLC, it wasn't all that great to be honest!