Monday, 14 October 2013

Hens and Halos and Hague

This weekend seems to have been insanely short. After getting in from work on Saturday morning at around 4ish, and then taking Hague to the station at about 8.30, I went back to bed for a bit more sleep. I had a Hen Night to get ready for, and so sleep was essential! 

I finally stirred at about 2, and fortified myself with a couple of coffees before sorting myself out something to eat (and getting all caught up with my blog).

There's a wholemeal roll lurking under the bean/mushroom/egg pile of nom there too. With that eaten I decided to have a lovely soak before getting myself ready. Luckily, the theme was onesies and so the fussing around getting ready was definitely at a minimum - I was still a bit late though as I managed to get lost picking up my SW buddy Saskia, and had to stop to get my cash out. Dressed in my Cheshire Cat onesie. Not my finest moment! Hague found it amusing though when I texted him to tell him!

Eventually, me and Saskia found our way to our meeting place. Saskia had said that she was going to try and stick to diet coke, whilst I said I'd be having measured shots to stay within my syns.....

Our resolve lasted about 5 seconds after walking through the door.

Shots! Eep! Many of them. I also managed to have a couple of decent measures of Amaretto and a Margarita before we headed out. All looking beautifully glamorous.

First stop was a local hotel for an 80's night, and at this point I did go for diet coke, and still managed to have great fun dancing around to cheese-tastic pop. When that finished we heading into Great Yarmouth, where I succumbed to trying the new blueberry Smirnoff, which is gorgeous and eyed up a rather intriguing cocktail menu without indulging. Our final stop was a nightclub, where nothing was drunk, but much dancing was done. Great fun. I haven't had a girlie night in forever and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Mind you, after seeing what's available out there I'm damn glad I have me a Hague that's for sure!!

Me and the Hen, the wonderful Sam from my Slimming World group :) We don't look bad for close to 3am do we? Not long after this, the ladies headed to the kebab shop and hideously angelic me here headed home, kindly accompanied by the lovely Lorraine and her daughter Natalie, to a bowl of cheesey pasta. I even put bloody superfree in it. I sicken myself at times, honestly!

I followed it up with a bargain blueberry yogurt (29p), before wrapping myself up nice and warm to snuggle into bed. Unfortunately for some reason I was struck with a bit of an anxiety attack and didn't manage to nod off until gone 7am, hence me not getting out of bed until 2pm once more. Although it did make a nice change to wake up after a night out feeling perfectly sober and clear headed....I might do this more often ;) I had driven to Sally's house where we met up last night, as I knew I then had to ensure I was up and out to get the car, hence limiting my boozing anyway, a plan that worked rather well, and so I had myself a quick breakfast before wrapping up, setting up MayMyRun (Walk), and getting Ricky Gervais on my podcasts and getting my bum out to pick up the car.....4½ miles away.

I quite enjoyed my walk, with a small detour into M&S which yielded some reduced blueberries and then a pit stop at my friend Shane's for a cuppa (and maybe a teeny dram of whisky to warm me up) before the final stretch to get the car. I covered the 4½ miles in an hour and 18 minutes, so not too bad at all, and that bit of exercise means that week 7 of my Gold Body Magic award is in the bag too!

Just one more week to go! 

Obviously getting home was much quicker as I had the car, and I was rather cold and hungry and so got a rather large saucepan of soup on the go, mushroom and pearl barley today :) 

I sort of doubled the recipe, but this is the single serving version (which still makes a fair amount).

2oz carrots
2oz celery (which I didn't have, so as always, it didn't go in).
4oz mushrooms
2oz onions
650ml stock
1oz pearl barley
tsp mixed herbs
100ml semi-skimmed milk (I just used some from today's allowance, but it's not essential)

Fry off the onions and carrots until softened a bit, then throw everything else in and simmer until the pearl barley has softened, then blitz. I added in the milk at the end, purely as I had milk as one of my HeA's today. 

After my bowl of soup, I went to pick up Hague. As he'd booked each stage of his journey separately this time, he actually got home early, so that's obviously the way forward! Whilst he did himself some curry for dinner, I had more soup, followed by a bowl of pineapple, raspberries and my reduced blueberries topped with an Activia vanilla yogurt. Yummy.

Food nommed it was time for a bath, mainly as it was bloody freezing. We may have actually succumbed and put the heating on for a little while so we had nice warm towels for afterwards. I do love that about winter. Hot towels...I really should have had a plug in towel rail methinks! Anyway, the evening has been whiled away watching many, many episodes of The Ricky Gervais show whilst just having a lovely, relaxing time with Hague :) 

Dinner was late, and heavy on the old chips. Perfect for a late, lazy dinner though and not too many syns partaken in today either in an effort to minimise the damage of last night. 

Dessert was my second 29p blueberry yogurt :) and as a treat I had another of my indulgence Options before bed :) 

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
pearl barley
stock pot
Asda fat free blueberry yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow cheese spread
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

very small measure of whisky                     2
3 Quorn sausages                                      3
Indulgence Options                                    3

Total syns                                                  8

I had planned to go a bit lower on my syns to compensate for Saturday night, but I figured that whilst I had gone over my syns on alcohol, I wouldn't have done too much damage, so I'll try and keep at a reasonable level of syns for the rest of the week, but won't worry myself too much about them. After all, it's not like I'm out boozing every weekend is it? My, how things have changed! Hague and myself were discussing how much our habits have changed over the last 18 months...hideous as it is to admit, we would sometimes forsake buying proper food to last us the week in favour of buying junk food to binge on at the weekends. Shocking state of affairs really, and look where it got us! 

Speaking of change though, how's this for an incredible change? Hague has finally got himself an "After" picture sorted...

Although, personally, I think I prefer this one...

Hubba Hubba, what a lucky girlie I am :) Very lucky, and very, very proud girlie :) Hague, you are amazing, inspirational and your help has been invaluable on this long old journey of mine. I love you x

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