Sunday, 27 October 2013

Grumps Be Gone!

Today, I have been mostly grumpy. I'm sure that comes as no surprise to those of you who follow my blog and who know that what follows on from my lovely week away from work is a week of earlies. Going from a week where I can do what I want to a week when my alarm goes off at 4.30am always upsets me, you'd have thought I'd be used to it by now, but nope. 

I woke up nice and early, mainly due to the extra hour in bed, and just relaxed for an hour before stirring, mainly as I was hungry. My plans for the day were minimal. To pick up a couple of bits I'd bought from local peeps on FB and get some washing done. Nothing too taxing. First task was breakfast though.

Quite minimal for me really. I'm loving the vine tomatoes from Aldi, they are so full of flavour that I think I might have to pick up some more before the week is out! With that eaten I had one of my ponders...I had to pick up some miniature plant pots from Gorleston and I wondered whether I could walk there and back. It was a 9.6 mile round trip though...I got myself ready, and picked up the item from round the corner, and then headed out. I popped in to see Hague and asked what he thought. As the weather was supposed to turn, and it was already really windy I decided not to walk, and so instead spent a rather pleasant 45 minutes or so with Hague - which certainly helped to dismiss the Grumpusses for a while. As I now wasn't going to walk I got in the car and went to pick up the plant pots. However, I had wanted them to put my herbs in, and these were candle holders at best. Rather annoying when I had asked the seller if they were big enough for herb pots and was told they were. Not quite sure what kind of herbs she was thinking of....

That minor annoyance was enough to make the grumps descend again, and so I then went in search of some cheap, proper pots for my poor little herbs. The cheapest I found were in B&Q, and I was too tight to splash out £2.50 each on some pots when money is tight. A bit of a look around the shop led to a discovery of a selection of plants that were slightly past their best shall we say? Poor things were all reduced to £1, but came in some rather pretty, brightly coloured pots. Job done :o)

I am aware that my Coriander has seen better days...but if it still has green bits, it's still fine by me :o)

I also popped to Tesco and picked up some bargains there. Three huge leeks for 50p and some chicken drumsticks for 52p, for Hague of course. Our Tesco now has a self scan thingum, which is fabulous as you just go around and scan the shopping yourself and then pay. Much quicker! I was hoping for some super cheapy bargains, but I was obviously a bit early. I then got myself home, and as I'd been out for ages, sorted myself out a quick lunch too.

150g gnocchi with samphire and leeks, plus my HeA of reduced fat soft cheese. Sorted in less than 10 minutes! I then got busy putting the herbs in their new pots, sorting out some washing, loading the dishwasher, baking some muffins for breakfast tomorrow and watching some Homes Under The Hammer. As I was only putting 100g of blueberries into my mufins (for 3 syns), I nibbled on the remaining 25g whilst I watched the telly.

Before long, Hague was home and he then got busy sorting out dinner. We'd planned a roast anyway, but with me picking up some bargain chicken, he had that instead of Quorn roast. Not a bad thing as that means I'll have some left for another day.

Dinner was aweome. Broccoli cheese (with a ½ tub of LowLow), sprouts, carrots, roasties and a generous portion of the Quorn roast, all topped with a syn free gravy made from a veggie stock pot. So good. Not long after dinner my grumps were banished for good, well for today at least. Finally I shall be meeting with the amazing WeightLossBitch AND seeing my lovely TOK once more, and it's before Christmas, so not long to wait at all! I am SO excited, and SO happy! Certainly cheered me right up, so no more grumpiness today!

Although, there is more food today! The grumps have obviously been replaced by the hungries, as after a watch of Alien, I fancied more noms and so put today this little plate full.

The rolls are from the big, 24 pack of wholemeal freezer rolls from Asda. We picked some up last week for £1 and I grabbed a couple for the first time today, planning on using both my HeB's on them. However, I weighed them, and both of them were only 76g! Fabulous! So for 1½ syns, I could have two rolls, inside is some more of the Quorn roast with a tbsp of Hellmann's extra light mayonnaise. The fruit is a yellow sticker special from Tesco, plum, fig and blackberry. Something a bit different which I topped with the Liberte yogurt. Of course, with a HeB left, I had to have a Xmas Pudding HiFi to round off today's food :o)

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn roast

Healthy Extras
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
A - 60g LowLow
B - 60g wholemeal bread
B - HiFi bar

3 Quorn sausages                          3
150g gnocchi                                 3
milk in coffee (2)                            1
15g wholemeal bread                     1½
tbsp extra light mayo                      ½
Liberte yogurt                                1
Hot chocolate                                2

Total syns                                      12

Time is already skipping away from me, I'll need to be tucked up in bed in an hour or so. I'm on a 12 hour shift tomorrow, although the first 8 hours will be spent training. I know I won't have a fridge available, and I'm pretty sure we'll be supposed to have something from the canteen for breakfast, but as A) I'm too tight to pay for food when I can take some in and B) I want to lose that ½lb this week, I have made sure I've got a breakfast sorted that is full of picky items, such as the blueberry muffins I made earlier, plenty of fruit and Benefit bars. I may not get that loss this week, but if not, it won't be for lack of trying.

As apparently St Jude is on the way to blow us all to kingdom come, I hope you all stay safe tonight. As I survived the hurricane of '87 and the tidal surge of '07 I'm feeling confident that I'll be okay after Jude '13 - famous last words there...I'll probably wake up at 3am with no roof! Fingers crossed that you all come through safe and sound x

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