Saturday, 5 October 2013

Better and Better!

Once again earlies have led to me being far too tired to blog, lots of things have been going on too, so perhaps I shall just focus on the lovely exciting things and just quickly run through the food :)

So, Thursday is where we shall begin, yet another 4.30am start, and yet another weary Karen dragging herself to work half asleep. Work food was thus...

Can you tell we're due to go shopping? Distinct lack of fresh fruit there and as the mango was 5 days out of date it was a tad "fizzy". Still ate it though ;) The Graze box was a strawberry milkshake one, 6 syns worth, but as it had white chocolate discs and lot of lovely dried fruit it was definitely worth it! I had decided that as my C25K adventure is drawing to a close I'd do something a bit different for the last couple of runs, and as it was the penultimate run today I decided to run around a lake close to work rather than pounding the streets of Yarmouth. The run around the lake itself is around 2½ miles, so pretty much ideal for a run for me...

Pretty isn't it? However, I took the decision to run on the road rather than the tracks around the lake, and that seemed to take me away from the lake. I figured it would lead back to where I had parked the car. I was wrong. I ended up heading up a hill (yes a chuffing hill!) which was actually someone's driveway, and so had to back track. Oopsie. That meant that I was still miles from the car when the lovely Laura on the podcast told me my 30 minutes of running was done, what else is a girl to do but keep on running? I've been averaging about 2.6 miles on my runs, but 5K is just a tad over 3 miles, so rather than slow down to a brisk walk I kept on running for an extra 5 minutes. Total distance was 3.13 miles, which is pretty much spot on 5K!!! So I did it, from the start of August to now, I really have done Couch to 5K! 

Rather warm and weary I then headed home and got straight into a bath. After that I had to pick up some truly amazing and beautiful (and totally bargain-a-liscious) boots that I had to have...

Although now I need the matching bag....woe! Of  course, with such beautiful boots to wear, when I got a text asking if I fancied heading out I couldn't refuse. So rather than spend the evening on the sofa whilst Hague was out KickBoxing, I headed out. On a school night. Shocking behaviour! I did stick to the diet cokes though, and only stayed out until 9.30, so not too naughty! As you may have noticed, I hadn't eaten anything since work and so before settling down to bed I had to have something to eat. Not the classiest of meals maybe, but it stopped me waking up hungry :)

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - 2 slices Hovis seed sensations (the last slices so no more dodgy HeB's for me)
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli

Graze strawberry milkshake punnet                    6½
Benefit bar                                                         3
Bear YoYo (1 pack)                                         3
coconut yogurt                                                  2½

Total syns                                                          15

Unsurprisingly I was very tired on Friday. I only had myself to blame after being all hedonistic and staying out until 9.30! Work wasn't overly busy as the lines were running out, and so we fitted in several breaks :)

Once again it's quite clear that we are seriously lacking in fresh fruit in the house with my sorry looking banana and lack of free food!

Luckily we still had salady things in the house, so I could get some free food down me for lunch once I was safely back home.

I had really fancied eggs, and wanted something really quick, so just boiled some up whilst I chopped up the salady bits. It was actually rather nice! I then headed for a quick nap whilst I hoped that work would be called off in the morning.

I woke up after a couple of hours, almost ready to face Asda and Aldi - let's be honest it had got to a desperate situation fruit wise! We got the shopping done with the minimum of fuss and were soon home, with enough fruit to fill 3 fruit bowls!! I had pondered having a quick swim, but as it was already nearing 7pm and we still had to eat, that got postponed in favour of dinner and the unfortunate early night as when I'd rung into work, lines were still running and so officially we were still in.

I tried something a bit different for the burgers. Rather than bread I had them on top of roasted slices of butternut squash. Although I'm a bit of a wally and cut the slices from the wrong end and so they had holes through the middle :)  I could really have blogged last night, but the lazies hit and then I went up to bed, still hoping that my Saturday plans wouldn't be ruined by having to work..

Food Diary (Friday)

Free Food
toasted cous cous
fat free natural yogurt
Activia 0% yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices 
B - 30g All Bran chocolate crunch
B - (split) Benefit bar & Bear YoYo's

Graze Tutti Frutti punnet                 6
Crispy Fries                                   3½
Asda meat free burgers (2)             2
½ tbsp ketchup                              ½
½ tbsp American mustard              ½

Total syns                                      12½

Are you still with me? It's been a bit of a marathon today I'm afraid, I just seem to have so much to catch you all up on! I suppose my day started really when I woke up at 1.50am. Never one to miss an opportunity I rang into work and got the news I was hoping for - no work! So I reset my alarm for 8am and settled back down for more sleep. So why did I set an alarm at all I can hear you ask...well, today is the final day of Couch to 5K. It sounds silly, but I wanted to mark the achievement in some way, and had decided that if I wasn't in work I would join up with the local Park Run and make sure my last run was the full 5K. So I was up bright and early and out on the cliff tops at Gorleston ready for the 9am start along with over 150 other people :)

I had fortified myself with a snack before I started, got to have fuel in the tank after all.

I was nervous about the Park Run. I'm quite a shy person really, and the thought of running with so many other people when up until now my running has been very much a solo affair was a bit nerve-wracking. I shouldn't have worried though, as everyone was helpful and friendly. I moved right to the back, which wasn't a problem, but quite quickly got into my rhythm and just kept on going! I made it right through to the end of the run, even with a hill halfway through. Now I just have to wait for my official result!

After such excitement, and a few tears of pride in the car on the way home, it was bath time. Hijacked once more by Hague before he headed for work. I stayed in a while longer having a lovely hot soak and the breakfast he'd prepared for me for work...

...but had to get out eventually and I then managed to nod off for a couple of hours still wrapped up in my towel. Oops. I had planned to wander into town and meet Hague as he finished work, but it was a bit late by the time I got myself moving and on the outside of some caffeine and a snack.

 However, as Hague had messaged saying he'd head into town after work I figured I could make it to the Elizabethan House in time for him to finish so got myself up and out, and got there just in time for him to finish.

We weren't in town long, just long enough to get some big spuds and my order from New Look as well as the bits Hague wanted so we were back home before long, and one of the spuds was straight in the oven for my lunch. Not before I had tried on my new clothes, all of which fitted!! Sz 16 really does feel good! 

Sometimes you just can't beat a jacket spud :) The main business of the evening could then commence. A whole lot of relaxing, deserved I think! Whilst we watched a bit of TV I got myself some snackage.

Yet more Graze goodies, popcorn this time, as well as some fruit whilst we watched some Jackass. It did distract me quite a lot from the blog I must admit....can't think why ....

I wonder how many syns are in a Bam Margera? :o) With the distractions of Bam, and of a rather naughty conversation on the Big Purple Slimming World Bus I think I'd better retire whilst I am still behaving!

Food Diary (Saturday)

Free Food
toasted cous cous
fat free yogurt
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt
fat free onion and chive cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes 
Kraft fat free Italian dressing

Healthy Extras
A - (both) 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 30g All Bran chocolate crunch
B - 2 Benefit bars

milk in coffee (3)                             1½
Graze lightly salted popcorn             4½
Danio blueberry yogurt                    3

Total syns                                       9

I'm finishing up my day with a little treat of a Danio yogurt before me and my poor, cold-ridden Hague head up to bed.

It's been quite a mind boggling few days really. When I think of the things I've done it really has hit home how much I've changed. 18 months ago I was still recovering from a hideous bout of anxiety and depression, I weighed over 25st and couldn't climb our stairs at home without getting out of breath. My size 32 jeans didn't need a belt and I would have dreaded the thought of even walking up the slope of Gorleston cliffs. Yet here I am, nigh on 10st lighter, running over 3 miles and buying sz16 clothes in a High Street store. I'm nothing special, I am no more determined than anyone else I know, not remarkable in any way, shape or form but with a wee bit of determination, amazing support from so many places and keeping that fire in my belly I really am changing my life completely. It feels amazing!


  1. Oooh that last paragraph made me well up, it really touched me. Your incredible achievement makes me even more determined! AMAZING! xx

  2. I feel the same as Cassasmazza above. It is a huge achievement to change your life so much. You sound fed-up with work at times, are you planning to change career too? Haven't introduced myself, have been looking at SW blogs, as motivation, and am amazed by how well people are doing, and how they do just keep going on. That's the big thing, isn't it, getting back on plan when you've had a break for whatever reason. You seem particularly good at planning for this.
    Cheers, Mal

    1. Thank you, I guess as I'm living it I find it harder to see it as a whole achievement...does that sound odd?
      I think my issue with work is that it doesn't challenge me. The money is good, the work is easy, but there is no real motivation there, I'm a machine minder in a factory, I guess that's why I find other places to find satisfaction, work is relegated down as a means to an end.
      I am of the mindset now that this is how I eat now, so it's not a diet - that's the key for me, so it's easy to just get back on plan after a special occasion.