Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tired Girl Grazes

I didn’t sleep too well last night/today. After my night shift I got home suitably tired and headed straight to bed. As some of you may have noticed Autumn has arrived with a vengeance, but Hague had gone to sleep with the window open and the bedroom was freezing! He’d also wrapped himself up like a cute little caterpillar in the duvet so I had to wrestle with that before I could even attempt to get myself warmed up. Which took forever. Summer duvets and open windows are not a great combination when it’s chilly!
I did, of course, eventually nod off, with just the smallest of awakenings when Hague left for work. I had set my alarm for 2.45pm as a 12 hour shift was looming, but woke up just after 1, feeling utterly knackered and then tried fruitlessly to get back to sleep until after 3, by which time I really did need to get myself up and sorted. I was never going to conjure up a gourmet meal with time and energy against me and I had a wonderfully lazy meal. A tin of Asda SmartPrice vegetable curry and rice. The curry was 54p I think, and for a cheap tin, it wasn’t too bad! If I’d have had more time I’d have bulked it up with lots of lovely superfree veggies too, but the time I had whilst the rice cooked and the curry pinged was spent sorting out my food for work.

 After eating, I headed up for a shower and had a pleasant surprise in the shape of a fleeting visit by Hague. Into the house, not the shower, heads out of the gutter please people ;o) He had popped home quickly to grab something to eat before rushing back out to work. I hadn’t expected to see him at all, so that put a bit of a smile on my face as I dragged myself out of the house to head to work. Damn I was tired. I could quite happily have eaten my dinner and gone back to bed for many more hours, but that’s not how bills get paid unfortunately.
Once again I was surplus to requirements during my bonus four hours and so rather a lot of time was spent in the tea room, eating.

When my shift proper started at 10pm, it was time for my first dinner, a simple pasta salad, yogurt and fruit.

I then proceeded to have several more breaks, and lots more nibbles.

Second dinner was a bit lighter, or it would have been if I didn’t decide to have some crisps too :o)

After putting away a small mountain of food, I didn't have anything else for my remaining breaks, except for liquid refreshment in the shape of water and tea. When I finally escaped I was feeling peckish again and had my second Benefit bar to tide me over whilst I slept. 

I had been pondering heading out for a run or a strength routine, but weariness got the better of me and it was straight to bed (once I'd closed the window and warmed up. Again).

Food Diary (Wednesday)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
sweet potato

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
A - 6 LC extra light triangles
B - 4 Aldi rye crispbreads
B - 2 Benefit bars

Asda Smart Price vegetable curry         1
2 Activia yogurts                                  5
Nakd raisins                                        3½
Crispy Fries                                        3½

Total syns                                          13

A long old day, and I was rather weary whilst at work. Probably why I munched my way through so many snacks! I really have enjoyed having the Nakd raisins this week, I blame WeightLossBitch and TOK for introducing them to me, the cherry ones I had today were just gorgeous. Such a shame you can't have raisins as a HeB really.

Another night shift is on the cards as I write this, but hopefully I'll be a bit more awake for this one! 

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