Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Return Of The Part Time Blogger

Once again I have to start with an apology. I'm awful at blogging when I'm on earlies! Today's blog shall be a bit of a catch up, but I'll try and focus on the interesting bits and bobs that have happened. Not that there are many of them!

Thursday was a 12 hour shift. Never good fun, or very interesting to blog about. Work was hideously hot, reaching 34 degrees quite early on in the day and eventually creeping up to 36 whilst I was there. There was some excitement in the shape of a fire alarm – but seeing as that just delayed my lunch it wasn’t the most welcome of breaks. Oh well. The extra hours were a tedious waste of my time too as we had three people running just one machine….I love it when that happens….

Anyway, the days food looked like this...

My new favourite thing, All Bran chocolate crunch and cous cous for breakfast and the leftover bake thingum for lunch. For some reason, after a long shift in a very hot factory, I decided that I’d head out after work and do my next Couch to 5K run. This may not have been the best idea I’ve ever had as I found the run quite tough. My legs felt heavy and unco-ordinated. My running style felt off as well. I’m putting it down to fatigue though, and will head out on Saturday or Sunday to do my next run. Obviously after squeezing in that run, time was short, and so Hague had dinner waiting for me when I got in. An omelette, with sweet potato chips and a 4 syn treat in the shape of a tbsp of hollandaise sauce.

After that, it was bath and bedtime.

I didn't have the best start to the day on Friday, I woke up, had an extra snooze and headed downstairs ready to quickly grab my breakfast which Hague normally sorts out for me - to find nothing. Not a sausage! He'd forgotten my breakfast :( Luckily, I'd found a tub of risotto buried at the back of the freezer and had put it in the fridge, and so I grabbed that. It was at least an 8 hour shift!

I also had to have the dregs of fruit, as the cupboards were bare! I was shattered when I got home though, the run had really taken it out of me, and so I was ordered to bed for a nap, although I did squeeze lunch in first, an egg on toast with some cherry tomatoes, a picture was taken, but Hague has since wiped his phone. I'm sure you can all visualise it if you try though ;)

After my nap we headed out to get the shopping. As our planned trip to see friends had been postponed, we had re-allocated the spending money to the shopping budget! The cupboards are definitely no longer bare!! I also have yet more running gear and Hague has himself some 32" waist jeans - a huge milestone for him that he is over the moon about! On my part I treated myself to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt....15 months ago I was wearing sz32 jeans and sz28 tops, Friday's purchase was a pair of sz20 skinny jeans and a sz16 t-shirt. Huge difference for both of us. With such excitement whilst out, of course we were hungry when we got back in, and with fresh shopping, dinner was always going to be eclectic.

Hiding under the cheese slices are 3 Quorn  burgers for ½syn each, plus a tbsp of Asda's american squeezy mustard. Asda had the coleslaw mix again too, and so I had some of that too, with chips and mushrooms. Gorgeous! Dessert was another shopping day treat, mango chunks with a coconut Activia yogurt! Not long after that it was bedtime, as Saturday is just another work day on my earlies week :(

So I was out of the house at 5am on Saturday morning, feeling not particularly great, which I put down to general weariness as I just don't get enough sleep on this shift. I knew I'd be there all day, as we had lots of squash to get made and so brought plenty of food with me. I was hugely hungry though, and so had a pretty substantial snack for my first break, blueberries topped with lemon Activia - another winning fruit/yogurt combo as far as I'm concerned. 

Unfortunately, the feeling I thought was hunger remained, and as it became stronger, it became clear it might be nausea. Just in case it was lack of food (as if) I put away a bit more on my next break.

All eating that little lot proved was that it wasn't food that was causing the issue, and the start of some pain in my head and light sensitivity soon made it clear what the problem was, so I downed a migraine tablet and hoped for the best....much as my tablets do make it much, much easier to deal with a migraine, and they do ease the symptoms hugely, they still leave me feeling woozy and sick, and so I had to abandon ship at work and get myself home. Thing is, prior to getting prescribed triptans my migraines would last at least 36 hours, and normally over 48, with a triptan I get a few hours, maybe 4 or 5 of feeling a bit sick and foggy before starting to feel better. The best way for me to get through those hours is to sleep, and so that's what I did, and I woke up in the afternoon not feeling 100%, but certainly a million times better than I would have done without the tablet! 

As I knew I'd be asleep for several hours, I ate my work breakfast quickly before I nodded off to make sure I didn't keep waking up as I was hungry.

I had planned on heading to a local running shop after work to get some advice on some running shoes, but obviously had to come straight home, however, I managed to get there in the end, and got told off for running in shoes with no cushioning and tried on several pairs of shoes for my flat little feet. As payday isn't until Friday, I had to leave without purchasing any......

....until I spoke to Hague and prematurely transferred over some of his wages to allow myself to finally have some proper shoes to run in. And they're gorgeous :) Which is, as I'm sure you'll all agree, the most important thing when purchasing £100 (ouch!) running shoes, right? Although I've now excelled myself in spending my spare cash for the month, with practically all of it gone before payday even arrived. Quite the achievement there methinks ;)

With such excitement, I needed more food and so once again did myself egg on toast. I have a photo this time though.

I'm sure you can tell we've been shopping with that bowl of berries for afters :) I was inspired by a post about Spanish chicken to throw something in the slow cooker after I'd eaten and then decided to rid my head of the last bits of woozy fog by heading out for my Couch to 5K run. In my new shoes of course! I was under strict instructions to stay to well lit areas though, as it was heading close to 9pm by the time I felt well enough to head out. Of course, I did so, I may be a numpty at times, but I'm not silly, and I loved running in the new shoes. It really highlighted how having the right shoes can make such a difference. My whole running technique felt better, more fluid and the run felt easier - not bad when I did two 10 minute runs separated by a mere 3 minute recovery walk. That run also marked the last of the interval runs, from now on in it's all one long run.....scarey!

The Spanish "chicken" concoction, which ended up being a Quorn steak strips concoction as we had forgotten Quorn chunks turned out quite well though. I'd mixed in plenty of red peppers, red onion, mushrooms, sweet potato and paella rice, along with stock, paprika, cumin and mixed herbs. Once it was cooked I topped it with 7 black olives and my HeA of Feta, absolutely gorgeous!

Plus, as slow cookers are magic and seem to multiple food by at least two, I have plenty left for another portion for work next week. Dessert was super simple, just a Muller dessert before I headed  for a bath and bed.

If you're still with me, we're finally up to date ;) I can hear your sighs of relief from here! Hague had to work today, and I had got myself a nice busy day planned. Visiting him at work, heading along to the Maritime Festival along the Quay just around the corner from us, maybe popping into town and getting some leaflets delivered for my Consultant. I decided to get up when Hague left for work and actually managed to stay awake once he'd said goodbye....I didn't quite manage to leave the bed though, and watched a couple of episodes of Celebrity Masterchef before deciding to leave my cosy bed. If it wasn't for hunger, I may not have moved at all ;)

A huge brunch to start off my busy day....although the sofa had obviously conspired with my bed to keep me from moving much at all. When TOK informed me that someone had posted on my Facebook status the winner of Celebrity Masterchef that was all the excuse I needed to hunker down and plough my way through the rest of the series....time passed...the Maritime Festival finished, the shops closed and so had the museum Hague worked at....all whilst I watched the highs and lows of Janet, Les and Ade, and ate. A lot.

It was only a couple of hours after that rather large breakfast that I decided I needed more to eat and put together this little plate of noms, which included some of the Nakd raisins that both WeightLossBitch and TOK are enjoying at the moment, a thumbs up from me too, as it's a nice change and 3½ syns well spent for me.

Lunch was a bit of a thrown together affair. Pasta with Green is what it shall be christened, as I cooked off spring onion, garlic, strips of courgette, spinach and asparagus whilst the spaghetti cooked then stirred through some blue cheese triangles, I also splashed in some lemon juice too and topped with black pepper. Perhaps it should be Green and Blue pasta? A bit more liquid needed maybe, but it tasted nice. Suitably fuelled, and at last aware of who won Masterchef, I finally got my arse off the sofa and out delivering leaflets - although it wasn't overly productive as most of the building are B&B's in the roads I picked up....still, it got me out, albeit very briefly O.O

As is often the case after a migraine, I have still felt quite tired today, and so when Hague got home I felt the need for a nap, Mr Hague was also rather weary and so we both headed up to bed. No harm done though as he isn't working at all tomorrow, and I'm on nights, so the nap was a brilliant idea to get me into night mode, and that's the only reason I had one. Honest.

Once we were up, the sofa claimed us. Hague watching his MMA DVD's, whilst I nattered away to TOK. I got through several coffees whilst pondering my final meal of the day, as I really had no idea what I fancied. Each thought that crossed my mind was thwarted in some way. Big Mac in a bowl? No gherkins. Cheesey chips? I've already had chips today. Nothing was grabbing me, but in the end I went for pizza.

SW friendly of course, using a Warburtons thin and my HeB of cheese! I may indulge in some fruit later, but chances are I'm done for the day.....but with a hungry day upon me, who knows!

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
baked beans
cherry tomatoes
Activia 0% yogurt
spring onion
coleslaw mix

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 30g Cheddar

2 Quorn sausages                        2
Nakd raisins                                3½
Warburtons thin                           5
2 tbsp Hellmans extra light mayo  1

Total syns                                    11½

A rather uneventful few days in the life of the Slimming World Files there I'm afraid, apart from the highs and lows of migraines and new shoes! Next week brings with it a week of nights, thank goodness, with only one 12 hour shift to get through as well. I really do feel like I've needed a very lazy day today, as the triptans seem to deal with most of my migraine symptoms, but leave some behind, especially the spaced sicky feeling. I can live with that though!  Hopefully I shall get more regular blogs up for you next week, I do hate letting you all down!


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