Sunday, 15 September 2013

Short and Sweet

I'm afraid today's blog will be a short one. I have a huge attack of the lazies and I just want to sit. A lot. With not a thought passing through my tired little brain - but I have to update you with my daily noms, and that I shall :)

Thursday's noms were nothing too exciting, standard work food really...

A nice bowl of gnocchi, followed by grapes in the bath after my Couch to 5K. The pasta was nommed up after work, as I was starving! 

Friday was a bonus day, the 13th definitely wasn't unlucky for me as I didn't have to go into work! Yay! So food-wise things were a bit different...

Good diet food there eh? For some reason I also decided against being lazy and we went for a swim at 8pm. On a Friday night. Rock n Roll lifestyle here eh? Friday did have another, rather wonderful highlight. It's an odd thing to admit, but I spent a good, solid five minutes laughing at a catalogue...yes indeed. Proper, full on giggling. Why you may ask?

Take a look at these priceless beauties on offer from Studio :)

Only £39.95 each. Bargain...

For Saturday I had made lots of plans, inspired by TOK I was going to get busy sorting out the spare rooms, pick up my parcel, get myself into town to look for some many many plans thwarted by me not getting my arse out of bed until 2pm. I think the phrase is oops. So I pretty much only had time to head to the Out There festival and enjoy the weirdness of that before heading home, and then out again shopping. Sports Direct beckoned for the eclectic mix of running socks and a new swimsuit, whilst Hague bought himself some running shoes and boxing gloves. What a fabulous outfit we had between us :)

Food wise, Saturday was like this...

Breakfast was quick, as I wanted to get out, and dinner/lunch was a bit much, but I was rather peckish. The rolls are the small wholemeal ones from Asda - 70g for both, so a HeB plus a syn, not too shabby at all. I also had veggie bacon in the burgers as it was on clearance in Asda, just 75p for the box, and 1½ syns per rasher.

Onto today then, when I actually did get my bum out of bed nice and early. Rather a foolish thing to do though really as I'm on nights next week...never mind. It did mean I could get a decent breakfast down me though, and then got myself into town at a reasonable time.

More veggie bacon (I'm not overly convinced about it though) along with Quorn sausages, eggs, mushrooms and chips. With that eaten I headed into town on a fruitless mission to find some clothes as after yet another wardrobe clear out yesterday the cupboards are definitely getting bare! Unfortunately nothing at all tickled my fancy and so I was just armed with a couple of packs of toasted couscous when I headed to the Out There festival again. Once again me and Shane spent a lot of time drinking coffee, and rather less time watching the rather damp performances, although my favourite was definitely the butchers...

They made cuddle sausages from soft toys which were all cuddled out, and then kindly handed out the chopped off limbs and heads on sticks to small children. Wonderful :) Pickled Barbie anyone? Unfortunately the rain cancelled a lot of the performances and so we headed to the Elizabethan house museum to see us a Hague and had a wander around to boot.

By the time the museum shut, I was starving and so Shane headed back into town, Hague finished up at work and I headed home to feed myself a huge bowl of noms.

A veritable cheese feast there, with a whole tub of LowLow mixed in with pasta, courgette, cherry tomatoes, peppers and spring onion, along with another veggie clearance bargain from Asda, frozen hot dogs for 25p a pack! Very tasty they were too.

Far too soon after my lunch I headed out for my Couch to 5K run. I normally leave at least an hour, but as it was looking really rainy I went out a bit earlier, and struggled a bit, mainly with feeling rather sick due to the stomach full of pasta. I still finished my run though, so that's two runs of week seven done and dusted now. Just seven more runs and I will have graduated! One hell of an achievement for me when I get there! Of course, after my run, it was bath and snackage time (although I didn't eat the raisins).

Once out of the bath, I spent my evening chattering away to TOK whilst Hague watched his MMA DVD's. I managed to squeeze in another meal though, even though I had no idea what I wanted to eat, I just knew I was hungry.

Big Mac in a bowl it was then, minimal effort for a very lazy Sunday evening.

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
spring onion
Quorn mince

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk, as apparently if you order a black coffee in the Great Yarmouth subway it comes with milk....
A - 3 Asda lighter cheese slices
B - (both) 60g LowLow cheese spread

2 rashers Asda veggie bacon                 3
2 Quorn sausages                                 2
2 Asda veggie hotdogs                          2
2 tbsp Kraft thousand island dressing     2
1 tbsp Asda American mustard             1

Total syns                                             10

This weekend has flown by, it seems to have passed like lightning despite being 3 days long. Strange how that happens isn't it? 

I think swimming may become a more regular thing now though, especially as I splashed out a whole £7 on a new swimsuit - you literally do have to buy a whole new bloody wardrobe when you lose weight...

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