Monday, 23 September 2013

Oh The Cheese!

I've always said that live is for living, and at times that means heading off plan. I think the trick to this is knowing that you are able to scramble back on the Slimming World bus as soon as the weekend is over.

This weekend we have spent a few days with friends down in London. We were on plan until we left home - and back on plan when we arrived back home this afternoon. It works for us :o) Any gains will be taken on the chin, and the fact that we've had a fabulous weekend will more than make up for them.

So what passed my lips on this very naughty weekend?

An on plan (but annoyingly sideways) breakfast on Friday morning, with both my HeB's in the form of rolls and some synnage for the bacon and sausages. After that it all descended into naughtiness, starting with a sandwich at lunchtime as I'd decided on a nap rather than eating before going to pick up Hague.

When we reached our friends, we descended even further into synnage, with much, much alcohol and a Chinese for dinner :o)

I was a tad fragile on Sunday, but we made it out for a late lunch at a gorgeous pub in Hackney Village. Risotto is something I love on Slimming World, tasty and filling and so easy to make syn free. I don't think this one was syn free. The bread, butter and olives that precluded it definitely weren't either!

This risotto was probably as far from Slimming World friendly as it's possible to get, it was so creamy and cheesey - it tasted amazing though! We headed back to the flat, via Tesco for some picky bits for dinner, and I was hit by some horrible dizziness. I'm really not sure what caused it, but I had myself a nap in the afternoon before our dinner. Which I didn't get a picture of, but as it included baked Camembert, crackers, bread, olives, and various other delicious little picky things it was once again hugely off plan! The evening ended with a viewing of the new Dredd film which was awesome, but I had to head to bed as I was really suffering. Perhaps I'm coming out in sympathy for my poor TOK?

After going to bed at 10pm, I of course woke up stupidly early, at 5.30 and although I tried to get back to sleep I failed miserably and so enjoyed a large glass of orange juice and a quiet read whilst I waited for everyone else to stir. We decided to head home nice and early to get back for the animals, but thought we might as well put another nail in our weekend Slimming World coffin with a stop at Little Chef for breakfast.

Syn wise, I'd like to kid myself that the breakfast wasn't so bad, there's no oil on the eggs or the veggies, baked beans are free and the cremated sausage was probably only a couple of syns. I'm sure there are close to a days syns on that plate, but overall not as bad as I would have thought. Although apparently it does contain 1037 calories.... Anyway, with that eaten, we finished up the last leg of our journey and with it got ourselves back on the Slimming World bus.

As it was so early we decided to head into town, a bit of walking will obviously negate all that food right? Hague treated himself to a t-shirt and I treated myself to a 6 month swimming pass. Nothing else really caught our fancy though and so after a quick (syn free) Starbucks we headed home.

Lunch was then required, and pasta was on the menu. Hague had his bolognaise style, but I needed cheese and came up with this beauty.

Just a tub of LowLow with some roasted red peppers. Was delicious though, and it felt good to be back on plan. As I was still a bit weary I headed up for another nap after my lunch and woke up feeling a bit more refreshed, in fact I was refreshed enough to head out to use my shiny new swimming pass and managed a whole hour of swimming, packing in 65 lengths, as opposed to most of the other people in the pool who seem to think that swimming consists of standing at one end of the pool and makes me wonder if they go home after their "swim" and treat themselves to a takeaway as they've had some exercise! Why would you pay to stand about in your swimsuit and chat? The mind boggles.

The swim has rather knackered me out, but I still managed to get some dinner in. As I had both HeB's to have I went with a rather decadent 60g portion of the All Bran chocolate crunch with toasted cous cous, yogurt, banana, plums and a tbsp of honey. Sweet, naughty tasting and lush! Perfect to set me up for bed.

I guess I'll skip food diaries for the weekend, as syn levels have been smashed and I think I might have had my cheese allowance for the rest of the year over the last couple of days - but - we had a fabulous weekend of catching up with old friends, just chilling, relaxing and enjoying good food and good company. Life.....very much for living and enjoying as far as I'm concerned!

Back on the bus for me now - I'll worry about the scales tomorrow, do we think another swim will melt all that cheese away? ;o)


  1. Great blog, I've got some dinner with friends coming up, so it gives me hope I can scoff off plan food and then get right back on the SW plan. Best thing is that you do not do guilt and that's fantastic! We should never feel guilty for enjoying ourselves, life is too short. x

    1. I don't feel guilty in the slightest. I think you have to be realistic when you're on a long journey and if someone said to me I can't eat anything off plan at all until I'm at target, it just wouldn't work. For me, the key is seeing this as a way of life, I plan on eating the Slimming World way for good, as it's a "normal" healthy way of eating. "Normal" people don't feel guilty for enjoying a weekend away or a meal out, so why should we eh? As long as you can get back on plan, there's no real harm done is there?