Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Monday of Much Food!

After possibly the laziest day ever yesterday (Sunday), how else to start my working week than with many, many hours in bed? I love night shifts!
I finally stirred just before 3pm and got myself comfy on the sofa. I had already decided that I’d give a new podcast a go today, but first things first. Coffee, lots of it! I then asked Hague very nicely if he’d make my breakfast, and because he’s wonderful he obliged with this plate of deliciousness.

Which I then followed up with some fruit.

Fortified with yet another coffee, I decided it was time to give the new podcast a go. This one is called Strength and Flex, and as you’d expect from the title, it promises to help improve your strength and flexibility. For your Gold Body Magic award, you need to complete at least two strength exercises per week, and so I figured this would fit the bill perfectly. You can do the podcast inside or out, but I decided to head out – I much prefer getting my exercise with a side order of fresh air. As it’s now getting close to mid-September, that opinion may change quite quickly!
As I knew I’d need walls, railings and benches for the workout, I headed down to the seafront and went through the routine. It all sounded simple enough, but I certainly knew I’d been exercising when I was done! When I got back indoors I got started on my dinner, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, and I’m afraid I went for something rather mundane but filling. Pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce.

I got in a few snuggles with Hague on the sofa before work beckoned, and a quick shower and change and I was out the door. Before I’d left, I’d had a sneaky little look at my roster, as I’d rather enjoyed working two weeks of nights on the last rotation. When I got into work I was with someone who was rostered to work nights next week instead of our usual shift, and as he is more “normal” than me, he prefers to work the late shift and so I’ve got myself another two weeks of nights to look forward to. Excellent!

Work food looked rather like this.

Including what could possibly be the most orange snack even, even the tea was orange, lemon and lime flavour. Especially as I was wearing the brightest orange top in the universe tonight as well :o)

With work over and done with, and not a bad shift at all, with a pleasant temperature and the time whizzing by it was soon time to head home. Not to bed though, not this new and improved Karen type person, no. It was home to a quick change (I need to become WonderWoman methinks) and then out again for the last run of week 6 of Couch to 5K. Another scary one, just the one run of 25 minutes. Eeek (again).

However, I managed it - just. It was hard going and my poor little legs and feet really felt it. I didn't stop though, and at the end of the podcast Laura told me I could now call myself a runner! Yay! I celebrated with a cuppa and a Benefit bar in a much needed bath before heading off to bed. (I didn't eat the banana).

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
chopped tomatoes
red onion
tomato puree
cherry tomatoes
Kraft fat free Italian dressing

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
B - 2 Benefit Bars
B - 4 Aldi rye crispbreads

milk in coffee (3)                      1½
Bear yoyo's                             3
Activia creamy yogurt              2½
Nakd raisins                            3½

Total syns                                10½

Tons of free food today, and a huge achievement for me with my 25 minute run. I do sometimes look at myself and am astonished at just how far I've come in a relatively short amount of time. I really am changing myself, wholesale, for the better. Slimming World really does change lives, it's certainly changed mine, that's for sure! 

Today, I've had a few messages from old school friends, and some FB friends saying that I have inspired them to join Slimming World. It makes me so happy that my success with the plan is now spurring on others to change themselves and get the body they've always wanted. YOU can do it, you can....no, you really can! If I can, anyone can, and if you fancy giving it a go, you have no excuse this week, you can join for free with this weeks Woman magazine. Go and buy it and get yourself signed up :)

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