Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Generic Work Day

I think the word of the day is bleh really. The only things of note to happen were annoyances and I have nothing too exciting to report I'm afraid, but here I am, blogging away regardless :)

The day didn't start very well - I opened my garage door to the joyful sight of my exit being blocked by two large vans. The inconsiderate nature of my neighbours really shouldn't surprise me as this happens all too bloody often, but when it happens at 5am it's all the more annoying. Luckily my rather loud and whingy phone calls first to work to inform them I'd be late and then to Norfolk Police to report the blocking of a right of way obviously stirred Mr Considerate and he came out to move his truck with a blunt "sorry". He then got a wee bit upset when I started to have a go about his ignorant parking - sorry just doesn't cut it at 5am when you're trying to get to work I'm afraid. Especially when the person he's visiting has a space at the front of his house......Grrrr.....

So work started about 10 minutes late for me, and soon settled into the usual vein of machines playing up and my feet aching with the constant walking. I did actually mix up my food a wee bit today, no banana and Benefit bar for my first break, and a totally new breakfast :)

Okay, so there was a Benefit bar, but no banana ;o)

Breakfast was lush, a TOK inspired creation that was wonderfully filling. Some toasted couscous, which I had soaked last night, mixed with an Activia creamy Banoffee yogurt, a banana and a HeB of All Bran chocolate crunch. SO good! This will become a firm favourite methinks.

Breakfast may have been filling, but a stupidly hot factory (34 degrees today), and rushing around made me work up an appetite again by the time my last break came around and so crisps and my other Benefit bar it was.

With work finally over, I could head home, with nearly 6 miles of walking under my belt just from work. I walked through the door to a lovely surprise, a Hague on the sofa as he'd taken the last lunch :o) It was a mere few minutes but it was good to see him regardless. With him gone I set to working on my lunch, which I had planned on being egg and chips. That was thwarted slightly by us not having any potatoes, I'm not quite sure how that's happened, and so it was time for inventing once more, and this was the twist on egg and chips I came up with.

Roasted salad potatoes topped with cottage cheese, some Linda McCartney sausages with some salad and veggies topped with two poached eggs - which I managed to overcook. Still, despite having no lovely, runny yolk, it was rather a tasty lunch and fuelled my viewing of a bit of Jessie, followed up with The Great British Bake-Off. Food Porn at it's finest, I'm sure you'll agree! Much as I feel in control of food now, I'm pretty sure I could have eaten every single last petit four the bakers created last night, and enjoyed every synful mouthful!

With much drooling over and done with, it was time for exercise. No jogging today as it's my rest day but as Gold needs some strength exercises, it was my 15 minute crunchy/curly/lifty type routine that I completed. Of course, after activity my mind once more turned to food. As I had pondered moussaka, but had no potatoes, I had to re-think and created a kind of bolognese/macaroni cheese hybrid.

All I did was fry off some veggies, mushrooms, courgettes, onions, garlic and cherry tomatoes, added in some Quorn mince, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree and put it in an ovenproof dish. I then topped it with a tin of the Asda smart price macaroni cheese and topped with Cheddar. In the oven for 25 minutes and it was done, enough for tonight, and another helping for tomorrow's 12 hour shift at work! I followed it up with one of the Muller fudgey desserts.

Unfortunately, with a 12 looming tomorrow, and Sweaty Betty here in need of a bath, it's time for me to sign off and get myself  bathed and into bed. Earlies really are a stunning week for excitement in this house aren't they?

Food Diary

Free Food
cous cous
cherry tomatoes
LM sausages
fat free cottage cheese
Quorn mince
chopped tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 30g All Bran chocolate crunch

Activia creamy yogurt                                     2½
Crispy Fries                                                    3½
½ tin Asda smart price macaroni cheese          1½
Muller fudge dessert                                       5

Total syns                                                      12½

I shall leave you with a rather scary thought that was pointed out to me today by the lovely TOK. I'm sure many of you read both her blog, and that of the wonderful WeightLossBitch. Well, with our weight losses this week, me and WLB have now lost me, pre Slimming World between us. I was utterly gobsmacked with TOK pointed this out, and to be honest, I'm still a bit "Oh My God" about it! 

The loss of two ladies, doing nothing more than following Slimming World, is equivalent to this....

Madness, but also proof that just making healthier choices really does work :o)

Night night x

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  1. A very inspiring blog today! As always x