Sunday, 29 September 2013

Full of Beans

After not such an early night after yapping away to a drunken friend for an hour or two, I got a decent night's sleep and got myself out of bed at a reasonable time - got to get ready for the dreaded alarm clock tomorrow after all. I had really, really decided on a rest day and the cat's seemed happy with that decision.

Alas, they had to be shifted so I could be fed, they weren't too happy with that though! I made the most of my last day off by having yet another cooked breakfast.

Utterly delicious. I'd picked up the vine tomatoes for the bean thingum I was going to make yesterday so figured it wouldn't hurt to nab some for breakfast. It set me up nicely for my day of sitting on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me covered in cats. Somewhat inspired by the cooking on the television I decided to have the Greek beans for lunch. A teeny bit more faffy than my usual fare, but hey, it's Sunday, it's not like I had much else to do, and it's not really that much effort, just some chopping :o)

It was SO good. Are you allowed to say that about your own food? Totally worth the stroll into town to pick up the fresh herbs, and I'll be doing it again as it was so full of flavour, so as quite a few people have asked me for the recipe today, here goes....

Oven Cooked Greek Style Butter Beans

onion (I used two teeny ones)
celery (two stalks for me)
tomatoes (I roasted off 4 vine tomatoes and threw in a tin of chopped toms too)
tomato puree (big squeeze)
carrots (3 skinny ones)
garlic (about a tsp of lazy garlic)
tin of butterbeans (drained and rinsed)
tsp paprika
½tsp sweetener
veggie stock pot
fresh dill and parsley (about a handful of each)

Okay, I chopped up the onion and celery and softened them with some garlic in a large pan. When they were soft I threw in everything else and gave it all a good stir. I then put it into the oven for 40 minutes. Hmmm not really a faff at all is it? 
Once it was cooked I dished up about half for my lunch, topped with a bit more of the dill and parsley, my HeA of Feta and a ½ teaspoon of olive oil, as the original recipe had called for a ton of olive oil to soften all the veggies in, which obviously I couldn't do, but I wanted a hint of that flavour. It really was lovely, totally worth a go. I followed it up with a lovely fresh dessert of pineapple whilst I watched yet more Come Dine With Me.

The lazy fail then struck again. I just needed to do...something...It's really not that long ago at all that I could have happily sat on the sofa all day long, but I headed out for a swim instead. Not the best swim ever, silly me thought that very small children might be at home at 6pm on a school night, but no, the pool was still full of them. Luckily there were some lanes for the adult swimmers and I managed to bag myself one and got half an hours swimming done before heading back home to find out the latest instalment of Hague's train woe. The last 4 times he's been heading home from Barnsley, he's been delayed. Every time it's been the East Coast Trains part of the journey, and today was no exception. The other two train companies that he uses have been very helpful this weekend on Twitter, responding to queries about the delays and generally giving a good customer service show - not East Coast, they've responded to one tweet all day. Nothing since I asked them if they thought 4 delays on 4 journeys was good enough.....It's so frustrating, I have to get up at 4.30am, Hague has work tomorrow and now he won't be home until about 9.30 through not fault of his own. Supposedly you get compensated when your train is delayed for longer than an hour, so far despite 4 claims going in we've had feck all. What fabulous customer service you have East Coast, I hope you're proud.....

Anyway, that all meant that I had a bit more time to kill before Hague got home, and so I set to sorting out dinner before I squeezed in another CDWM.

Simple pasta, with veggies and some reduced fat soft cheese and Stilton stirred through, followed with another dessert, this time another of my rhubarb yogurt discoveries, this one from Activia, and also gorgeous :o)

The cats still aren't wandering very far....

Food Diary

Free Food
Greek butterbeans (with all the things in that I typed out up there and can't be bothered to type out again)
spring onions

Healthy Extras
A - 45g Feta
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 2 slices of Hovis seed sensations (as I've said previously, I'm not entirely sure this is a HeB)
B - 30g Stilton

100ml semi-skimmed milk                       2½
2 Quorn sausages                                   2
½ tsp olive oil                                         1
25g reduced fat soft cheese                     2
Activia 0% rhubarb yogurt                      ½
Benefit Bar                                            3

Total syns                                              11

No photo of the Benefit bar as I've only just decided that I need one :o) I shall bid you all a farewell now, as Hague shall be finally arriving home in about 20 minutes, and about 2 minutes after I get in I'll be heading to bed. I've had such a fab week off that I'm really not looking forward to work tomorrow *sigh* I really do need a lottery win, mind you, it's not like I'll laze about all day anymore is it??

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