Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bounce! Squee! Glee!

I'm breaking the habit of a lifetime today. Normally when I'm on nights, you'll get a blog about the day before, so this one would be all about Monday, leaving you on tenterhooks on the result of today's weigh in at group until tomorrow.....

Balls to that today though, as I got this, and I'm so happy I could bounce all night long, and I may have had a few tears too since I got home. Damn it all, I'm proud of myself :o)

I lost another 2lbs this week, taking my total loss to 10 stone and ½lb in total. I felt very determined when I walked into Claire's group on June 12th last year, but to actually reach such a huge milestone has overwhelmed me slightly. I really am getting there, and I'm 1lb away from my lowest adult weight as I reached 15st 1lb last time I lost a significant amount on Slimming World. I'm SO chuffed I could fly!

Anyway....I ate this sort of food yesterday too ....

For some reason I really fancied the rather summery meal of a jacket spud with salad, and the rest is standard work fare really. Plus of course my bath time plate of noms for after my Couch to 5K run. Yep, I'm still doing that too! This was final run of Week 7, 25 minutes of solid running, and now I have just two more weeks, six more runs to do. How quickly has that gone? Maybe it's not coincidence that I've been running for 7 weeks and have now lost for that many weeks on the trot....nice, steady, sensible losses too. Perhaps there's something in this healthy eating and exercise eh? ;o)

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes
Kraft fat free Italian dressing
Quorn ham

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
B - 2 Benefit bar
B - 4 Aldi rye crispbread

Milk in coffee (3)                        1½
Activia yogurt                             2½
Crispy Fries                               3½
Nakd Raisins                              3½

Total syns                                  11 syns

I feel so weird today - this has been an award that's been shimmering ahead of me like a star, something to aim for before target, the Big One before the actual Big One of hitting target if you like, and now I'm here. I've lost double digits, I've lost nearly the weight I want to actually get down to. It's blown my mind a wee bit, and so I hope you all don't mind me getting a tad over excited about it all!

Just annoying that now I have to head to work rather than celebrate! 

Thank you so much to you all for reading, commenting and in your own way supporting me on this journey xx


  1. Hundreds and thousands of congratulations Karen! You are amazing :)

  2. Karen you are beyond awesome! Well done, you deserve it so much xxx

  3. Amazing!....well done:)

  4. I am mega chuffed for you :0) you have done so well and are still an inspiration for me. Since following you, you have given me a kick up the bum and i have now managed to get back to my eight stone award. Although i only did the 1st week of the couch to 5k, i decided exercise was going to get my weight loses going again and now i exercise 5 times a week from about once a week. A mixture of zumba toning and fitness classes with pilates and turbojam seems to be working :0) Anyway give yourself a big pat on the back you've worked really hard and deserve it xx

  5. Fantastic, you so deserve it, you really are a great inspiration to lots of people me included!! xx

  6. Yay! Well done :o) I love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration, so much so that I rejoined SW last night xx

  7. That's amazing well done! Do you have any before and after photos?! x