Wednesday, 11 September 2013

About A Boy

Once upon a time, I met a man called Hague. When we met, we looked a bit like this….

Over the years we haven’t had it easy, in fact drama has found a home with us in most ways possible in the 5 years we’ve been together, and both us seemed to have found comfort in food, to the point where we were both quite miserable about our weight, amongst other things. On our summer holiday in 2011 we looked like this…

It took me several more months – 10 in fact, before my head was in the right place to lose some weight and I headed to my Slimming World group where all the wonderful members and Claire, my Consultant got me well on my way. In January of this year, my man decided to join up too. He felt awful about how he looked and felt and wanted to get back to his “fighting weight” when he was all young and fit. He set a target to lose six stone and away he went. Since January he has barely wavered from plan. He’s enjoyed huge, hearty meals full of Man Food and has renewed his love of exercise. Today, he lost 7lbs and smashed through his target by 3lbs.

 I can’t put into words just how proud I am of him. He heads up to Barnsley to see his boys about once a fortnight, staying with his Mum, and having fun out and about with his boys, and he stays on plan. He has worked long, long hours during the summer, and he has stayed on plan. Even when we have had a rare night of drinking, he’s been straight back on plan afterwards. His willpower and determination has been stunning and now he’s hit target with a bang! Hague….I love you, and I am so very, very proud of everything you have achieved this year, not just your weight loss. I’m a very lucky girl.

With such soppiness to get us started, I shall head straight into the diary of my (not quite as exciting as Hague’s) day. I woke up feeling rather tired, and wanting to snuggle up under the duvet for several more hours, but Tuesday is weigh in day and so eventually I dragged my bum out of bed, into some clothes and we headed out. As you might have gathered, it went quite well for Hague. I didn’t do too shabbily either, with a 2lb loss, which now marks 5 weeks straight of losing, something I thought would never happen again! Yay for small consistent losses! That loss puts me just 1½lbs away from my next award. The Big One, a double digiter! I’m certainly going to do my best to get that bad boy under my belt in 7 days! After weigh in, my mind turned to dinner – well, to be honest, my stomach had already decided it was dinner time about half way through Image Therapy as it applauded along with my hands to everyone’s progress! Just for a change I didn’t know what I fancied and so threw together something cheesey.

A small butternut squash roasted and then topped with a mix of Asda smart price macaroni cheese, red pepper and onion. And cheese. Lots and lots of reduced fat cheese. Both my HeA’s in fact. Nom.

I barely had time to relay the awesome news about Hague all over the t’interwebz before it was time to head to work once more.

As always I was fully loaded up with snackage, and the leftovers from my Spanish chicken/steak strips concoction made an appearance for my dinner, as well as a bit of a mix up of HeB’s with little Graze pack of pistachios being a perfect size for my healthy extra as it contained exactly 28 nuts. I thoroughly enjoyed them too, with having to open up the shells it made them seem like they lasted forever, very satisfying, so I might have to treat myself more often.

Plenty of breaks were had in a factory which was, quite frankly, lovely and comfortable as with all this horrible weather descending upon us it's dropped about 10 degrees in temperature since last week. This makes everything much better. Add in the fact that I'm working with someone who always makes me chuckle and grin, and the fact that the machines seem to be on their best behaviour and it wasn't a bad shift at all. Was still rather pleased to be escaping though, and bar a quick fuel stop on the way home it was pretty much straight to bed for me!

Food Diary (Tuesday)

Free Food
butternut squash
red pepper
red onion
Quorn rice thingum

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 28 pistachios
B - (split) Benefit bar and a pack of 2 Bear yoyo's


Asda smart price macaroni cheese                3
milk in coffee (1)                                          ½
Activia caramel yogurt                                 2½

Total syns                                                    6

What a truly amazing day. It was so unexpected for Hague to hit his target that he was still shell-shocked when I was at work. Hopefully it will sink in for him now that he's overcome the first hurdle and got to target - now comes maintaining and his aim to get all toned. Can't say his gun show is looking to bad at the moment though. Yummy :)

Hague, I love ya, you are bloody amazing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. love this blog today and love hague he is awesome x

  2. Congratulations Hague at reaching Target, you are both inspirational. xx

  3. I am thrilled for him - and you - you have done so well, You really inspire everyone.

  4. aww that is truely amazing, hague must be beaming with happiness right now. You are both such an inspiration. who knows one day Im hoping we see you both in the sw magazine :-)

  5. What a great achievment, you both must be so proud, well done Hague!!

  6. wow...was in gt yarmouth yesterday and thought about you both. i drove past asda and aldi and thought how many times we have read blogs with both shops mentioned. (assuming they are the ones just off north quay) Well done hague and well done karen. lovely to see how well you have both done...x

  7. Well done Hague- he looks amazing!