Monday, 30 September 2013

A Monday of Awesome??

It may have ended up quite awesome, but my Monday on earlies never starts off that way. The alarm went off at 4.25 and I really, really, REALLY didn't want to go in. Alas, that isn't an option and so I got myself into work and my 3 week rotation began once more.

To be honest, today wasn't too bad. I like the guy I'm working with and even though the start up was a minor comedy of errors, with lots of silly things happening, we managed to laugh our way through the issues and so the day didn't go too badly. Plus I had TOK on email which is always a thing made of awesome. Many breaks were had, and food wise, work shaped up like this...

Oh look, a banana and a Benefit bar...that makes a change ;o)

Main breakfast was rice pudding hiding under all those lovely blueberries.

Quite a lot of food, but I do like my snackage on an early shift! I popped to the work shop once I was done as Hague had run out of fizzies and stock pots and then got myself home. In a rather wonderful piece of luck Hague was home having his lunch, so we had a little while together whilst we both had something to eat.

He had a huge pile of pork products, whilst I had the last of the carrot and coriander soup with a cheese toastie, followed up with another of the bargain-tastic, delicious M&S yogurts.

With Hague heading back to work, I decided to head to bed, I wasn't just being lazy, I figured if I had a snooze we could have a bit of an evening together, rather than me heading to bed at 8. So I had myself some sleep and Hague woke me up when he came in and whilst he sorted out dinner I went out for my run. I'm finally into the last week of Couch to 5K, and tonight I did the first run of that last week. I ran for 30 minutes, yes, me, lazy old moog here, ran for 30 minutes and covered just over 2.5miles in that time! I can honestly say that Couch to 5K has done exactly that for me, as it aims to get you running for 30 minutes - and today, I achieved that. I even got a bit teary at the end of the run, I felt so very proud of myself.

That is literally how I felt :o) :o)

Anyway, I drifted down from my exercise high into a lovely plate of comfort food, eclectic maybe as someone had eaten all but one of the LM sausages. The mash contained Laughing Cow triangles and sprouts. Very nice!

After dinner, time was getting away and so it was hot soak time before getting you all up to date before I head to bed and try and get myself down from cloud nine for long enough to go to sleep!

Food Diary

Free Food
carrot and coriander soup
M&S rhubarb yogurt
brussel sprouts
LM sausage

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 2 slices Hovis seed sensations (400g loaf) NOT AN OFFICIAL HEB!

2 Activia yogurts                      5
Rice pudding                            2½
Crispy Fries                             3½
Asda meat free burgers (2)       2

Total syns                                 13

Who knew Monday's could feel so good? A 12 hour shift is looming large tomorrow, so both exercise and blog may go out of the window! Right, bed time for me - as a girl can only watch her man do much exercise for so long before it all becomes too much ;o)

Night night xx


  1. you're such an inspiration, I wish I could manage as well as you.

  2. wow, 30mins of running is fantastic. You really have come so far karen :-)