Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Weigh In and Wow Moments.

Tuesday started reasonably early for me, at about 4pm as I woke up before Hague was back from work, although I hadn't made it downstairs and so he brought up the plethora of parcels that had been delivered for me! So exciting! In with the more mundane deliveries of some daisy appliques and a sticky thingum for my phone was the beautiful skirt I'd ordered from Vivien of Holloway. It was in the sale, and I had ordered the biggest size, which was a 34" waist/46" hip. Last time I'd measured my waist it was around 36" so I was fully expecting to have to wait a little while to slim into it, and when I unwrapped it I was sure it wouldn't fit. Hague, however, encouraged me to give it a go and so I tried it on.......and it fitted! It actually fitted! I was over the moon, a huge, huge non-scale victory for me there. 

With such excitement behind us we headed off to weigh in. I needed 1½lbs for my next award and wasn't sure if I'd get it, but I got exactly that and so got myself this as well.

It really is starting to hit home now just how much I've lost. One of my friends at work weighs this much and there is no way I could walk around carrying her with me all the time, but I was....scary thought isn't it? For the first time I really am starting to feel like I can focus on my final target rather than getting to each ½st, although for now it's still each certificate that I plod towards every day :)

With a rather fab group over we headed home and I had to get myself fed before work, so as I wasn't sure what I fancied I went for the easy option of cheesey vegetable pasta.

I once again must point out the size of this meal to those that decry Slimming World for not teaching portion control. When I started this diet, my bowls of pasta looked like this:

With no deliberate intent to reduce what I'm eating just following the plan, losing weight and obviously the natural shrinkage of my stomach has led to my portions getting smaller. My dinner yesterday filled me up just fine, so if you're worried you're eating too much, don't. Portion control will come naturally :) Anyway, enough preaching from me, as I followed up my pasta with my current favourite dessert.

Mango chunks with coconut yogurt. Once more I am addicted :) With dinner eaten it was time for work once more.

It wasn't a bad shift, reasonably quiet, and plenty of breaks! 

My lunch was some of the leftover frittata, with some beetroot salad and then yet another dessert of fruit and yogurt, this time blueberries with a lemon Activia. So delicious! 

I headed home feeling rather tired and as Hague had left the hot water on it was rude not to have myself a lovely soak in the bath, accompanied by a large, milky hot chocolate and The Great British Bake Off on iPlayer. A nice relaxing end to what was rather an exciting day :)

Food Diary

Free Food
spring onions
egg fritatta
Asda beetroot salad

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 60g LowLow
B - 60g LowLow
B - 2 Benefit Bars

2 Activia intensely creamy yogurts                     5
Crispy Fries                                                     3½
Aldi light hot chocolate                                     2

Syns                                                                 10½

Today really has been rather lovely. I was so shocked to get into my skirt, and to see how it made me look really gave me a huge boost. It's the little things like this that help to keep me going! Oh, and just because it made me so happy, here's a pic :)


  1. Jesus Christ... well done you !! You are looking fab. You really are inspiring me.. have downloaded the couch to 25k podcast and haven't had the courage to do it yet cause im worried i will get laughed at... but i have to say after seeing your picture in your lovely skirt and balls to it going go out tomorrow and sod everyone else. thank u xxx keep postings
    I did get to my 8 stone award back to 7 stone 11 now and trying to get back to where i was to get to my goal of losing another 3-4 stone. Your blog is helping me out tonnes xx

    1. Couch to 5K or 25K?? I'm doing the 5K one. Honestly, just go for it, I find quieter places to run, but as I have my headphones in I would ignore anyone anyway. The sense of achievement I get afterwards is so worth it! I still have over 3½st to go, but I'll get there. So glad I'm helping you out xx

    2. DOh ! meant couch to 5k lol... sausage fingers. well i did managed it, look like a complete sweaty mess but very proud of myself.. headphones went in and other people just faded away cause i was too busy trying to breath and not fall over :0)

    3. It's that feeling that keeps me going! I've just finished week 3, and now I'm getting scared about week 4 - 5 mins of running!! I may die, but then I thought that about week 3.

  2. Have just stumbled across you and have been having a look around, hope you don't mind! ;)

    You look fabulous, congratulations! I'm blogging my own journey, well.. it's only just beginning! I hope to have similar success! Yummy food too! x

    1. Of course not! Welcome to the madhouse ;)

      Where is your blog? I love reading about other journeys x