Friday, 30 August 2013

Rest Day?

I had another rather lovely lie in today, waking up at just gone 11am, and then shocking the postman by being awake when he knocked on the door with yet another bundle of parcels. Poor guy normally sees me barely awake and in my dressing gown! 

I had decided to have a rest day today, a proper one, with no exercise at all, and so plonked myself in front of the telly with a large coffee and my feet up whilst I waited for my breakfast to soak. As so many people have asked about the toasted couscous, I thought I'd take a picture of it for you today :)

I just soak it for about half an hour, drain it off, and today I mixed in some bananas, strawberries and an Activia banofee yogurt.

With that eaten, I got to the main business of the day, chatting to TOK and the conversation turned to exercise clothing, and my perceived need for new running shoes. This is mainly due to the fact that mine are white, and most of the things I've bought are black or pink. Obviously this is terrible and so I've been pondering new trainers. TOK was also perusing as she wants to start the C25K and we have made a pact to run a Race for Life together next year, so obviously we shall both need new trainers. Being frugal girlies it was to the Sports Direct website that we went and I spotted a pair I liked, however I'm too tight to pay for delivery and so decided to walk to my local one instead. Which is two miles away. On my rest day. I know.

When I got there, I got talking to the salesbloke and he advised me on what were good/bad/indifferent running shoes and so I decided to not plump for some cheap ones to replace my perfectly good (and very running shoe-esque anyway) current trainers. I'll wait and save up for some decent ones and get them when I actually need them, so my running shall remain unco-ordinated in more ways than one for now :)

When I got home, covering the 4 miles in just an hour, I was starving and so got lunch ready.

A sausage sarnie, with chips and stuffed peppers. Bloody handsome it was too! Whilst eating it, I was talking to Hague, and once again he had to relay the news that he was going to be late home, as once again East Coast trains were buggered. The last three times he's gone to Barnsley he's been delayed by at least an hour on the way home, each time it was a fault with the East Coast part of the journey. Fecking ridiculous! There was the teeniest of silver linings (for me anyway) as with Hague not due home until after 10pm, I could make it to one of the local aqua aerobics classes. Only one thing stood in my way, a swimsuit. Now, when you're over 25 stone, swimsuits are not something you enjoy buying. I only had two, and haven't bought once since I'd lost weight. I tried them both on and they were both baggy - not the look you really want in a swimsuit, especially if you'll be bouncing about eh? I had a delve about and found a size 16 swimsuit that I have never actually fitted into. I bought it last time I lost weight, but never quite got there. It's still tight, but it had to do! Hoarding does have its uses after all.

So tightly wrapped in my swimsuit, I headed to the swimming pool nice and early, as the class is usually busy and had myself 15 minutes or so of swimming before the class began. I've not done aqua for a while, and I'd forgotten just how much hard work it can be if you're really going for it. I certainly felt like I'd done plenty of strength work - so that's this week strength exercises done already for my Gold award!

I then headed home and got myself a snack to keep me going, as I was going to wait for Hague to get home before I had dinner.

I only had 45 minutes or so, but after the aqua I was rather peckish. At just after 10 I headed out and got to the station just as Hague's train was pulling in. Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I had some rice in the rice cooker practically ready for him as he walked through the door. He had his with a chickpea dahl, whilst I had a sort of vegetable egg fried rice thing.

It was rather yummy :) With a quick dessert afterwards, my "lazy" day is drawing to a close.

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted cous cous
sweet peppers

Healthy Extras
A - 6 laughing cow extra lights
B - 2 Benefit bars
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread

milk in coffee (2)                 1
2 Activia yogurts                 5
3 Cauldron sausages           1½
tbsp ketchup                       1
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce      3

Total syns                           11½

What a day! So much for resting! So far this week I've already got 4 hours of exercise under my belt and I still have two C25K runs to fit in, week 5 beckons. A scary thought, but I'll be doing my best! Time for this rather weary person to get herself up to bed now though.

Night night!


  1. He can claim some of the cost of the ticket back if he's delayed for more than 30 minutes.

    1. Oh we are well versed in claiming compensation from them, we already have two claims waiting to be paid out!

  2. Always looking for new breakfast ideas so I hope you don't mind me asking, do you soak the cous cous in boiling water? then drain. Also does it have to be weighed as a heb or is it free like normal cous cous? I think your journey has been amazing by the way. Iam only at the begining of mine 1st 3lbs gone another 3st yet to go!!

    1. Yep, I just soak it in boiling water for about 20/30 minutes then drain it off. It's free, so you can have as much as you like :)
      I just hope the rest of my journey stays this amazing! It's been great blogging about it and finding so much support from the people who read about it x

    2. Thanks for answering that Karen & good luck with the rest of your journey, I will be following with interest :) x

  3. 4 miles! that's fab.

    Agree with the sales person too, proper trainers really will make an amazing difference to your running! x

    1. I do like walking, I can walk all day. I'll definitely invest in some decent running shoes when I have a bit more spare money - although I'm pretty sure the ones I use now are running shoes too! :) xx