Monday, 5 August 2013

Quickety Quick!

A very quick blog tonight, as I'm a very tired girl and I need my bed, but if I don't blog today, I'll not get one done tomorrow as I'm on a 12 - and so I figured I'd get one done!

First things first, I got a lovely text whilst I was at work, I've been nominated for Woman of the Year at my Slimming World group. It really was a lovely surprise, and I feel quite overwhelmed that people thought of me, especially as my group has a real wealth of amazing, inspirational women. I need to dig out my big, big jeans now though!, a whirlwind tour of my nommage today.

A bit of a break from the norm, with rice pudding for breakfast, with some banana and a peach, and some of the mac n cheese for my lunch, shortly after which I headed off home :) When I got home it was to another lovely surprise...

An inspirational card from my Consultant Claire - it's the little things like this that make me appreciate what a special Consultant I have in her, I'm pretty sure that I'd have struggled to get this far without her, and the group's amazing support :) For me, it's the difference between success and failure, having that back up, that support, that place where everyone understands how you feel. Going to group will most definitely be part of my life from now on.

Dinner had to be sorted out rather quickly, and so it was fried veggies with lots of cheese and some gnocchi, followed by a super sweet dessert of strawberries, yogurt, an Alpen Light and some mini meringues. Very sweet, but goooood!

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
Asda beetroot salad
mac n cheese (except the cheese!)
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt
spring onion
Asda fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 30g reduced fat cheddar (on mac n cheese)
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light
B - 30g Stilton
B - 2 Alpen Lights

Rice pudding                             2
Crispy Fries                              3½
100g gnocchi                            2
10 mini meringue shells              1

Total syns                                 8½

Sorry for the brevity of tonight's blog, but my bed is calling! I have also started yet another work challenge today. This time it's an activity challenge, where the person who does the most steps for the month will win a bike. Much as I'm desperate for a bike, I know I won't be winning this one, but it's all good fun ,and the winning team get vouchers too. I've managed just under 12,000 steps today, so not a bad start, and it was quite a quiet day at work too!

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  1. Well done on your nomination and well deserved it is too I say:D What a lovely gesture from your consultant!