Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nagging Gets You Everywhere

A little later than advertised maybe, but as I'm heading off plan tonight via the medium of alcohol, I figured it best to get you up to date. I may also have been nagged slightly by Her Lovely TOK-ness who isn't feeling well and wanted a blog to read :p

Friday started in a very similar vein to most other days this week, waking up at around 11 and wandering downstairs in search of much coffee. I had woken up quite hungry and wasn't quite sure what to have for dinner. My choices were narrowed down by the distinct lack of clean forks, and so breakfast had to be something I could eat with a spoon whilst I got the dishwasher going! I am such a domestic goddess ;)

Mango and pineapple, topped with coconut yogurt, very quick and very simple. Well, it is when you have Hague chopped pineapple and ready chopped mango anyway! I then settled down to watch some Come Dine With Me and chat away to Hague and TOK whilst I waited for my Doctor's appointment. With not long left to go, I realised I was hungry and so did myself a very quick lunch.

A sort of open sandwich kind of thing, with light cheese slices, Linda McCartney sausages and mustard, along with a banana. It was a lot tastier than it looked, honest! With that finished I headed off to see my Doctor about my gammy foot. 

I hurt it originally over 5 years ago, when I drunkenly tried to climb over a baby gate, went arse over tit and got my foot caught in the gate as I hurtled backwards towards my hallway floor. Not my most sophisticated moment, but I didn't realise I'd still be in pain 5 years on. As I'm getting more active, walking more, my foot is aching more - although the support in my trainers means that I'm fine doing my C25K! Anyway, off I went, to see my brand new GP to see what she advised.

She diagnosed me with very flat arches, and feels the pain may be caused by lingering ligament damage or a touch of arthritis caused by the extreme pressure my feet have been under lugging myself about. I have been referred for physio, and given some advice on what to do when it hurts. Whilst I was there, I also got another gym referral letter as I'd lost my original one, and asked about my chances of getting corrective surgery for the loose skin I will be left with when I reach target. I was rather uplifted by her response.....she has said she will do everything she can to get me the help I need when I get to target, as my local NHS trust don't really have a policy - it was good to hear. She was also incredibly supportive of my weight loss so far and my efforts at fitness. I like her, which is a rather good thing in a GP I think. By the time I left the surgery it was more or less time for Hague to finish work so I headed down to see him so we could wander back home together. He had some dinner, and then we had to head out again to get our shopping, and to pick up a weight bench that he has treated himself too. As our local Argos was out of stock, we headed a bit further afield to Lowestoft, and decided to do our food shopping over the border too. Asda - not so great, Aldi was much better than ours!

Finally, after spending way too much on shopping (again) we got home, and I pretty much headed straight back out again to start on week 5 of C25K! Today's run involved 5 minute blocks of running, 3 of them, so less total running than last week, but longer blocks. I managed it though, and I even managed to run a bit faster for my final minute. The 20 minute run is looming large though - and the thought terrifies me! Anyway, I finished up the run the same way I always do....

Can't beat it! After I jumped out, Boo was dumped in as she is a tad fragrant at the moment, and with that job done I could finally sit down and get some dinner inside me! 

Now, sometimes you want to cook, but sometimes you just want food inside you, and you want it now. Yesterday was one of those days. It was nigh on 10pm by the time I sorted dinner and I really didn't want much faff, so I chopped mushrooms, courgettes and asparagus and fried them off, then I lobbed in a tin of macaroni cheese. quorn roast style fillety bits and some spinach and once it was heated up, it was dished up, then topped with cheese. Very quick dinner, but it did the job.

We were never going to have an early night though, and as Hague was watching Mortal Kombat (yawn) I went for the very sociable option of watching Celebrity Masterchef on my iPad with my headphones on :) Of course, whilst watching, I wanted nibbles. How's this for inventive?

5 syns worth of popcorn from my latest Graze box topped with a HeB of All Bran chocolate crunch. I'd seen TOK eating it and as I spotted it in Asda I thought I'd give it a go....Oh it tasted good - so very naughty! Perfect picky munchies!

Food Diary

Free Food
LM sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 3 slices Asda light cheese slices
A - 30g extra mature Cheddar
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - 30g All Bran chocolate crunch

Activia creamy coconut yogurt               2½
tbsp Asda american mustard                  ½
Asda smart price macaroni cheese         3
Quorn roast style fillet slices                   ½
Graze popcorn                                      5
milk in coffee (2)                                   1

Total syns                                              12½

Today, well tonight, shall bring with it much alcohol, but on plan food. It's how I compromise when I have friends round. I stay on plan all day long, and have a drink in the evening, but have on plan food ready to munch on when the inevitable munchies strike. One saving grace for my syns this evening is the fact that I have to deliver some Slimming World leaflets tomorrow, and do my C25K run, so I can't get absolutely trollied. Add to that the fact that Monday brings with it a 4.30am start and a 12 hour shift, I really, really can't get utterly rat-arsed. 

I really can't....

Let's wait and see eh? 


  1. yay I am muchly grateful for your blog ;) xx enjoy much drinkies tonight sweetie

  2. With regard to the c25k I have never run in my life & am probably quite unfit, how realistic do you think it would be for somebody like me to give it a go? Is it very hard?
    Enjoy yourself & all those lovely drinks tonight x

    1. It's designed for complete beginners so I'd definitely say give it a go. I've nor run in decades, but by keeping my jogging slow I'm doing it :)

  3. Good on you getting checked out hon and mega props to your helpful GP! Andrea I started couch to 5k overweight and having never ran and now can do 10K so go for it slow and steady x