Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Magic Monday

So here we are, back into the old routine. Sort of :o) For those of you that pay attention to my shifts you'll maybe be wondering why I'm on nights again, but several times a year we have to swap our late shifts for earlies or nights, and luckily for me, it's my turn to do nights instead. Love 'em! Well, I love them a lot more than any other shift!

So this means that this blog, despite being published on Tuesday, will be about Monday! Have I lost you yet?

Anyway, Monday actually started far too early, as I had a friend popping round to borrow a petticoat, and I wasn't sure what time she'd arrive so I woke up when Hague was leaving for work. Luckily she'd sent a text telling me she'd be around at midday and so back to sleep I went. With a brief midday interlude to pass on the petticoat, most of my day was spent in bed, trying to build up some sleep for work, and I got myself up when Hague was home, as we had shopping to get done.

With a full fridge, the world was my oyster when it came to dinner, but I had the rather pedestrian choice of a fritatta with chips and beans.

Lots of veggies in the frittatta, honest guvner! Got to get some superfree in there somewhere, and as I made loads, expect to see it appearing as a work meal for most of the week too. As payday was Friday, we had some extra funds for shopping and so once again I am enjoying the Activia creamy yogurts, 2½ syns of deliciousnes, and first up was a coconut one atop some mango chunks. Tropical noms to die for!

Unfortunately it was then time for work, and so off I went, suitably weighed down with tons of food to keep me going until 6am. It wasn't a bad night really - and I put away a whole pile of noms that looked rather like this....

I do like Ryvita on a night shift, as they're filling but don't make you feel all sluggish like a bigger meal might do - although it's the one time I do feel like I'm eating diet food, perhaps that's why I needed the crisps too! As work wasn't too hard going, I decided that rather than do my Couch to 5K run when I woke up I'd do it when I got in from work, I figured it'd be cooler and quieter and so much better for me. So as soon as I got in I turned the water on, got myself kitted up and out I went. It was a much nicer run than normal, as I could use the promenade and sea front which are lovely wide pavements, and I even found myself speeding up when I was near the end of my final run. It's such a great feeling and with that run I have completed my third week of my Silver Body Magic award too :)

I really will be immensely proud to receive this award. Once I completed my Bronze I had a look at the criteria for Silver, especially the fact that workouts had to be at least 15 minutes long, and I really didn't think I'd be able to fit it in, not around my 12 hour shifts. But here we are, 3 weeks in and I'm doing it. I'm making time to get my exercise in as finally it's not feeling like a chore. If you're reading this and shaking your head, thinking that you hate exercise and that you'll never get a Body Magic award.....just 7 weeks ago, that was me. I firmly believed that I hated exercise, that I couldn't be arsed, and that I didn't have time. Now, I'm making time as I have found something I enjoy. Have a look at what you enjoy, you might surprise yourself :)

Anyway, after my 3.3km run/jog/walk there was only one thing left to do before crawling into bed....

A nice soak with a Camomile and Maple Twinings cuppa, my second Benefit bar and a rather gorgeous smelling new bubble bath. Lovely.

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes
Asda beetroot salad

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese triangles
B - 4 Ryvita
B - 2 Benefit Bars

2 Activia intensely creamy yogurts            5
Aldi Cheesey Curls                                  3

Total syns                                                8

Not a bad day at all, and I'm sure Tuesday will be even better.....but you'll have to wait for that ;)

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