Monday, 26 August 2013

From One Extreme To Another....

I've been so lazy today I barely know where to start :) I really shouldn't smile, my lack of activity has been, quite frankly, shocking. Remember yesterday? Over 10 miles covered by these little legs, shall we see what I managed today?

How bad is that?? Hehe!

My weird week of shifts last week, and my early starts on Friday and Saturday have screwed up my body clock slightly, and I found myself awake before 8am again today, I tried to get back to sleep, but failed miserably until Hague went off to work at 11, when I went back to sleep. Until 4.30pm. Oops. Hague hadn't taken his keys as I would be indoors, and it was only him banging on the front door that woke me up. What can I say? I obviously needed that sleep, and I have felt better today because of it. We also managed to miss most of the Truckers Convoy, as we thought he was heading down the seafront at 6.30, but we only managed to catch the last 10 or so trucks...I feel rather sad about that, as it's become a bit of a tradition for myself and Hague to go down and wave happily at all the trucks and children as they go by. Such a shame, but at least it got me out of the house, albeit very briefly. Even after our brief walk I didn't feel hungry until around 7ish though, and went for a nice roast dinner.

With shopping a couple of days overdue, we are a bit lacking in the fresh veg, hence the eclectic mix of brussels, carrots and onions :) I had roasted the carrots in honey as well for a bit of a change. I thoroughly enjoyed it though, as it has been ages since I've had a roast dinner.

I then spent my evening very productively, trawling through page after page of Qwertee t-shirts to vote on any that I must have in my life, end result was me finding far, far too many! We've also been watching The Deer Hunter, which I haven't seen before, and which apparently lasts about 7 months....

So whilst that was on I decided on dinner, a risotto, and I tried cooking it in the rice cooker, obviously a lot more stock is needed than for usual rice, so I had to top it up a couple of times. Whilst it was cooking I fried off some bits and bobs to mix in as well. Quorn chunks, asparagus, mushroom (just the one, it's all we had left...) and onion.

It made a lot more than I thought, especially as I only used a single one of the rice cooker cups, which should have been one serving! When everything was mixed together, I stirred in both my HeA of reduced fat soft cheese and then topped with Stilton.

There really was rather a lot there, and it did fill me up, maybe a smidge more than was comfortable, but not stuffed, in fact after an hour or so I managed to squeeze dessert in too.

With The Deer Hunter finally finished, all I have left to do is wish you all a good night, and promise you all that tomorrow will be much more active! Well, I'll be doing C25K and the shopping, so I'll be doing more than today (which isn't hard, let's be honest).

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn Fillets
brussel sprouts
risotto rice
Quorn chunks
knorr stock pot

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 75g reduced fat soft cheese
B - 30g Stilton
B - 2 Benefit bars

Quorn sausage                    1
tsp honey                            1
Activia creamy yogurt         2½
milk in coffee (2)                1

Total syns                          5½

I guess it's time for this very lazy girl to sign off, best get some rest before my jog tomorrow right? ;)

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  1. Your blog yesterday inspired me on a Sunday morning to go for a run... So with my poor staffy in tow off we went and approximately 4 miles later returned home (doggy was exhausted). I don't think she knew what had happened lol. I am at target and exercise daily as well as run after my nearly 3 year old but running is usually a no no! I will definitely do it again :-)