Sunday, 4 August 2013

Banishing The Lazies

I knew I had to get up early today, to try and get myself ready for my early shift tomorrow, but when I first opened my eyes at 7.30am I was never going to drag myself out of bed, and so it was at the more realistic time of 9.30am that I got myself up. 

I got downstairs, with a load of washing to put in the machine, made myself coffee and let the sofa glue work its magic. Multiple episodes of Friends were on the telly and so that kept me happy for a fair old while. I was also getting hungry - but really didn't know what I wanted, I knew that everything seemed like far too much effort and so it was another minimal effort for breakfast.

Beans on toast, with cheese slices and topped with a couple of rosemary and red onion sausages, with a tbsp of brown sauce in the beans, Asda SmartPrice beans no less, so if you've ever been worried about trying them, thinking they'd skimp on the beans and they'd be all sauce....there you go :) After breakfast, I had planned to do nothing but sit - but I started getting itchy feet, I wanted to get out and do something and a walk seemed likely - however I strangely decided to get the Couch to 5K podcast playing and get the first "run" under my belt!

Couch to 5K seems to be a running plan that has a million different apps and interpretations. The podcasts I've downloaded are the NHS Choices ones, which is a 9 week plan, with 3 runs a week. They start off "easy" with a warm up and warm down of a brisk 5 minute walk and in between it's 60s of running alternated with 90s of walking. I really thought I'd struggle, but whilst it was hard - it wasn't too much for me to handle. I'm rather proud of myself for doing it, although I won't be able to do another one until Wednesday - running after a 12 hour shift is just a step too far!

I even had a smile on my face afterwards! Even though I had forgotten my FitBit! So annoying!

Oh the glamour lol! Obviously a shower was in order straight away before I returned to the sofa. Not for long though, as with 3 12's next week, I need food for work, and so a rice pudding was put into the slow cooker and a mac and cheese was bunged in the oven to join the excess rice from yesterday as lunches for work! I can't make mac and cheese without eating some though, and so that was lunch.

It's just so good, and just a HeA for that portion :) So I have three portions left over - although how many will remain once Hague has arrived home after his day from hell returning from Barnsley shall remain to be seen.

With more washing done, and the dishwasher unloaded, loaded and set going once more, it certainly hasn't been the lazy day I was expecting to have. Before I knew it time was getting away from me and so I sorted out my food for work tomorrow, and yet another quickie meal so I don't wake up later tonight starving hungry.

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
cherry tomatoes
spring onions
stock pot
tomato puree
fat free natural yogurt
corn on the cob
Kraft fat free Italian dressing

Healthy Extras
A - 3 slices Asda lighter cheese slices
A - 30g extra mature Cheddar (in the mac n cheese)
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - 2  Alpen Lights

1 tbsp brown sauce                     1
Warburtons pitta                         8½

Total syns                                   9½

So my week off is over :( And next week holds 58 hours of work :( Somewhere in there I have to fit in my 90 minutes of exercise to complete my second week of my Silver Body Magic award! I shall certainly do my best to find time. I'm also taking part in yet another work challenge. This one is a 10,000 steps challenge, I'm pretty sure it won't be as successful for me as the 5 a day one was, but if I can help my team to win, it'll be all good! Doing my C25K will help that, so all the more incentive eh?

For everyone reading who thinks that exercise is something alien, something you'll never enjoy in a million years....join the club, believe me, I was utterly dubious of all these people saying you get a buzz from exercise, it makes you feel better blah, blah, blah.....but you know what? It DOES make you feel better, you do feel more energised after doing something a bit active, and I still can't believe I am actually typing those words - and that I'm enjoying the activity I'm doing. May wonders never cease :)

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