Friday, 2 August 2013

A Hard Blog

A hard blog, as it's been a hard couple of days. Upsetting and emotionally draining, so I'm not really feeling up to a full blog tonight I'm afraid, so I'll stick with the basics, what I've eaten.

Quorn red onion burgers, inside a Warburtons thin, with some sweet potato wedges, onions, cherry tomatoes and gherkins.

Cheesey pasta, with mushrooms, courgettes and onion, plus an entire tub of LowLow :) 

Before bed, my HeB in the shape of two Alpen Lights, along with a coffee (and Mr Dinosaur).

Food Diary (Thursday)

Free Food
Quorn red onion burgers
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A -(both) 60g LowLow
B - 2 Alpen Lights

LowLow burger slice                      2
tbsp ketchup                                   1
Warburtons thin                              5

Total syns                                       8

I wanted today to be more positive, and I did try my best, but sometimes no amount of positivity will get you through in one piece, especially when you have to face supermarkets as well.

Thunder woke me up anyway, at 11.30, and so up I got to a large coffee, and a knock from the postman bring a parcel of awesome :)

They even put a little pack of Haribo in with the t-shirts :) Of course I didn't have any as they are both synful and non-veggie!

Before the excitement of trying on the new t-shirt I needed food, and comfort food was still the order of the day.

Eggs, chips and Quorn sausages, after that little lot I got myself dressed, and of course, it was in my new t-shirt.

Not the best picture, but I LOVE the shirt :) So off I went into town, to pick up more happy pills and get some jacket potatoes as only our market seem to stock anything even vaguely resembling a giant spud! I had a really brisk walk into town, covering the mile and a half or so in 15 minutes - Body Magic sorted. After not long in town I headed back, with some gorgeous smelling strawberries, happy pills and potatoes, I then pretty much headed straight out to the hellholes that are Aldi and Asda. Scarily the shopping came in at just over £40 (including what I'd bought on the market) so now I'm worried I forgot something....

Time will tell!

Lunch was Big Mac in a bowl as I was feeling supremely lazy.

As it didn't fill me up hugely, I followed it up with a dessert.

I am addicted to the double chocolate Alpens at the moment, although I only realised when I got home that they aren't £1 a box anymore, so it'll be back to Benefit  bars next week! A lazy evening then ensued, as I chatted away to TOK and Hague whilst watching Come Dine With Me - gotta clear that Sky+  box whilst I'm unsupervised! My mind turned to dinner way too late, and I pondered several things, including a Halloumi pitta - but reduced fat Halloumi is only a HeB on Green, not a HeA, and so I could only have 45g and that's just not enough! So I went with a lazy girl special.

Just a jacket spud, with cottage cheese and Cheddar, followed up with one of the fudge Muller Light desserts that I finally found once more in Tesco, and so that was my little treat before a bath and bed.

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn mince
Activia 0% yogurt
fat free cottage cheese with onion and chive
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 3 slices Asda lighter cheese slices
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 Alpen Lights

3 Quorn sausages                                            3
2 tbsp Kraft thousand island dressings              2
Muller Light fudge dessert                                4½

Total syns                                                       9½

Not the best of days, not made easier by the fact that Hague headed up to Barnsley this morning either. He was worried about leaving me, bless him, but upset can only last so long, and I'm starting to feel brighter already. 

As you will have noticed too, I've been on plan. Despite a horrible couple of days I've stayed on plan. It was tempting to get a bottle of something to drown my sorrows in today, but the urge was only fleeting and easily dismissed. I'm better than that, I don't need to go over my syns, or have a bottle of wine to make me feel better. A positive attitude and surrounding myself with positive people will do that, and the support of Hague of course :)


  1. you know muller lights are generally not veggie dont you hon?

  2. Oh Karen I hope you feel yourself soon, its horrible being like that. Good on you for picking up happy pills they do help. Have you considered been put on the list for counseling it really helped me. Though I know there is a long wait

    1. I had counselling way back when I was first suffering. I've just had a hard couple of days - I'll be fine now I'm back on my tablets anyway, should help me cope a bit better with the ups and downs x

  3. Huggles - Love the T-shirt!

  4. Aww hon hate your sad :( You know where I am if you need me! T Shirt is awesome though xx

    1. Thank you, it means a lot :) HUGE congrats on reaching target btw! Just amazing, you must feel fantastic!

      T-shirt is from Qwertee - they only sell designs for 48 hours at a time xx