Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Work Out Wednesday

Any of you that are lucky enough to be up and about before 6.30am on a weekday, might be aware of Dev on radio 1. He is the DJ on the early breakfast show, and the poor bugger is on from 4am-6.30am. Every week he has a listener choose a week's worth of songs - on Wednesday, the song is Work Out Wednesday :) Hence the title of the blog where I finally get off my arse and really start to work towards my Bronze Body Magic award :)

That was later in the day though, and after a couple of false starts at getting up, with Hague leaving his alarm on and me then taking about an hour to get back to sleep it was at just after 11 then we dragged ourselves out of bed. I have to make the most of these lie-in's as I'm back to work tomorrow - Boo. But it's because I need the days off when TOK and WLB come to visit - Yay!

Just for a change I had no idea what I wanted for breakfast, and so made myself a huge coffee whilst I pondered and caught up with the online universe. It was ages before I decided what to have, and it wasn't anything new and exciting either :)

Filling though :) Especially when washed down with yet another coffee! I had planned to give the Zumba a go after breakfast, well I say breakfast, I ate it at 2pm, so more brunch, but Hague had put The Expendables on, and so I had to wait. So I refuelled with some pineapple and yogurt.

The pineapple was a tad past it's best, so had that blandish taste to it, and so it got smothered in an Activia creamy caramel yogurt, which worked very well indeed! With the film done, and my snackage eaten it was time to get started on this Body Magic malarkey.

A total bargain, as we got the game and belt for just £5. I set up my profile and went for the beginner class, thinking that would be a nice way to ease me in.....Twenty minutes later I was a puffed out, sweaty mess, but I DID manage to get through the beginner class, and you know what? I actually really enjoyed it! A first for me that's for sure, as I normally hate exercise in all it's forms! I'm determined to get myself Zumba-ing every other day!

The hungries hit not long after my workout, and as I'd put a risotto in the slow cooker for later, I did myself something light to keep me going.

After getting all sweaty with the Zumba, I needed a soak, and so me and a cuppa headed for the bath where we watched Andy Murray win (eventually). Well, the tea didn't actually watch Andy, but you get my drift ;) Suitably de-skanked it was back downstairs where I whiled away the evening chatting to TOK and Sacha. All too soon it was time for dinner, and so I dished up my risotto, which had turned out rather well for a throw it all in and see Karen Special :) It even got Hague's approval.

I appreciate that it perhaps doesn't look like the most appetising meal in the world, but it was yummy. Honest. I just threw arborio rice, some chopped tomatoes and stock in the slow cooker along with many types of frozen veg and let it cook. After 3 hours on high, it was still looking a bit thin and so it had some red lentils lobbed in, along with some asparagus :) Plus of course it had the obligatory garlic and mixed herbs. It made bloody tons, so I had some, Hague had some and I still have some for work. Efficiency, I like it!

As has become the norm for me, I fancied dessert too, and as I'd only had a couple of syns, I threw a meringue nest into the bowl before covering it with fruit.

You'd never know it was there hehe. So with food done, lunch for tomorrow sorted, and after discussing breakfast ideas with TOK, overnight oats soaking ready for breakfast, the rest of the evening is mine to waste chatting away before heading to bed for an early night before my 10 hour shift tomorrow. Annoying maybe, but so, so worth it!

When I said food is done, that does mean unless I get hungry about 10 minutes after typing that and need a bowl of weetabix ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
sweet potato
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
chopped tomatoes
Disney Princess spaghetti
arborio rice
mixed peppers
red lentils

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
A - 250 ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread
B - 2 weetabix

2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles                2
Asda meringue nest                                        2½
Activia creamy caramel yogurt                        2½

Total syns                                                      7

So I guess, this marks the end of my week off :( Although I'm doing computer work whilst I'm in, so it's not all bad. Today has also been a rather good day, it was a pleasant surprise to actually feel good after doing some exercise, something I don't think I've ever experienced before! I felt gee-ed up to do more, and to keep up with the routine, rather than seeing it as a horrible chore to endure. Progress indeed!

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