Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wins and Fails - Aha!

Once again it's Monday, a Monday that brought with it the glorious sunshine that had been missing all bloody weekend! Hague stirred me just before 11am to tell me he was heading out to work and so up I got. I actually did what I set out to do and did my Zumba routine first thing. It was hard going in the heat, but with a fan on and plenty of water I got through it. I really do feel much better for doing my exercise, so I need to remember that feeling when the CBA's strike! With that routine of 20 mins I've hit my Week 3 target of Body Magic, so if I keep it up, next week will bring with it a Bronze Body Magic award!

After getting all sweaty, I sorted out breakfast, the basically the same as yesterday, but with different fruit.

Toasted cous cous again, this time with natural yogurt, peach and strawberry. Once again it was lovely, I think the toasted cous cous will become a staple! Whilst eating my breakfast a couple of texts came through from The Parentals, both asking if I'd got my Nan a birthday card.....Big Fail moment as I hadn't. I'd forgotten. I am truly terrible at remembering things, and it was the turn of my Nan's birthday to slip through the gaps. Shoddy of me really, and there is no excuse other than just having a million other things on my mind. So, sorry Nan (even though I know she doesn't read this)! A card is on it's way!

So feeling suitably disgraced I headed off to work, and it was only when I got there I noticed yet more text messages, a quick check heralded today's rather huge Win....I'd won a competition! Always wonderful to hear, and this was a rather fabulous prize. Two tickets to the World Premiere of Alpha Papa, the new Alan Partridge film. My thoughts of how amazing that would be were quickly dispelled by the realisation that the premiere was at 12.30 and I have to start work at 1.45...Hmmmmm....Luckily, one of my work colleagues is bloody marvellous and will stay on late for me on Wednesday so I can go! Okay so the World Premiere is in Norwich, but still.....I think it's a total squeeeeeeeeeeeeee moment for me!

I had rather a huge bump back down to earth though, on the machines in 36 degree heat. Literally 5 minutes after I started work I was covered in sweat, really not the best feeling in the world eh? The machines weren't behaving either. It was a long shift :(

Pretty standard work fare there, including some of my frittata for my lunch along with Ryvita and Laughing Cows, nothing too heavy in what really was oppressive heat at work. At least I got in lots of flights of stairs running up to the tea room and back to fill up my water bottle as there is no water cooler on my machine! I'm sure you can understand why I couldn't wait to get home, get showered and get fed!

Hague had dinner practically ready for me when I got in, as he is rather fabulous, and he hustled me upstairs for a shower. I came back down feeling a billion times fresher and with dinner waiting.

It really is starting to hit home how much my portion sizes have changed. A few months ago I'd have had twice this amount of spag bol for dinner, now this bowl was more than enough. I guess that's why it looks like I have a huge amount of cheese!! As Hague never knowingly under caters I have another large portion of spag bol for a work lunch later this week. 

After dinner I had a feeling I've not had in ages...that feeling that I wanted something to eat, but didn't know what I wanted. I wasn't particularly hungry, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head that I wanted more to eat. I pondered lots of things, I've not had that many syns so had quite a large variety available, and I did try and talk myself out of having something as I knew I wasn't genuinely hungry, alas, I failed, but I did stick to low syn and free.

It has almost quelled my craving for more food, my mind is currently turning to Mikado!

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted cous cous
fat free natural yogurt
quorn mince
chopped tomatoes
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 4 blue cheese light Laughing Cows
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 4 Ryvita
B - 2 Alpen Lights

Shape crumble yogurt                   ½
Crispy Fries                                 3½
Cheese Curls                               3
Hot Chocolate                             2
100ml semi skimmed milk            2½

Total syns                                    11½

A milky hot chocolate will finish up my day. What a day! Ups and downs all over the place. Looks like Wednesday is going to be one hell of a busy day, with weigh in, premieres and work! Best try and get some early nights in eh??

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