Sunday, 14 July 2013

Twelves, TOK and Much Tea!

It's been forever and a day since I managed a blog. Long shifts and the visit of TOK has meant that my spare time has completely disappeared! I shall swiftly skirt over Tuesday and Wednesday, as they were both 12 hours shifts, and as such, not overly interesting food wise! Both days I had my full 15 syns though.

I was working on Thursday as well, but I couldn't wait to get done and dusted! So I shall skirt over my work food once more!

I arrived home from work, rather excited and impatient for TOK to arrive, I managed a quick snack though whilst we waited for the shopping.

I had picked up some lemon sorbet from Tesco thinking it was 4 syns for 100g, but it was actually 6. 50g was enough to perk up my fruit though as I started getting really excited about the imminent arrival of Karen and Doug! They finally turned up just after 7pm and I literally couldn't be more excited! With many hugs and squees out of the way we settled down for some dinner.

Something quick and easy, so curry loaf with chips and salad followed by an Alpen bar. Due to me being up at 4.30 and Karen driving about a zillion miles to come and stay an early night was had by all!

So onto Friday....and the first day of our holibob :) Norwich has a trail of Gorilla's at the moment, with 53 to spot, and so it had been decided that we would head into the city and find some of them. Plus of course as is always the case when you live close to a city, I've never really explored that much and so we had much exploring and some afternoon tea on the agenda too! We started with a nice on plan breakfast to build up our energy.

A slightly nommed on roll there courtesy of a ninja move by young Douglas, cheeky little monkey! We then headed to Norwich to find Gorilla's. We had SO much fun! The Gorilla hunt was interspersed with Pimms, beer, afternoon Tea. Goth shops, Lush and Peregrine Falcons. Books shops, castles and just much, much talking and chatting and an overall amazing time :)

We truly had the best day. It's rather wonderful when you can meet someone for the first time and just get on like a pair of old friends. Whilst we may not have had the most SW friendly of days we certainly made up for it on the Body Magic front...

Yes, we walked nearly 10 miles! No wonder our feet hurt! Dinner was courtesy of Yo! Sushi as we knew we'd be far too tired to actually do any cooking.

Although we couldn't actually find the syns anywhere, I'm pretty sure it wasn't too naughty. She says after packing away a fabulous afternoon tea....Anyway, with our feet and legs aching away, we had another early night.

Unfortunately, TOK awoke on Saturday with bad news. Allergy tablets that work for one teeny Douglas don't do so well when ambushed by two cats and a Boo, and her chest was feeling really tight. The last thing I want is to actually kill my house guests with asthma and so she made the decision to head home. First though, she wanted to take Doug to the beach for the first time, and quickly pop to Sara's TeaRooms so Doug could be Dog of the Day....something that then turned into 5 ½ hours of exploring Great Yarmouth :) Whilst wearing my Threadless t-shirt of much awesome. The Cheshire Cat only appears in the sunshine, and so I spent all day boring Karen to tears walking in and out of shops making it appear and disappear :)

Doug had fabulous fun too, as you can see, and our explorations took us along the sea front, into town and into some great shops of geekdom. We also fitted in breakfast AND elevenses. Purely as the Norwich tea room didn't have any scones and so we really felt that we needed them :) After shopping and coffees we headed back here via the Land Train, fudge shop and an ice cream stall so TOK could enjoy a whirlwind holiday experience of Great Yarmouth before she had to head home. I was utterly gutted that she had to leave early, but plans are already afoot for a return visit - albeit this time with her staying in a hotel so as not to be killed by The Menagerie next time.

We may not have had the long weekend we wanted, and didn't manage to get through all the things we wanted to do, but it was truly wonderful to meet TOK at last, and to find out we got on just as well in "real life" as we do when we chat away to each other all day. Hopefully it won't be too long until we can get together again. With TOK gone, and Hague following out swiftly afterwards to head to Barnsley, it was a bit of a downer of an evening for me. I'll be honest, I could quite easily have descended down into an off plan day once more as I was really feeling rather deflated, but I stayed strong and had an on plan dinner instead.

A rather delicious on plan dinner as well. Sweet peppers stuffed with Laughing Cow extra light triangles with some Jersey Royals and asparagus. Simple to prepare and really yummy. I followed it up with some fruit before heading up for an early night.

Much as I finished off my day disappointed, I had had a wonderful couple of days. Meeting Karen and Doug was brilliant fun and now all I have to do is wait (very impatiently) for TOK to get all her photos up on Facebook as she has all the ones of us together :)

Thank you for a fabulous weekend my lovely. I can't wait to do it all over again x


  1. me and douglas love you lots and lots and lots and we had the most fabulous time <3

    1. I can't wait to do it again my lovely x