Sunday, 21 July 2013

Super, Mega, Ultra Lazy Sunday!

I've barely moved today. I have been SO damn lazy it's untrue, I don't know what's come over me, the CBA's have hit with a vengeance, and even now I'm looking at the exercise bike and feeling guilty as I know my butt should be sitting on that rather than the sofa. Oh well, I guess it is Sunday...

We had another lie in today, not as late as yesterday though, until midday and I had plans to get some Body Magic done early on, which fell by the wayside. I got up, got some of the giant cous cous Hague had got in his SotW basket soaking and landed on the sofa. I stayed glued for a fair old while, enjoying coffee and a virtual book launch party on Facebook (Auto by David Wailing should you be interested). I managed to move to get breakfast sorted, just nuking some frozen rhubarb and mixing it in with the cous cous and yogurt.

Something different tried, and it was rather nice, and very, very filling! I'll definitely be having it again - perfect for a work day breakfast as it kept me full for ages.

It was getting close to 3pm by the time I realised that a visit to Pets at Home was needed as BooDog was down to the last of her food, and so we did actually manage some activity as we walked around the shop picking up food for The Menagerie. After that though it was back to the sofa. Terrible I know. I DID manage to get a free copy of the Auto book from the author though, so it was a good afternoon :) I then headed into the kitchen to sort out some lunch for myself, and enough for some work lunches next week as well. I decided on a large oven baked fritatta, mainly as I'd suggested it to TOK for work food for her and figured it'd be a good idea for me too :)

Tons of superfree in the fritatta, along with a spinach and beetroot salad and a potato salad with Stilton. Eaten whilst we watched Anchorman - such a good film :) Many chuckles, which were rather welcome after a weekend of slightly up and down moods. No real reason for it, we've just both been a bit meh, and so a bit of comedy was perfect to bring us up. 

As we then moved on to The Hangover, I figured I'd dig out the little packet of popcorn that had come with one of my Graze boxes approximately forever ago to munch on whilst we watched.

I was actually pretty impressed with how much popcorn was in there, and for 6½ syns I thought that was a pretty good bowl full, hopefully they'll send more soon hehe.

The laziness continued on as I wasted many hours just sitting on Facebook, you'd never have thought I've packed away 3 enormous coffees today would you?

Awakenings was the next choice of film, bit of a change from the comedy, but it got me back into the kitchen one last time for dinner.

Yet another low effort meal. Some gnocchi (200g) with spinach, spring onion and asparagus topped with LowLow followed  by some strawberries and my HeB's of Alpen Lights along with a yogurt. So now I sit here, rather full, and still feeling incredibly guilty that my Body Magic has fallen by the wayside. I WILL get up early tomorrow and do my Zumba though, no excuse, otherwise I will have dumped out on my Bronze Body Magic award once more, and I really don't want that to happen. Obviously nights affect my energy more than I realised, and so I need to get some plans in place for when I feel like this!

Food Diary

Free Food
toasted cous cous (giant cous cous)
Asda fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt
cherry tomatoes
spring onion
Jersey Royals
fat free natural yogurt
Activia 0% lemon and lime yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow (x2)
B - 30g Stilton
B - 2 Alpen Lights

166g (rounded up to 200g) rhubarb               1
2 tbsp Hellmanns extra light mayo                  1
Graze popcorn                                              6½
200g gnocchi                                                4

Total syns                                                    12½

I'm now pondering doing my little routine of core/strength exercises, just so that I have some Body Magic under my belt. I hate this tired feeling though, no energy whatsoever. Part of me knows that the more exercise I do, the better I'll feel and the more energy I'll have, it's just getting started! I will do my Zumba tomorrow though, as I know I enjoy it, and I even managed to get up at 7am to do it the other week! I'm currently using the excuse (in my head) that it's now too late. It is 11.30pm after all ;)

What a lazy, lazy girl I am!


Lazy girl got on the bike and did 5 minutes, as well as my little 5 minute core routine (sit ups, ab curls and push ups).

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