Monday, 1 July 2013

Sunny Sunday!

Normally I wake up rather grumpy on a Sunday when Hague isn't here, not really sure what to do with myself and so I spend the day feeling rather lazy and meh, on the sofa, not doing much. Today though, despite staying up until silly o'clock chatting I woke up at about 11 feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, and in a lovely mood. I relaxed in bed whilst I caught up with the online world whilst pondering what to do with my day.

First things first though. Breakfast :)

Once again I fancied scrambled eggs, not sure why I'm so obsessed with those at the moment, but there you go! I mixed it up a bit today by adding in the tomato sauce. They were followed with a small fruit salad of banana, grapes and strawberries and another of my free Danio yogurts. This one was amazing. The passion fruit one was a bit too sweet, but the raspberry one was so good, and just 2½ syns, well, well worth it in my opinion as they are really thick and rich. With myself fed, and the sun shining beautifully I took BooDog out for a walk....

Boo doesn't always grasp the concept of "walking" and spent a lot of the time like this, as she is a numpty. With weather like this though, I was once again thankful for living where I do. This is literally a 5 minute, slow stroll from my front door.

Truly gorgeous, and I hope when my blogging lovelies are here in a fortnight the weather is similar. As it's actually been rather grey and drizzly for most of the summer so far, I had forgotten how warm it can actually get and by the time we  got home me and Boo were both rather hot and bothered, and so icy drinks were sorted for both of us, with Boo having ice cubes in her water and me having an iced espresso with vanilla extract.

I have to put up with using vanilla extract as the sugar free syrups I ordered a week ago still haven't arrived :( Sometimes eBay is so frustrating! Anyway, my mind then turned to lunch, and as I hadn't had it for a while I rustled up a couscous quiche.

Served up with spinach, beetroot and jersey royals topped with Stilton. A lovely summery lunch for a lovely summery day :) No dessert after this meal for a change as it filled me up! Although a few hours later I did have the other half whilst chatting away to Hague and getting my blog up to date.

With my good mood continuing, I spent the evening snuggled up with cats, catching up with Come Dine With Me and putting the world to rights with Hague via Facebook messenger. Sad isn't it? We are apart for three days and spend every moment that we can either texting, on the phone or messaging in some way, except when he's with his boys. Soppy pair of nuggets :)

With thoughts of Hague on my mind, I once more decided to create before and after collages, this time of both of us, showcasing our joint weight loss which is now approaching 13 stone between us.

I know I've said it a lot, but damn I am proud of my man :)

Anyway, enough soppyness from me, onto dinner.

Just something small and light, as it's getting rather late, so 100g of gnocchi with some spinach and mushrooms and my HeA of reduced fat soft cheese, very tasty, but not too heavy, although once more I followed it up with lots of lovely fruit. I think I am addicted to strawberries, you just can't beat the taste of British strawberries in the summer, and they're a speed food to boot. Not sure if meringues are though ;)

The weeny meringues seem to have disappeared recently and so I have resorted to the normal sized meringue nests, which aren't bad at just 2½ each. With food done with, and me still watching Come Dine With Me for the first time in a fair while, I shall say goodnight, as it won't be long before I'm heading up to bed, no early start for me tomorrow though as it's my week off! Yay!

Food Diary

Free Food
cous cous
tomato puree
stock cube
cherry tomatoes
jersey royals
kiwi fruit

Healthy Extras
A - 75g reduced fat soft cheese
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 30g Stilton
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

1 tbsp tomato ketchup                  1
Danio raspberry yogurt                 2½
2 tbsp hellmans extra light mayo    1
100g gnocchi                                2
2 Asda meringue nests                  5

Total syns                                     11½

I wish I could bottle feelings like those I've had today. I've been in such a lovely mood, genuinely feeling happy and grateful for what I have in life. Funny how catching up with friends, as I did last night can give you a mood boost, enough of one to last all day long the next day :) Wonderful. I genuinely think that if Hague had been here it would have been close to a perfect day, here's hoping this fantastic feeling continues for a long, long time!

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  1. Your food looks delicious and congratulations you have both done so well!